What is Omnity?

Omnity is a new search engine that utilizes semantic technology. It stands out by offering results that are most suitable for each search term given and how the results relate to each other. Research is not an easy task and tries to help in finding the right information by allowing users to search for information through context rather than through keywords. Yes, the keyword from an article helped us find the exact information and details we needed, but if the keyword was mis-labeled, the entire exploration path was lost. When Omnity’s search scans the complete document, this helps solve this problem widely.

the next generation of research engines and inventions for lawyers and other knowledge workers, bringing powerful semantic discovery technology to the Legaltech 2017 Exhibition. Large-scale document collection from empowers law firms to instantly find meaningful and often unexpected matches between various documents including case summaries, evidence, partner profiles, and case law, which quickly connects internal and external knowledge sources together for maximum competitive advantage. includes free access to many legal resources including published and in-process patents, US case law, SEC filings, technical and scientific articles, and more. Furthermore, for premium company services, can safely swallow hundreds of thousands of source documents from groups within a law firm and make them searchable internally with the next generation of semantic discovery technology. Utilizing the power of semantic mapping, documents are matched with one another through very relevant meanings based on the distribution of words that they rarely share.

“Omnity strengthens the search mechanism and the next generation of discovery for the legal industry,” said Brian Sager, CEO & co-founder of “This service completely changes the research process to speed up hours of manual document review and do it safely and privately, increasing all relevant data entered by customers into the system while also matching public documents.”

Utilizing its unique technology supported by the National Science foundation, has built a large-scale solution to this information challenge. services can digest information in more than 100 languages.

Exhibited at booth 425, services will be available for demonstrations directly throughout LegalTech 2017. Please visit for a free subscription and access to’s in-depth information source. For quotes and more information about data consumption, AI classification, and special reports, please contact  .

What’s the difference with Google?

Omnity focuses on interconnection searches hidden between various fields of knowledge. Founder Omnity refused to call it a Google competitor and thought he could buy Google.

What did one of the founders say about Omnity?

“Product Omnity highlights some unusual features,”  said Brian Sager, co-founder and CEO of Omnity. “First, Omnity allows users to use all documents as search requests, eliminating the need to choose arbitrary keywords for search. Second, documents relate to each other based on the content in their text, not based on links or quotes. In this way, documents with related content can be found even if they do not directly quote or link to each other. Third, this form of document interconnection is fast and on a large scale, significantly increasing the efficiency of users even in a sea of ​​large data that continues to grow.

How does Omnity search work?

The best part of using Omnity is that you can pull and release documents to get an analysis of “rare words” used. Omnity uses algorithms to find connections between words that are rarely shared and then examines the connection. Omnity promises a more thorough and creative search and launches at a base price of $ 99 per month for free basic / academic versions of researchers.

Omnitas Search

For example, when you start a new research project, you can quickly see who is the most quoted. You will also find out who is the most influential research. Omnity draws results from various data sets such as scientific journals, financial reports, public news organization reports, and more.

What is special about Omnity?

Omnity search engine allows you to use complete documents as queries instead of just using keywords. It finds documents that are connected and finds related documents. This removes arbitrary keywords like “that,” “he,” or “that” and seeks interconnection. Unique words are used to connect documents with others that combine similar words, phrases or ideas.

Glory Features:


  • Millions of federal documents from most major institutions are semantically related
  • Free to upload documents manually through the drag and drop interface
  • Available Mass Swelbling Private Scale (please contact sales


  • Documents that are interconnected through similar semantic signatures
  • Text Processed Through Merging Natural Language Processing, Machine Intelligence, and Mathematical Graphs
  • Three Years in Stealth R & D was triggered by> 500,000 lines of code and $ 9 million funding


  • The Linguistic Blockchain Tracks the Semantic Signatures of Documents that Change Over Time, Place and Essay
  • Digital Rights Management for Text Based Content in Engineering, Finance, Law, Medicine, Science in> 100 languages
  • Hyper-Decentralization Document Storage for Distributed Mandiri Documents Healing.

Bot discovery:

  • The Automatic Semantic Search Agent (“Discovery Bot”) is triggered by Dragging and Dropping the Whole File Request
  • Launching Autonomous Search-Driven Tokens at Periodicity and Duration Selected by Users
  • The Discovery report is periodically emailed to Users

Token Sales Mechanism

Omnitas tokens are securities (investment contracts) offered in the US in accordance with 506 (c) Regulations D and outside the US relying on the S. Token Omnitas Regulation to be sold at various stages, with personal sales followed by presale and then public sales. In the United States, only accredited investors can buy Omnitas tokens. Of the funds collected, 74% will be allocated for Omnity operations (such as Figure 11); 15% as a reserve, including use for the Early Adopter Program; 6% for employees, advisors and partners; and 5% for founders.

Plan of glory


Token feature






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