Creating something is always a difficult process but the result is always satisfying. Being in an era of continuous technological development, it is easy to find new and unique items on the market. The items, which were not possible before, are easily available at our fingertips. The value and importance of collecting valuable items are only understood by the people who appreciate innovation. The items surrounding you can be categorised into two categories; Fungible and Non-fungible. Fungible items can be defined as items which are interchangeable while non-fungible items are unique, and their list is endless.

Hence, everything around us can be easily categorised. Books, cars, home and other things fall into one of the categories. Trading non-fungible items is a difficult decision for everyone. Books, movies and many experiences in our life are unique and non-fungible. Blockchain technology has emerged as a revolutionary tool for development of many new applications in traditional sectors. The research and development of many new solutions for the inherent problems in the variety of industry are taking place. So, do you think blockchain technology can be the solution?

Solution offered

OPEN COLLECTORS NETWORK is creating a decentralised platform based on the blockchain technology for everyone. Anyone can create, modify and trade unique tokens. Ethereum smart contract is utilised for the different contracts which work on Proof of concept. The non-fungible tokens are created under the ERC721 standard in the ethereum ecosystem. The platform is currently being developed and they have tried to maintain openness, decentralisation, usability and absolute ownership of each individual item. To maintain the uniqueness of the tokens, spamming prevention measures are utilised. The creator of the token has the capability to define the interaction of the token with the outside world.

Thus, this is a tremendous opportunity for anyone in the world, who wishes to tokenize their assets and property. Public, artists, content creators, Media houses, auction houses, VR platforms and gaming platform can avail the services offered by the platform. Free technical assistance is provided to the people in the first phase of integration.

ECTO tokens work as a utility token on the platform and can be utilised for multiple purposes, such as offering discounts and rewards, trading fee and others. IT industry is their main focus, which is estimated to be 9.27 trillion dollars in the USA. Creating the Blockchain revolution for the IT industry is their prime aim as the IT has become the key driver for growth in many other industries.


150,000,000 ECTO Tokens are created for the project in which 65% is reserved for sale. The dates for the token sale is yet to be announced. 35% of the funds collected for the project will be utilised in the development of the platform while 30% of the total funds will be spent on partnerships. The team has experienced and hard-working professionals who have understood the importance of the Blockchain technology.


The world of business and individuals revolve around experiences, which can be bad or good. But, they shape the future actions in the life. Hence, adapting to the modern technology and having a different experience is what they are trying to achieve for different stakeholders.

Security and scalability is their top concern and they have taken great measures to create a sustainable platform for future. Blockchain solutions of many traditional problems are being researched and employed by many companies. I think that we are at the right juncture of a technological revolution, where mainstream adoption of the latest technology will change the world forever.

There are various things which need to be taken care off before we can enter the next stage of the technical revolution. And, the platform like OPEN COLLECTOR NETWORK will help in the process. What do you think about the services offered by the platform? Is it the Right platform for the tokenizing your asset?

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