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First of all, to make sure the ONIZ token is useful and necessary , it is necessary to determine what it is and why it is necessary to own such a token. I must say that the ONIZ token is the amount of certain payments created by the future ONIZ fund technology development fund . In turn, the ONIZ fund is a decentralized fund that helps its participants and users to raise capital and create subprojects based on the ONIZ token. 
The abbreviated name of the ONZ token . 
The number of tokens will be 8 billion.
The token supports a lot of chain wallet systems that integrates crypto payments and online payments. Such payments, for example, can be online games, sports betting, online casinos, MLM games, digital banking projects. This is not the limit of all possibilities. Of these 8 billion tokens: 
2.7 billion will go to the public release of ITO . 
2.3 billion. This is an ONIZ fund designed to pay interest on investments, an ecosystem of payments and ensure margin trading. 
5 billion is kept by the team to balance the market and fight inflation, as well as for internal ONIZ projects .

It is worth noting one interesting feature. In addition to supporting and developing a project based on ONIZ tokens , an independent development of artificial intelligence technology in the field of sports betting is taking place. Based on the algorithms developed by the company, you can get very accurate sports bet with up to 80% accuracy. Using an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm, ONIZ can offer a chance of winning up to 85% in popular sports such as football. 
In addition, ONIZ token can be used in the following cases: 
1 Make several consecutive payments for technological projects that support ONIZ token
2 Buying betting tips for winning from a few tens of thousands to several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the type of bet. 
3 Payment for products from partners who have concluded agreements and accept payment in ONIZ tokens. 
4 You can use the ONIZ token to pay in games with which the company is associated or in games that are created on the ONIZ platform itself .

Now let’s dwell on the roadmap of the ONIZ project . It indicates the plans and goals of the project developers, both intermediate and basic. The stages of financing and the tasks to which it is directed are indicated. Having become acquainted with this card, we see that the company has already managed to do what stage it is at the moment and what are its plans for the future. A high-quality roadmap will tell investors when tokens can be expected to rise. 
Q1 2019, it was planned to conduct an ITO and prepare a technological platform for ONIZ . 
Q2 2019, information about ITO appeared and the launch of the ONIZ fund investment platform begins .
Q3 2019, the launch of the sports betting platform based on artificial intelligence begins and a universal payment gateway opens. 
Q4 2019, the launch of the multinational money transfer platform through ONIZ with the integration platform API Bank Wire begins . 
On the 1st quarter of 2020, the list of the ONIZ development team will be announced and the widespread promotion of marketing activities begins. 
Q2 and Q3 2020, the launch of the ONIZ exchange decentralized trading platform begins . 
Q4 2020, the launch of the game using virtual reality VR begins to place bets with ONIZ .
in 2021, it is planned to develop startup projects using the ONIZ token as a platform and create a risky loan platform for startup projects.

You can talk for a long time about such an innovative project as ONIZ . In order not to drastically delay the review and for full familiarization, I leave all the important and necessary links in the description below. There you will find all the answers you need when you study the project. It is worth saying that the project arose not by chance there was a great demand for this idea, but there was no adequate proposal. The ONIZ project is able to solve many complex problems and bring profit to its users and investors in the near future.

Website: https://oniz.co/
🔗 White Paper: https://oniz.co/oniz/img/English.pdf
🔗 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Onizco
🔗 Telegram Channel: https: // t.me/OnizCo1
🔗 Telegram group: https://t.me/Onizco
🔗 ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5165733.msg51844051

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