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Hi everybody, complement of the day. Today I will introduce you to OOOBTC Exchange project. Before I begin, please kindly tune down the volume of your TV to stay away from distraction, sip a little tea from your tea cup and loosen up your back well on your executive chair to have concentration. Thanks.

What is OOOBTC Exchange?

OOOBTC is a cryptocurrencies exchange for trading different kinds of digital assets. OOOBTC isn’t much similar to other exchange since it has almost all necessary features a standard exchange ought to have and recently, it has been tipped as the most promising exchange. OOOBTC exchange was created by team of experts that adequately considered the challenges facing the most exchange and designed the platform with advanced features that solved all the challenges.

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An OOOBTC exchange platform study shows that with respect to security, they make use of two factor verification and cold wallet storage. Moreover, they also use encryption technology to secure both the individual account data and digital assets of users. The OOOBTC wallet also enables users to monitor all exchanges and manage funds.

OOOBTC rescript and revolving credit system

Exchange crypto to rescript or exchange rescript to crypto is one among the serious issue affecting numerous digital currencies and exchange around the world. OOOBTC exchange expects to make things transparent and quick for beginners that want to withdraw into the cryptocurrency area.

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With the debit/credit cards implementation, one will essentially withdraw and deposit rescript to get cryptos using a direct advances by means of Mastercard, verve, visa or other similar card. Also, with the ongoing development and partnership with some rescript payment providers. We are going to welcome exchange against cryptos.






OOOBTC Exchange Token

OOOBTC Exchange platform have developed their own platform token, to be specific OOOBTC Token (Ticker picture: OBX). OBX is apparently an ERC20 token with total supply of 3 billion tokens. OBX Token is available for purchase directly on the OOOBTC Exchange platform or from external markets and exchanges.


OOOBTC has a fantastic option of altcoins and a user friendly exchanging platform with some advanced and wonderful features, which makes it very interesting. We also like the low exchanging and withdrawal charges that make trading on the exchange averagely affordable.


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