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OMNITY is a search engine for scientists, students, researchers, and so on. Very often students and scientists need the same information, searches do not lead to the desired results, because popular search engines do not display this information on the first page when searching.

Omnity is based on fundamental advances in semantic link search technology where we create a relationship landscape based on the meaning that comes from the semantic signature of the entire document. In this way, the knowledge contained in all documents can be very connected, only through shared ideas.

Omnity is a healing system of decentralized and self-organizing knowledge that connects personal document repositories at all levels (individuals, businesses, organizations and governments). Semantic connections in both internal document sets and the quality and ranking of external public data are made by others around the world (see Figure 2). Anger does not scratch the canvas; We collect and find a large enough collection of public and private documents that are automatically loaded through APIs and connectors, hidden patterns and very high values.
Omnitas consumption

How does Omnity search work?

The best part of using Omnity is that you can pull and release documents to get an analysis of “rare words” used. Omnity uses algorithms to find connections between words that are rarely shared and then examines the connection. Omnity promises a more thorough and creative search and launches at a base price of $ 99 per month for free basic / academic versions of researchers.

Omnitas Wealth Intellectual Property  Problems uses a four-time strategy to protect intellectual property, based on a combination of computer code, trade secrets, trademarks, and patents. For computer code, Omnity has developed more than 400,000 lines of code in Haskell, Java, Python, Ruby and JavaScript. For trade secrets, Omnity has developed a series of language filters, and natural language processing steps allow cross-comparisons with high semantics and minimal cross-domain exchanges. Knowledge. The mark includes “Omnity”, Omnity logo, Omnity “Knowledge, Connected” line. Omnity also holds and Omnity domain name. As for patents,

Honorary Industry:



Looking for the right investment, fast

Omnity allows investment professionals of all types to quickly and efficiently detect high-quality investment opportunities hidden in that sea of ​​noise. Whether in company development, venture capital, or purchasing side investment, Omnity allows real-time insights into complicated documents, so investment professionals can answer various questions.


Finding the right argument, fast

In a sea of ​​legal documents, case law, and potential evidence that has the potential to increase, how can a legal professional link their documents to claim their patent application or advance their case through litigation? Omnity allows legal professionals of all types to quickly and efficiently detect hidden interconnected documents.


Place research in context, hurry up

More than 2,500 scientific works and 2,200 patent applications are published every day. Only the last five years, most of the scientific and engineering fields have produced on a scale of 100,000 documents. Reading this one hour will take 50 years, a professional lifetime. Comparisons of pairs of these documents at three minutes per comparison will take more than 9,000 years, almost as long as records of human civilization. Omnity enables research and development professionals in all fields to quickly and efficiently detect hidden interconnection patterns of related documents.


Express your voice and connect with impact

Omnity enables advocacy and policy professionals in all fields to quickly and efficiently detect hidden interconnected documents. For awareness, education, lobbying, or allocation of resources, Omnity allows real-time insights into complex documents, enabling advocacy professionals and policy makers to efficiently and systematically answer questions.

Collect Features Semantically
millions of federal documents from large agencies
Upload documents manually through the
Private Batch Billing Collection drag and drop interface is available (please contact  )
connected Documents via semantic signatures that are similar to
Text processed through Mixed Natural Language Processing, Machine Intelligence and
Three-Year Mathematical Charts in stealth R & D is provided by> 500,000 lines of code and $ 9 million in sponsorship.
Protecting the
sequence of Linguistics tracks the semantic signatures of documents that change over time, place, and copyright
Digital rights management for text-based content in engineering, finance, law, medicine, science in more than 100 languages.
Hyper-hierarchical document storage for self-healing distributed document network
Discovery Bots
Search agent “Discovery Bots” is activated by dragging and dropping all file requests.
Automatic search starts with time and based on the time the user can choose.
Discovery reports are regularly emailed to users
Early Receipts (EAP) token features allow token values ​​to increase when used and resold internally (depending on the cumulative value added).
Tags can be used to launch discovery bots (search agents find content chosen cyclically by users)
Can use tags to adjust import of large documents.
Industry that targets Omnity
FINANCE (Find the right investment, fast.)
LAW (Find the right argument, fast.)
RESEARCH (Place research in context, quickly.)
Lawyer AND POLICY (Express you voice and connect with impact.)






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