OneExBit – The transparent Crypto based Trading Application
OneexBit is a platform that provides services One interface for all exchanges, Oneexbit multi-exchange terminal gives you a simple interface for all exchanges, and offers a complete set of tools from asset analysis to margin trading. It is a versatile and user-friendly trading terminal that is perfect for professionals and amateur investors.
No need to enter every time and keep opening your browser. The Oneexbit application is always online / works in the background and allows you to quickly start trading. In addition, the multi-exchange terminal allows users to easily trade on multiple exchanges / exchanges simultaneously without having to switch and log in repeatedly.
For those who are just starting out in cryptocurrency trading, OneExBit has a simple and intuitive interface where users can improve their trading skills. To make trading more profitable for pro crypto traders, OneExBit offers key functions such as working with multiple exchange accounts, indicators trading, superior speed, and more.
OneExBit does not send your key to our server. They are still stored only on your computer.
It’s impossible to withdraw money through the application. Even if someone gets access to your computer.
All information sent to the exchange from the application passes through an encrypted channel with a standard 2048-bit
OneExBit does not require personal data other than an email address. You are completely anonymous to us.
Why is OneExBit? 
Many exchanges are available in one terminal
High processing speed
Various graphic formats
Technical support can be contacted from the terminal
Great technical analysis tool
The interface is sleek and easy to use

Info Coins
Coin name: ONEX
Ticker: ONEX
Type: POS + MN
MN: 90%
POS prize: 10% prize
Development fee: 0%
Block time :: 60 seconds
Total supply: 100 000 000 ONEX
Premine – 1.5%: 1 500 000 ONE
Time due: 100 blocks
Minimum Age Stake: 3 hours
Guaranteed MN: 10 000 ONEX
OneexBit Team
OneExBit aims to make crypto trade safer, more efficient and user friendly. it already has a fully functional trading terminal that integrates several popular exchanges using the API. Apart from the trade function, the terminal offers useful graphics, trade history and statistics, and a very intuitive, carefully designed interface.
The next step for OneExBit is the expansion of large-scale terminal functionality, paired with the launch of masternode coins. The new feature will include an intra-exchange arbitration bot, asset management services, social trade and mirrors, types of compound orders, and a decentralized exchange. OneExBit will also be saved adding new exchanges, with their total number expected to reach 40 by the end of 2019.
Thanks to the new feature, OneExBit users will have a number of source revenues at their disposal: manual and automatic trading, passive income from entrusting their assets to professional traders, masternode fees, arbitration profits and more.
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