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You all probably already know that one of the unspoken laws of all world markets is fair competition. This forces all market players to be better than their competitors and in this battle the strongest wins. Strongly agree that not everyone can adequately maintain their feasibility on the market, perhaps if their tools are outdated and do not bring benefits to their customers. That’s the way it is and is always like that. Of course all trade and business relationships are based on this.

The young cryptocurrency market is no exception. These rules apply to him. What I believe is very true, yet there is no growth without perfection, so it must always be! Therefore, all the projects we talk about at any time try to bring to the world more and more new solutions to some of the problems that have been formed.

We have repeatedly analyzed the problems of the crypto-currency financial platform, analyzing and comparing what is offered with various specialists. Today’s reviews are no exception, because the idea is very brave and is very popular in the vast layer of users of crypto currencies.

OOOBTC is the exchange of digital assets or crypto exchanges that serve crypto space through no less than 28 active markets. The OOOBTC exchange review also shows that they offer trade access to various cryptocurrency pairs. The main cryptocurrency listed are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT).

With the theory of social trade I think people cite new ways as people with the internet that they play from online games and more about online activities to occupy generalized use of tools or applications because they might provide the opportunity for famous references as a difference in As the qualifications are broad on the part of achieving on the job with the moderation stage, to get the finale with a decision as a collect by using numbers on abbreviations to give a string value to help as the task expands on arranging as an exchange of new positions with the market on bitcoin finance.

On the other hand you don’t need to worry if you have an OBX, OBX will be useful in the future and will have a sophisticated exchange exchange together with a better price than other tokens and I think you get convenience, that’s my next suggestion, this token can become RESISTAN in the long run. My prediction is OBX, prices will rise in the future.

because our goal allows us to build a truly beneficial and highly profitable investment model, which will enable us to receive high returns with minimal risk. We believe that OOOBTC Software will be the most popular investment platform. Join our team and achieve success with OOOBTC.

OBX token

Speaking of the platform’s internal token, we can safely say that it will be listed not only as the system’s main engine, but also acts as a very good digital asset on other popular exchanges, where it can be bought or sold at very affordable prices. favorable price. As for the technical characteristics, the token itself is OBX, developed according to the classic ERC20 format based on the blockchain Ethereum.

Tokens generated by OOOBTC, because these tokens have very good potential price increases in the future, many tokens released by their own platforms, have price increases, and many are attracted by crypto currency traders in the world.

The token distribution is as follows:



Q2 2017:
Conduct market researchand verify technical and market feasibility.

Q3 2017:
Set up the projectteam, obtain project Approval and develop products.

Q4 2017:
Main project launch. OOOBTC launchthemost Largest Singapore crypto Currency exchange.

Q1 2018:
Public API Release, develop new Prototype capable of more than 50,000 TPS

Q2 Q3 2018:
Launchof newand improved exchange UI/UX withmassive upgradesfor traders including aworldclassUIthatisresponsive for mobileusers.

Q4 2018:
OOOBTC launch Atomic swap trading (Atomic Cross-chain transaction)

Q1 2019:
Launch of OOOBTC token (OBX TOKEN), the launch of ooobtc token which will be the backbone to the exchange. Aidrops, bounty, trading competitions, listing competitions amo ng solid projects.

Q2 2019:
Launch of anewaffiliate reward program forreferrersto the platform, full worldwide promotions and marketingof ooobtc exchange

Q3 Q4 2019:
OOOBTC version 2.0 launch mobile app with 100% friendly. More crypto games integration

Newroadmap update and Continue development of The exchange. Fiat pairing and Debit card integration

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