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Crypto exchanges are the liquidity drivers of the cryptocurrency marketplace, they are the portal; the fundamental bridge between the outside world and the universe of crypto. Much the same as the fiat banks that keep on extending in extent to users reach, so likewise the developing prominence of blockchain/cryptocurrency bringing about its astronomical development keeps on expanding the demand for more cryptocurrency exchanges, particularly as the current ones are regularly extended to their full limits and here and there past.


OOOBTC is a verified cryptocurrency exchange platform with a productively unique web based trading model which is based on a strong architecture that gives investor and traders consistent and secure understanding. It expects to turn into the biggest liquidity supplier of the advanced resource world by gathering the necessities of pretty much every classification of crypto investors, through features like feature contract trading, spot trading, OTC, entire system trading and decentralized trading, among others. What’s more, in particular, OOOBTC is as of now underway and listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC) with over $USD 13+ billion trading volume over the most recent 30 days.

The OOBTC Exchange Platform 

OOOBTC intends to give a solid exchange platform to crypto investors, by giving imaginative solutions for a considerable lot of the crypto market issues. The exchange comprehends that the security of the platform is exceptionally essential thus take a few safety efforts like 2-factor authentication (2FA), advance encrypting technology to encrypt users account data together with cold storage for the fund of users.

Similarly, It additionally hwve of unique feature and an refreshing clutter free user interface (UI) which joined to give it a decent relative favorable position over different exchanges.


Pool Trading – Integrates with other corporate fund and accomplices in getting trading volume and produce impressive benefit.

Superior Support – Thus, it can bolster enormous simultaneous calculation and make the request preparing speed achieve one million transactions for each second.

Community Trading – It allow user to transfer their smart contracts and partake the dynamic smart contract network for exchanges, business, benefits, and expanded perceivability.

Peer-to-Peer Purchasing – Transaction are executed peer to peer with no type of delegate.

Coin Pairing System – Scalable and quick speed request paring technology that keeps orders from stalling out because of congestion.


A quick speed atomic swap that enables clients to legitimately exchange coins to another without fundamentally experiencing fiat, e.g BTC > ETH or the other way around


Makes a platform for superb blockchain activities to circulate their coin/token and raise assets to improve advancement, while giving investors a progressively secure and solid medium to invest in quality blockchain projects.


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