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OMNITY is a search engine for scientists, students, researchers and so on. Very often students and scientists need the same information, the search does not lead to the desired result, because the popular search engines do not display this information on the first page when searching.

Omnity is based on the fundamental advances in semantic link search technology in which we create landscapes of relationships based on meaning derived from semantic signatures of the whole document. In this way, the knowledge contained in the whole document can be deeply connected, only through shared ideas.

Intellectual Property Issue of Omnity

Omnity uses the strategy four times to protect its intellectual property, based on a combination of proprietary computer codes, trade secrets, trademarks, and patents. For computer code, Omnity has developed more than 400,000 lines of code in Haskell, Java, Python, Ruby and JavaScript. For trade secrets, Omnity has developed a series of language filters, and natural language processing steps allow for cross-comparisons with high semantics and minimal cross-domain exchange. Knowledge.The brand includes “Omnity”, Omnity logo, Omnity “Knowledge, Connected” line. Omnity also holds and the Omnity domain name.As for patents,

Features of Omnity


  • Millions of federal documents from most major agencies semantically
  • Manually upload documents manually through the drag and drop interface
  • Private Batch Ingestion billing is available (please contact



  • Documents are connected through similar semantic signatures
  • Text is processed through Fusion of Natural Language Processing, Machine Intelligence and Graph Math


  • Three years in stealth R & D is provided by> 500,000 lines of code and $ 9 million in sponsorship



  •  Linguistic sequences track semantic signatures of documents that change over time, place and copyright
  •  Digital rights management for text-based content in engineering, finance, law, medicine, science in over 100 languages.
  •  Hyper-hierarchical document storage for self-healing distributed document networks


Discovery Bots

  •  The “Discovery Bots” search agent is enabled by dragging and dropping the entire file query
  •  Auto Search starts are encoded by time and by user-selectable time
  •  Discovery reports are periodically emailed to users


Features of Omnity token

  • The Early Acceptance Program (EAP) allows the token value to increase when used and resold internally (depending on value-added cumulative value).
  • Tags can be used to launch discovery bots (search agents discover content cyclically selected by the user)
  •  Can use tags to customize the import of large documents


Industries that Omnity targets

  • FINANCE (Find the right investment, fast.)


  • LEGAL (Find the right argument, fast.)


  • RESEARCH (Place research in context, fast.)


  • Attorneys AND POLICIES (Express your voice and connect with impact.)


Omnity Team and mentor


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