What is glory?

Omnity is a healing system of decentralized and self-organizing knowledge that connects personal document repositories at all levels (individuals, businesses, organizations and governments). Semantic connections in both internal document sets and the quality and ranking of external public data are made by others around the world (see Figure 2). Anger does not scratch the canvas; We collect and find a large enough collection of public and private documents that are automatically loaded through APIs and connectors, hidden patterns and very high values.
Token-based Omnity Consumption

Token-based Omnity Consumption

Users who consume Omnity through tokens enjoy all user-level features for free, as well as a wider and deeper range of Omnity services that have been built and commercialized:
(A) Om Tokens or some of them can be used to swallow Omnity and ask for a number of documents or documents. where the document can be archived privately in cloud and / or decentralized public ledger with a blockchain, useful both for validating consumption time and date for time sensitive documents, and for detecting potential duplicate documents at Omnity. One Om token allows a 20-page document to be asked, where one page is defined as 3,000 ASCII characters. Token users can swallow and save as many documents as desired.
(B) Om Tokens or some of them can also be used to trigger automatic production of information feeds, which we refer to as “Discovery Bots”, relative to queries or a set of queries initiated by the user. Discovery Bots can be produced during certain time units (such as hours, days, weeks and months) and are triggered by an event (such as accumulation of sufficient content, the threshold set by the User or Omnitas). The total amount and depth of Discovery Bots generated during a certain period of time drives the pricing of this service.

Monitor Storage of Omnity (BC)

The storage monitor oversees all data indexes for existing and new files. When a new file is added to the index, the monitor sends a request to the file handler to save this file on the DSN. When existing files become unavailable, SM sends a request to the recovery agent that retrieves the file from the DSN and returns it to the index. There are several potential reasons why files may not be available such as natural disasters, data corruption, hardware failure, and network hacking.

Glory Features:


  • Millions of federal documents from most major institutions are semantically related
  • Free to upload documents manually through the drag and drop interface
  • Available Mass Swelbling Private Scale (please contact sales


  • Documents that are interconnected through similar semantic signatures
  • Text Processed Through Merging Natural Language Processing, Machine Intelligence, and Mathematical Graphs
  • Three Years in Stealth R & D was triggered by> 500,000 lines of code and $ 9 million funding


  • The Linguistic Blockchain Tracks the Semantic Signatures of Documents that Change Over Time, Place and Essay
  • Digital Rights Management for Text Based Content in Engineering, Finance, Law, Medicine, Science in> 100 languages
  • Hyper-Decentralization Document Storage for Distributed Mandiri Documents Healing.

Bot discovery:

  • The Automatic Semantic Search Agent (“Discovery Bot”) is triggered by Dragging and Dropping the Whole File Request
  • Launching Autonomous Search-Driven Tokens at Periodicity and Duration Selected by Users
  • The Discovery report is periodically emailed to Users


Token Sales Mechanism

Omnitas tokens are securities (investment contracts) offered in the US in accordance with 506 (c) Regulations D and outside the US relying on the S. Token Omnitas Regulation to be sold at various stages, with personal sales followed by presale and then public sales. In the United States, only accredited investors can buy Omnitas tokens. Of the funds collected, 74% will be allocated for Omnity operations (such as Figure 11); 15% as a reserve, including use for the Early Adopter Program; 6% for employees, advisors and partners; and 5% for founders.

Plan of glory


Token feature






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