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About offers the next generation of research and discovery engines, which allow users to find interconnection patterns hidden within and between knowledge domains.’s semantic connectivity technology reveals unique insights that sharpen focus and drive innovation. The CEO and co-founder Brian Sager is a serial entrepreneur who holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University, is a Whitney Fellow at Harvard and MIT, and has more than 120 patents issued or suspended. More information about can be found at  .

The three-language computer program document called Omnity can make analysis of the knowledge base easier. This tool was launched in May 2016 and is based on linguistic mapping, allowing users to search for information through contexts rather than keywords. This new platform uses rare words in complete documents as display terms and compares them with different documents, promising a lot of economical and inventive searches.

How does Omnity search work?

The best part of using Omnity is that you can pull and release documents to get an analysis of “rare words” used. Omnity uses algorithms to find connections between words that are rarely shared and then examines the connection. Omnity promises a more thorough and creative search and launches at a base price of $ 99 per month for free basic / academic versions of researchers.

Monitor Storage of Omnity (BC)

The storage monitor oversees all information indexes for existing and new files. once the new file is further to the index, the monitor sends an invitation to the file handler to save this file on the DSN. after the existing AN file cannot be done, SM sends an invitation to
the recovery agent that retrieves the file from the DSN and returns it to the index. There are many potential reasons why existing files cannot be restored such as natural disasters, information corruption, hardware failure, and network hacking.

Accelerated Findings between Information Areas

Omnity is very helpful for lecturers, scientist scientists, engineers, medical professionals, monetary consultants, and lawyers to find information in the form of very many sources as well as scientific journals, patents, grant applications, clinical trials, legal records, financial reports, and others.

This tool was developed to accelerate “the discovery of high-value interconnection patterns that are hidden at certain times and between fields of information.” In line with Omnity, linguistic computer programs will compare 100,000 documents in a split second. one person will need 10,000 years to try and do a similar job.

In the Gregorian calendar month last year, this platform was updated to understand more than 100 languages, as well as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian, German, French, Spanish and Arabic, so researchers now only transfer documents in one language these languages ​​and then can receive charts with relevant results, even though the linked documents do not quote or link to each other.

Glory Features


  1. Millions of federal documents from most major agencies semantically
  2. Manually upload documents manually through the drag and drop interface
  3. Private Batch Ingested Bill is available (please contact


  1. Documents are linked via similar semantic signatures.
  2. Text is processed through Merging Natural Language Processing, Machine Intelligence and Mathematical Graphs.
  3. Three years in stealth R & D is provided by> 500,000 lines of code and $ 9 million in sponsors.


  1. Linguistic sequences track document semantic signatures that change over time, place, and copyright
  2. Digital rights management for text-based content in engineering, finance, law, medicine, science in more than 100 languages.
  3. Hyper-hierarchical document storage for self-distributed distributed document networks

 Discovery Bot

  1. Search agent “Discovery Bots” is activated by dragging and dropping all file requests
  2. Start Automatic Search is coded by the time and time that the user can choose
  3. Discovery reports are periodically emailed to users

 Omnitas token feature

  1. The Early Acceptance Program (EAP) allows the token value to increase when used and resold internally (depending on the cumulative value added).
  2. Tags can be used to launch discovery bots (search agents find content chosen cyclically by users)
  3. Can use tags to adjust import of large documents

Honorary Industry:



Looking for the right investment, fast

Omnity allows investment professionals of all types to quickly and efficiently detect high-quality investment opportunities hidden in that sea of ​​noise. Whether in company development, venture capital, or purchasing side investment, Omnity allows real-time insights into complicated documents, so investment professionals can answer various questions.


Finding the right argument, fast

In a sea of ​​legal documents, case law, and potential evidence that has the potential to increase, how can a legal professional link their documents to claim their patent application or advance their case through litigation? Omnity allows legal professionals of all types to quickly and efficiently detect hidden interconnected documents.


Place research in context, hurry up

More than 2,500 scientific works and 2,200 patent applications are published every day. Only the last five years, most of the scientific and engineering fields have produced on a scale of 100,000 documents. Reading this one hour will take 50 years, a professional lifetime. Comparisons of pairs of these documents at three minutes per comparison will take more than 9,000 years, almost as long as records of human civilization. Omnity enables research and development professionals in all fields to quickly and efficiently detect hidden interconnection patterns of related documents.


Express your voice and connect with impact

Omnity enables advocacy and policy professionals in all fields to quickly and efficiently detect hidden interconnected documents. For awareness, education, lobbying, or allocation of resources, Omnity allows real-time insights into complex documents, enabling advocacy professionals and policy makers to efficiently and systematically answer questions.

Using Omnity

Given the amount of data that can be accessed out there, it is increasingly difficult to monitor the latest developments during explicit fields – and even more complicated to follow what is happening in various fields of analysis. Omnity’s goal is to make this easier, but does this tool work?

Pengguna harus mendaftar pertama kali untuk akun rekanan dan kemudian dapat mengajukan pertanyaan golongan darah di dalam bilah pencarian atau menyeret-dan-jatuhkan dokumen ke jendela pencarian. Sistem memindai teks dan muncul untuk kata-kata dan frasa yang paling tidak umum, kemudian menerjemahkan tanda tangan itu menjadi ilustrasi matematika dan membuat pertanyaan. Itu kemudian muncul melalui perpustakaannya sendiri — lintas bidang penelitian yang sama sekali berbeda — dan menyajikan kepada pengguna pertandingan paling relevan yang paling relevan.

The results area unit is divided into primary sources (which are directly related to the query) and secondary sources (which share the main ideas with the first document). Connections between document area units are illustrated in careful charts, graphs and maps. The user will click on the word cloud to check the document containing the words.

Omnity allows lecturers to cut scanned documents in a variety of languages ​​and various fields of analysis, making the study of the domain of international knowledge easier. Basic services are often used at no cost, but there are also paid versions (with improved features) for enterprise-level customers. Currently, info is concentrated in English-language repositories, but companies will add non-English documents over time.

Consumption of Company Glory

Enterprise scale consumers from Omnity currently include the Fortune 500 in a series of industrial verticals that are rich in knowledge and innovation, including Aerospace, Energy, Materials, Medical Devices, and Pharmacy, and
State and Federal Government.

Omnitas plan

Omnitas token feature

  • The Early Acceptance Program (EAP) allows the token value to increase when used and resold internally (depending on the cumulative value added).
  • Tags can be used to launch discovery bots (search agents find content chosen cyclically by users)
  • Can use tags to adjust import of large documents

Token Sales Mechanism

Omnitas tokens are securities (investment contracts) offered in the US in accordance with 506 (c) Regulations D and outside the US relying on the S. Token Omnitas Regulation to be sold at various stages, with personal sales followed by presale and then public sales. In the United States, only accredited investors can buy Omnitas tokens. Of the funds collected, 74% will be allocated for Omnity operations (such as Figure 11); 15% as a reserve, including use for the Early Adopter Program; 6% for employees, advisors and partners; and 5% for founders.





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