OOOBTC The leading crypto exchange based in Singapore

Many of us no longer need to explain the advantages of modern Blockchain technology. We know exactly what the advantages are and how they can change the structure of many technical processes in all fields and areas of our lives.

The cryptocurrency market also seems increasingly popular every day.
With the rise of cryptocurrency astronomically like Bitcoin and Ethereum, it seems that there will be entry of people into the market. Many exchange cryptocurrency are not even able to open their account creation feature
all the time.

OOOBTC is an exchange platform for cryptocurrency and the Crypto ecosystem based in Singapore. OOOBTC also provides a variety of system functions such as spot trading, futures trading, over-the-counter trading, entire network trading, and decentralized trading. In fact, OOOBTC meets the needs of many investors. Our trading system has a strong one reliable security mechanism and basic architecture, which provides investors with reliable trading experience. Besides that, online is unique the ooobtc platform trading model will efficiently match the market depth large exchanges throughout the world while providing higher liquidity.
Relying on all network trading systems, we believe the ooobtc platform
will be the largest liquidity provider of digital assets in the world.

OOOBTC is taking a step forward to be able to improve the security and user experience by activating cross-chain transactions on their platform to become the first major exchange to introduce this feature, they will also provide real challenges to fellow centralized exchanges.

OOOBTC exchange feature

●High level of security:
●Easy trading platform:
●Large volume with real traders:

Based on the right and safe technology, our platform is ready for
providing high and reliable quality that ensures you can trade one of the currency pairs free of all worries

This platform is well known for its low trade costs. This runs a relatively low cost of 0.25% which is quite reasonable and profitable. However, OOOBTC does not require deposit fees for digital currencies. But for crypto withdrawals, it charges the miner’s fees. Well, this might be standard practice for many exchange platforms in connection with cryptocurrency deposits.

By introducing a debit/credit card, and can be activated to install and inject Fiat to get cryptographers using the usual steps through Mastercard, verve, visa or other acceptable cards. Recently there has also been a development and partnership with several payment system suppliers. We will also ask for a fiat trade that denies in secret.

OBX token

OBX tokens will be used as drivers for our platform and will not only apply to our exchanges, but will also be applied to all popular exchanges. This is the ERC20 token that can be reused, and can be returned with the Ethereum blockchain and can also be stored in our default wallet. or any wallet that is compatible with ERC20, at the user’s discretion.


Q2 2017: 
Conduct market researchand verify technical and market feasibility.

Q3 2017:  
Set up the projectteam, obtain project Approval and develop products.

Q4 2017:
Main project launch. OOOBTC launchthemost Largest Singapore crypto Currency exchange.

Q1 2018:  
Public API Release, develop new Prototype capable of more than 50,000 TPS

Q2 Q3 2018: 
Launchof newand improved exchange UI/UX withmassive upgradesfor traders including aworldclassUIthatisresponsive for mobileusers.

Q4 2018:  
OOOBTC launch Atomic swap trading (Atomic Cross-chain transaction)

Q1 2019:  
Launch of OOOBTC token (OBX TOKEN), the launch of ooobtc token which will be the backbone to the exchange. Aidrops, bounty, trading competitions, listing competitions amo ng solid projects.

 Q2 2019:  
Launch of anewaffiliate reward program forreferrersto the platform, full worldwide promotions and marketingof ooobtc exchange

 Q3 Q4 2019:  
OOOBTC version 2.0 launch mobile app with 100% friendly. More crypto games integration

Newroadmap update and Continue development of The exchange. Fiat pairing and Debit card integration

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