Open Collectors Network – first decentralized exchange for one-of-a-kind tokens

 Open Collectors Network

Open Collectors Network: the first platform to create token trades and Attract Market Centralization

Hallo all … Today I want to talk to you about  #ICO  and the project to be stamped in 2018. After reading it, I’m sure you’d think it’s an interesting project!

Open Collectors Network

This is an undeclared stock market first created for all types of tokens that can be owned, created, personalized, interacted, and traded well, based on standard conditions available on the open market.

What Platform / Platform Goals?

This is the first platform to create and trade unchanged tokens.
This is the best way to explain it. Imagine that you handed over 1000 hands and handed them on the road. It does not matter which brochure is in your hand, because the same content, same content, is the same. This collection of crafts is said to change and is equivalent to the current crypto currency: if you send one Ethereal, it does not matter which ethereum comes out of your wallet.
But now, let’s look at another collection: the famous artist table. Anyhow, we can tell the difference: even if everything is picture, if you want to buy it, you do not want to pick at random. Some are more expensive than others, some are more expensive. They can not be changed, because they are all examples of species and important to “which ones”.
We believe that our platform is a custom token token created for it and we definitely have endless usage. For example, please go down.

Even if you have just started to master the multifaceted world of cryptocurrency, Open Collectors Network functions are quite accessible to you. The goal of the developers is to create a truly large-scale and unlimited platform that will unite people speaking different languages, with different ideas, experience in the field of blockchain technology and knowledge, so that each of them can benefit from participation in the system. The wallet on the basis of the Etherium makes each operation not only simple and completely transparent, but also guarantees the complete security of each party to the transaction on the platform. In addition, there is no need to specify personal information for the account – it is enough just to create a wallet through which all your actions will be carried out.

The main advantages of Open Collectors Network and differences from other exchanges are the following:

  • the ability to receive and store own unique tokens;
  • the possibility to create own tokens;
  • developing rules of interaction with other participants;
  • as a reward for activity within the platform, each user can receive tokens from the Open Collectors Network;
  • absolute decentralization of the ecosystem.

The currency within the Open Collectors Network system has huge trading opportunities. So, you can sell them at a fixed cost, or there is a variant of auctioning based on popular mechanisms (open or blind, etc.).

Thanks to the work on the basis of blockchain technologies, your possession of the currency will be confirmed and justified, just as every operation will be reflected and confirmed through a blockchain account. Implementing these tokens can be practically without restrictions – social, entertainment, business, various auctions, virtual objects – the list is very wide, and you will definitely find it necessary to use your tools.


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