We’ve been taking variously careful measures like cold storage system, 2-factor authentication and encryption technology to encrypt your personal account information, which allow you to have assured protection of your fund.


Based on the precise and secure technology, our terminal is prepared to provide reliable and quality services which make sure you are able to trade any of the OOOBTC currency pairs free from all the worries.


Operating the largest volume digital asset exchange in the world, it’s now or never, come with us and get the opportunity to take full advantage of our leading technology quickly and we can build the largest market for digital assets ever.

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OOOBTC Token is a certificate issued by OOOBTC, which represents the users interest in OOOBTC, referred to as OBX.

It is a decentralized blockchain digital asset based on Ethereum. The OBX total issuance is constant at 3 billion, of which 35% are distributed free of charge to community users.

How to get OBX

OBX takes the form of free distribution to the community, 35% airdrops and dividends to community users .

1.Distribute OBX based on user asset balance  During the period, if you hold the BTC and ETH assets in the 000BTCt wallet (not including the OBX itself), you will get the OBX dividend, which will pay 5,250,000 OBX until the end of the period.

2. Distribute OBX based on OBX balance  Dividends based on the OBX held, distributing a total of 52,500,000 0BX

3. Recommend new users to get OBX  Obtain OBX during the event by recommending new users and completing certification

4. Participate in the trading competition to obtain OBX to participate in the transaction to obtain OBX, this part will be divided into 100, 000, 000

5. Airdrop  For holding an eth address, you will get OBX candy.

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