OPENing Blockchain to the Mainstream

Anyone who has given a serious look to human history and the pace at which we collectively evolve has realized that we do so at a snail’s pace. From the Earth being flat and the center of the Solar System (Okay, maybe we haven’t quite moved past the Earth being flat) to the early belief that the automobile would never replace the dependable horse and buggy, we tend to cling to the things we know that are “safe,” and look suspiciously at anything new and different.

This is no different for Bitcoin and Blockchain, and we proponents of this technology need to keep this in mind.

Blockchain is going to play a significant role in the future of humanity, more impactful than even the internet, but that doesn’t just mean that people are going to blindly accept it from the get go. Just look at how long it took for the internet to catch on, and we couldn’t imagine life without it now.

So far the journey for Bitcoin and Blockchain has been interesting to say the least. Inspired to a point by the largest economic collapse in modern history, a change to money was proposed. And from that early purchase for some pizza, to it’s recent heights of $19,000, Bitcoin is now known on the world stage. And what that has really ushered in is the Era of The Blockchain.

But what is Blockchain Technology, and how does everyone use it?

This brings us back to the opening. The biggest barrier to mainstream adoption is an unfamiliar, weary, and confused public. We tend to believe that what has been around longer is better, so we are resistant to releasing old things and really exploring something new, mainly because it is unfamiliar.

So finding a way to bridge the current technologies and applications that the wider population uses is going to be a key factor in a more rapid, wider adoption of blockchain technologies. And that is exactly what the Open Platform has set out to do.

More specifically, “OPEN is focused on building the first end to end blockchain payments application infrastructure for software developers.”

Instead of requiring the current payment infrastructures that exists to just switch over to blockchain or start their systems from scratch, Open provides a ‘scaffolding’ that integrates the current payment infrastructure with the blockchain of choice. For a more technical explanation you can find the whitepaper HERE

What that effectively does is make it so that thousands of apps, websites, and payment portals can easily integrate their current centralized payment system with the decentralized world of the blockchain. While that may not seem like important news to the general public, those that have actually taken a closer look at blockchain technology and how it will shape the future see the massive potential in what that will do to the space.

And Open is the first platform to tackle this problem, so they are light years ahead of any competition in this specific market.

Ease of integration is one of the key factors that we face in ushering blockchain into the mainstream. The reason that it has had the worldwide impact it has so far is that we are dealing with money. And you know what they say… money makes the world go ‘round.

And so to the Open platform has started with the basic premise of integrating the centralized and decentralized payment structures that are shape our world. And as blockchain spreads and gains wider adoption, so too will the need to integrate systems of all kinds, not just financial systems, over to blockchain technology, and the OPEN Platform is well placed to aid in this technological migration of humanity.

It’s true that humanity has been slow to progress in some ways over the eons, but thanks to modern technology, things are speeding up. In just one more year, Bitcoin will be 10 years old. In modern technology time, that’s a significant amount of time. And now that blockchain is gaining wider notoriety, the advances in this technology are only going to increase.

The Open Platform is ahead of the pack when it comes to helping the world prepare for this technological migration. Be part of the early crowd, and set yourself up for an abundant, Open future.


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