OpenGift – The First Platform For Open-Source Projects Monetization


OpenGift serves as a platform on which OS projects publicize info regarding their advancement objectives and development. This platform makes analyzations of large number of metrics and builds a profile for the project that can be used by sponsors as well as investors. Shares of this project in the form of tokens can be disseminated among the members of the team & investors whereas financial development of desired software can be achieved by the sponsors. This forum is also incorporated on blockchain tech as well as smart-contracts which provides fairness and transparency in the dissemination of earnings.

A system of this particular kind permits supporters to give more preference to some of the aims of the project above others or to establish a brand new goal. A fundamental trait of this platform is technological map based on crowdsourcing which simplifies procedure of looking for potential projects. For instance, people can discover and make comparison between projects by easily entering a problem that they want to resolve in the search bar.

Essentially the idea of OpenGift’s team is highly determined, resourceful and universal. Platform of OpenGift functions as the 1st step towards the creation of an ecosystem which offer explicit picture of the progress made by project, issues that it sees to resolve, its correlation with other existing projects and its significance in the ecosystem to the investors & sponsors. OSS will be made more comprehensible for the individuals who don’t have prefect proficiency in the field of IT by OpenGift’s platform. It will also make OSS more preferable for crowd-investment whilst providing users the ability to choose the features they like the best for investment. Users, developers as well as investors will be unified via OpenGift in a single ecosystem and this offers acceleration in the process of project development & enhances standard of OSS. Because of it OSS will become customer-centered & easy-to-use thereby making it more desirable than proprietary software. It will lower IT charges for companies & users whereas there will be increase in the earnings of developers. OpenGift is established to offer solution for the difficulties encountered by partakers of market related to OSS development.

OpenGift is a platform where users and companies can send requests for the new features in the software they use to be created by open source developers, and support their requests with donations. OpenGift platform is integrated with a blockchain network.

As soon as backers who collectively contributed no less than 50% of a donation amount confirm the goal has been achieved, the donation is released and distributed between the project token holders in proportion to their share.

Tokenholders can transfer their tokens, i.e. an opportunity to get a share of a project’s future income.All donations are made in the system’s internal currency, GIFT. Once you donate to level up a priority of any goal or set a new one, the donation goes to an internal exchange a project works with. The exchange then transfers an equivalent amount of GIFTs to the project.

All exchanges need to have GIFTs to function properly, so they buy back GIFTs from the tokenholders — this process supports GIFT exchange rate. The emission of GIFTs is limited. The functionally above has already implemented in the alpha version of the platform and the smart-contract.

There are a few important features of the platform to be released, such as a by-problem search, a technological map that facilitates navigation between the platform projects, and a system predicting a time of a specific goal to be achieved based on its level of priority.

ICO timeline


PreSale will be performed in two phases:

· Closed PreSale: 10th Feb – 19th March. Only the users who have registered

on in advance can participate in the Closed PreSale.

· Public PreSale: 19th March – 19th April.

GIFTs available for distribution: 10 000 000

GIFT price: 0,06$

Soft Cap = 100 000$

Hard Cap = 480 000$

GIFTs allocated to the OpenGift team members will be held during the first 4

months period after the ICO.

The OpenGift Exchange fund will be used to provide liquidity on early stage of the

system development.

PreSale buyers of GIFT Ethereum tokens and the bounty campaign participants

will be able to exchange up to 50% of their Eth GIFTs for GIFT internal tokens with

1 to 1 rate within 3 months after the end of Main Sale. No such restrictions will

be imposed on the tokens exchange after that date.

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.


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