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ITO (initial Token Offering) is a token that is sold on the platform that is protected by risk management for investors, when the sale begins the investor will get a profit. ITO in other words crowdfunding through the token offering.

IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) tokens that are sold at the exchange and for those who want to invest must register at the exchange

Oniz is a pioneer of the ITO project on the Oniz platform, Oniz will encourage and recommend other ITO projects through the Oniz platform, utilizing Blckchain technology in the ONIZ token, Oniz will help everyone in making ITO projects, securing transactions, buying bets that are in accordance with the rating, paying for services.

Through the analysis of the ICO program that has happened so far, Oniz Makes ITO programs through the introduction of the ONIZ token, Oniz Token is the currency of the ONIZ ecosystem connected to SBOBET, the ONIZ token will be used as a means of payment of wins and losses and creates a balance for users on the SBOBET platform.


Oniz Token is used for initializing and paying for products from the oniz partner project on the oniz platform which involves payment of the ONIZ token, Oniz tokens will be used to buy tips with the aim of getting accurate predictions for victory, you can use ONZ to pay for in-game payments linked by Oniz or made by the Oniz platform itself. entrusted investment and very high profits from Oniz. Monthly interest rates of up to 30% / month + profits are obtained when the ONZ value increases. This is a form of investment that is quite safe. Participate in projects published by Oniz: Online Games, Sportbet, Online Casinos, Money MLM games, digital banking projects. Shaped money is popular in Vietnam with hundreds of thousands of surf merchants every day

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ONIZ platfrom has a user wallet namely ONIZ FUND, a wallet for open funds to store capital, creates sub-projects from ownership of ONIZ tokens, ONIZ FUND is equipped with powerful multi-chain technology to integrate crypto payments into life and online payments such as Online Games, Sportbet , Online casinos, Money MLM games, digital banking projects. etc

Some ONIZ advantages

investors will get a 40% insurance guarantee after buying ITO ROUND 1, 30% ROUND 2, 20% ROUND 3, every investor who will sell early after ITO ends to the provider, with a maximum price of 40% for the floor.

in the last round of the ITO the token price will be X3 of the price of round 1,

has an ERC-20 wallet that will help control inflation and fraud

After the ITO program is finished, the product will be released and will use ONIZ tokens as high-interest deposits to place bets

Multi-functional application for storage and exchange

wallet can accommodate a large scale of the number of tokens that will be used to bet and be sold

ITO ONIZ detail

Name: Oniz Token
Symbol: ONZ
Total supply: 8 billion tokens
Transaction code: ONZ
From China
ITO sale date: 23h on July 1, 2019 (GMT + 8)
ITO time: 6 rounds in 21 days
ITO Sale: 2.7 Billion Oniz
Team Develop: 2 Billion Oniz balances the market, prevents inflation and Oniz’s internal projects
Payment ecosystem and escrow agent: 2.3 Billion Oniz
Marketing, bounty: 1 billion Oniz
Sign Up: After finishing ITO

ONIZ ITO opened 6 phase bonus up to 300%

open : July 1, 2, 3 2019
Time: 23:00 (GMT + 8)

Round 1: 30.0000 Oniz: Price: 0.008 $ -0.009 $ -0.01 $
Round 2: 75,000,000 ONIZ: Price 0.012-0,014 $
Round 3: 150,000,000 ONIZ: Price 0.016-0.018 $
Round 4: 300,000,000 ONIZ: Price 0.020-0,022
Round 5: 600,000,000 ONIZ: Price 0.023-0.025 $
Round 6: 1 billion 50,000 ONIZ: Price 0.023-0,025

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Min: 1000 ONZ
Max: 200,000 ONZ
Deposit with BTC / ETH

Every lucky investor after completing the first, second and third round, the ITO publisher allows lucky members to own ONZ to sell ONIZ Tokens to the publisher and get an immediate profit as an award to members who trust. The idea is to accompany ONIZ with a maximum price of up to 40% of round 1.

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