Open Platform ICO Review


?Token OPEN
?Price 1 OPEN = 0.08 USD
?Platform Ethereum
?Accepting ETH
?Hard cap 30 000 000 USD
?Country Canada

From architecting a mainstream app with 50 million+ downloads, to developing digital projects for major brands like Toyota and Adidas, to being featured in both New York Times and CNBC, to guest speaking to engineers at Yahoo on mobile growth, to being tasked with leading the deployment of the Asia-Pacific head quarters of a billion dollar software company The Open Money team has a track record technical development and plans to develop the first platform to bridge mainstream software to the blockchain. Solving first a priority problem, for software developers monetization (acceptance) and distribution, in a way built for developers, by developers.

?Official Website:

?About Open Platform
Mainstream software on the blockchain.


?An ecosystem to solve blockchain monetization and distribution for mainstream app developers


?App developers will have the power to distribute their hit software and mobile apps on the blockchain


?Easy to integrate APIs and SDKs designed to take cryptocurrency into mainstream software products


?We will be the major app distribution platform for mainstream web and mobile apps on the blockchain
An ecosystem has to be in place to support mainstream software developers aiming to deploy apps to the blockchain world. We are providing the building blocks of that ecosystem to attract mainstream software on the blockchain. To foster the cryptocurrency use in mainstream software and solve blockchain distribution for app developers. The OPEN Platform will be the way for mainstream software developers to both distribute and monetize with crypto.

?A Platform Made for App Developers By App Developers

?App developers with apps in the fiat world via app stores, with policies against cryptocurrency only utilizing half of their potential revenue leaving out the multi billion dollar cryptocurrency market entirely.
Developers are eager to harness the $100 billion in liquid cryptocurrency that is digital but are unable to do so, as the tools available are limited and lack ease of implementation.

?Open Money’s team of experienced developers in the app space are solving major road blocks: Enabling these two massive multi billion dollar markets to tap into each other.



?1)Q3 2016
Open Money team faces problem in previous app development company

?2)Q1 2017
Platform and Idea Conceived

?3)Q3 2017
Token Sale Planned

?4)Q4 2017
Development of the Open Money API Platform Begins

?5)Q2 2018
Developer Program Released

?6)Q3 2018
First Deliverable of the Open Money API Platform

?7)Q4 2018
Monetization Tools and Products Publicly Released



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