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The world begins to change with the advent of crypto-currency. Some implement secure or anonymous payments, others facilitate online purchase, the third produce virtual reality products. What unites all these directions? There are two things here

1. Block

2. The Internet
And if everything is clear with the blockbuster then the Internet is a huge, modern information field that connects a large number of people, their interests and social ties. Internet for the average person is already a common thing, because since 2000, people who were born in this period already do not remember their lives without the world wide web. The project that will be described below provides us with a unique opportunity to enjoy more than once the pleasures of using the Internet, and also makes it safe for ordinary users.
On the Internet, users often see ads, but it happens as an ordinary advertisement, nothing threatening, or maybe malware that includes not only virus software, but it can also track your personal data, right up to recording video audio from your device. Companies giants on the example of Facebook, as shown by the latest high-profile news, I can “merge” your information with third-party companies to influence the outcome of an event.

The project called Online has united under its wing talented people, to prevent fraud with advertising, and cleaning up the Internet from spam, which takes a large share of the pleasure of using the Internet.
Online will provide a set of tools such as ad blocker, built-in purse, tracking blocker, antivirus program.

What is the benefit?
Users will receive:
Internet without ads

Stop tracking

Termination of data transfer to 3 persons

Secure Internet


Web Operators:
Sites without cluttering advertising

Loyalty of visitors

The ability to track the real interest of users to the product

Healthy competition based on rating


Start before the sale is scheduled for June 15, 2018, the main token of Sale will be held from 10 to 31 July. Soft cap design evergreen 5,000,000, the upper limit of $ 50,000,000. The price for one token (OIO) will be $ 0.04. Also, in total, 2.5 billion tokens of the project will be in circulation as much as possible.
What is important for the investor is the fact that in days of sales will act bonus tokens, Here is a detailed list of when and how much will “buns”:

June 15th – June 19th – 25% bonus

June 20th – June 24th – 20% bonus

June 25th – June 29th – 15% bonus

June 30th – July 4th – 10% bonus

July 5th – July 9th – 5% bonus

July 10th – July 31st – There is no bonus

Project rating

Trackico – 5/5

Icobench – 4.7 / 5 – 15 voted (very cool figure)

Also a good indicator is that there are more than 10 yew in the telegram group. subscribers, and the video on the official YouTube page scored a total of 26,000 views.


The team, as I wrote earlier, consists of people who know what they are doing in their creation.
A. Julian Florea – General Director, founder. He is also the founder of the Microleaves project, which became the world’s largest proxy server

Alexandru Eftimi – Technical Director. Has more than ten years of experience in software development, as well as the necessary experience with more than 20 programming languages.

Sebastian Drakopol – Team Manager. Has more than 15 years of experience in software development, is a professional in his field.

In my article, I did not list all, but from this lesser professionals they did not.

The project Online is a new solution in the established traditions of the Internet. The use of blocking machines to facilitate the use of the Internet is what we need. A team of professionals with a huge experience behind their shoulders will contribute to a successful start and promotion of this project.

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