ONLINE.IO – CHANGE THE INTERNET uses the usual ERC20 tags from the Ethereum platform, as if it guarantees perfect indisputabilityand reporting, as if all transactions are visible in the BlockChain block.
In a real episode, Internet users are paid for viewing the web either through subscription, or through the least transparent payments, these are like digital advertising information. In permitted environment, Internet users will use a free web-site, and Internet operators, according to the former, will receive cash retribution.
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In the current connected community, firms have found the least transparent ways of Internet tracking and behavioral profiling. Absolutely receptive information, such as monetary and medical records, often mean, the most raising so many privacy problems. Companys` conclusion is connected by a tracking script blocker, which seriously does not respect the probability of the upcoming tracking in the real time mode of the user’s vigor.
The general continuation of the Web and the highest level of inclusion lead to a similar or even the most sudden rise of cyber attacks, aimed at collecting confidential and confidential information. One of the most recognizable methods of cyber attack – probably infected websites that traditionally contain hidden scenarios of harmful programs. Our conclusion will stand up for the protection of final users, applying a special script for protection from harmful programs and advertising, which will protect their individual ones and increase their safety.
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People understand that the Internet advertising infa slows down their browsing speed, because the largest number of users use marketing locks for the fastest traffic in accordance with the Web. Thanks to our decision, the final users will benefit from the results, applying an ad blocker, and will also receive the most harmless and personal experiment because of the other abilities. Apart from this, Internet operators all equally able to monetize the content of their own Internet pages.
Developers` conclusion connects extensions for all major desktop and mobile browsers and connects an ad blocker, a tracking script blocker, an antivirus program, and an Internet purse. In the upper part, we will merge the voting system, through which the assistance in the Web will be executed.
Platforms` mobile applications will work as a purse, ad blocker, tracking script blocker and antivirus. Mobile add-ons will also feed the performance driver and the time for independent work, which will even better work in the browser.
Platforms` wallets will operate in all major operating systems and browsers. In mobile phones and tablets, there is one addition for a wallet, ad blocker, tracking script, anti-virus protection and a desktop operating system, as well as special purses for additions.
On Internet site will be presented a whole section, aware of the search for all places, where you can buy using your paid system. Apart from this, the detailed information on how the rest of the merchants have a chance to merge our trading system will begin to be kept in the bazaar. Information about an international group of partners will also be available.
Merchants will be able to accept crypto payments through system, using API or ready-made modules for the most popular e-commerce solutions.
The basis for the monetary retribution for operators of Internet pages will be confirmation of the Internet, and specifically the amount that describes the number of times spent by users on any Internet website. The most basic, as if anyone would use a free, harmless and private viewing of advertising. Apart from this, the final users will be able to regard any Internet site on the basis of their own experiment, using a voting system based on 1 to 5 star sky. Then the starry sky will be transformed on the basis of the algorithmic formula in Trust Rating, which will work as a pointer to the property of any Internet site, awarded by its guests. Solution plans to change users experience on the internet by rewarding website operators using blockchain technology proof of online, internet users will be able to rank each website by reviewing their user experience using a voting system based on 1 to 5 starts which will be converted in an algorithmic formula in trust rating which will quantify website quality based on the user’s reviews.

The OIO Token platform will be powered by Ethereum technology and will issue an ERC20 Token called OIO. The supply is limited to only 2.5 billion tokens for the platform economy, the token quantity is limited in number considering it is intended to be used by more than 4 billion internet users population, it’s important to note that tokens not sold in ICO will be burnt to protect OIO value. The pre-sale is set to start on 15th June with varying bonuses during the event. More info: ICO

Investors can join mission by participating in the project initial coin offering on their official website , the pre-sale is set to start on 15th June with each token set at $0.04 per token with varying bonuses during the event, please check dates below:


Online Privacy issue is an important topic on the internet. Global citizens are concerned about their privacy Obviously there is a very real concern for a lot of people that their privacy is somehow being abused. will respond to these concerns. has a great potential to improve user internet browsing experience using blockchain, the project is managed by a group of qualified professionals who are passionate about blockchain technology and the well-being of the global citizens and are fighting forefront through application of new technologies

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