Peaceful greetings of the universe, this time I will discuss about ICO or project ONLINE.IO, thanks for taking time to read this article. Sampean Pancen Ngeten (JOSS).

Platform aims to revolutionize the browsing experience by making it faster, ad-free, more reliable, secure and untraceable, thus marking a remarkable Internet change.

How it works The basis of financial rewards for website operators will be an online proof, a number that calculates the time users spend on each website. Most importantly, everyone will benefit from a free, safe, and personal ad browsing experience.


In addition, end users will be able to rate every website based on their experience, using a 1 to 5 star polling system. The stars will then be converted based on the algorithmic formula in the Trust Rank which will be an indication of any quality website, provided by its visitors.


Without advertising At this time, web users pay to surf the internet, either through subscriptions or through less transparent costs, such as digital ads. In our envisioned environment, web users will enjoy free Internet advertising, while web operators will still benefit from financial rewards.

Without Tracking
In today’s interconnected society, companies adopt online tracking practices and behavioral profiles that are less transparent. Very sensitive information, such as financial and health records are often collected, resulting in a myriad of privacy concerns. Our solution combines tracking script blocks that will greatly impair the ability to continue tracking in real-time user activity

Antivirus Protection A massive expansion of the Internet and high levels of connectivity lead to a similar or even more dramatic increase in cyber attacks aimed at collecting sensitive and confidential information. One of the most prominent ways of doing cyber attacks is through an infected website that usually contains hidden malware scripts. Our solution will protect end users using anti-malware scripts and custom ad blocking that will protect their personal data and improve their security.

Faster Browsing People realize that online advertising slows down the speed of their browsing, so more users are using ad blockers to navigate the internet faster. Through our solutions, end users will benefit from the effects of using ad blockers, while also enjoying a more secure and personalized experience due to other features. In addition, web operators can still monetize their website content.

Browser extensions Our solution comes with extensions for all major desktop and mobile browsers and includes ad blockers, script blocking tracking, anti malware, and web wallets. Above, we will integrate a voting system that will help regulate the internet.

Our mobile App mobile app will work as a wallet, ad blocker, script tracking and anti malware tracking. The mobile app will also contain performance enhancers and battery time that will further enhance the browsing experience.

Our Wallet
Wallet will work in all major operating systems and browsers. Your phone and tablet will have one app for your wallet, ad blocker, tracking script, anti malware, and desktop operating system will also have a dedicated app wallet.
Our website will have a full section dedicated to finding all the places where you can buy using a merchant system developed at home. In addition, the market will contain detailed information on how other merchants can integrate our merchant system.Information on international partner groups will also be available.

Merchants will be able to accept crypto payments through our system using our API or pre-built modules for the most popular e-commerce software solutions like shopify, prestashop, OpenCart, Magento and more.

Ethereum based
Our solutions use standard ERC20 tokens from the Ethereum platform that ensure full transparency and accountability, which means all transactions will be visible in public BlockChain.


Allocation Token Distribution


Generation Token Events (TGE)

Pre Sale Start date: June 15, 2018
Common start date: July 10, 2018
TGE end date of 31 July 2018
Max OIO token 2.500.000.000
Price token OIO $ 0.04
Soft cap: $ 5,000,000
Hard cap: $ 50,000,000Mechanics Token

June 15 – June 19 – 25% Bonus
June 20 – June 24 – 20% Bonus
June 25 – June 29 – 15% Bonus
30 June – 4 July – Bonus 10%
July 5 – July 9 – 5% Bonus
July 10 – July 31 – Without Bonuses



The idea first appeared in June
June to December: Initial research phase
December: Validating potential ideas
1st quarterJanuary

Studying blockchain in terms of platform integration perspective
Risk analysis, associated with blockchain
Start development for TGE Site & Platform
The second phase of the research is completedMarch

White paper published
Development completed to test the network and the basic contract code
Development completed for user API
Development begins for data collection and financial officers
Smart contract development begins
UI design is complete
Personal TGE sales begin
The beta version of the TGE platform
2nd quarterApril

The TGE platform issued receives user registration
Development of malware protection begins
User validation development begins
The development of online time tracking is complete
Development of Chrome and Firefox browser extensions starts
The web dashboard for OIO token owner development begins
ICE token distribution distribution algorithm is implementedJune

TGE begins
Beta malware protection
User validation beta
Private Beta Cloud, Guardian script beta
Wallet development begins
3rd QuarterJuly

Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are beta
ICE smart token contract issued
Web dashboard for OIO token owner release
Private cloud exemption
Released script guardianAugust

Beta version of the web dashboard for OIO token owner release
Chrome and Firefox browser extensions released
Beta Wallet release
4th QuarterOctober

Web dashboard for OIO token owner release
Mobile app development begins
1st quarterJanuary

Market architecture
SDK API for custom integration architecture
Plug-in for E-Commerce solution architectureMarch

API SDK for special integration release
Wallet additional security features
2nd quarter
-Black Marketplace launch
-Plug-in for beta release of E-Commerce solution
3rd Quarter of
4th Quarter of




ONLINE.IO is a good ICO program.
Think business is pretty fantastic. It attracts people regularly.
Experienced and skilled cooperation is difficult to achieve.
We can build the ability to achieve goals.
More Information Visit The ONLINE.IO Link:

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