OPK ICO – Building the world’s first decentralized Packaging network

The Open Packaging Network (OPN) ecosystem is a fair marketplace where services are provided as per promises and agreements between buyers and sellers, an open platform for online reliable, fast and transparent transaction.

Sellers and buyers are, indeed, able to publish services and products they provide or need, interact with each other get fulfilled from the counterparty.

The ecosystem is designed to act as a one-stop solution for all packaging related services. Besides having access to a wide variety of goods, better prices and different integrated and reliable services, stakeholders can also enjoy the benefits of these services with the help of OPK tokens.

The OPN Ecosystem is designed in such a way as to create an inherent virality to the network through ‘Last Bid’ and ‘Last Bet’ options for sellers and buyers respectively.

With the high demand for package companies to bring goods, gifts and packages to people’s doorstep, it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the industry is never thinking of going down as it is seen to become bigger and bigger yearly. With the growing expansion of the packaging industry, it has been forecasted that it will have a market value of $998 million in 2020.

The Industry Problem

With the promising future that the packaging industry has and the increase in demand for this service, there are challenges and problems faced by the industry, this includes:

  • Transparency and trust
  • Payment issues
  • Quality and Accuracy when delivering
  • Demand forecasting for sellers
  • Low credit facillities
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Raw material price
  • Time and security.

Open Packaging Network Solution

The problem for buyers to find the appropriate sellers and vice versa, of a particular good, is becoming a bigger problem. Open Packaging Network has decided to lunch in a marketplace for manufacturers to find their buyers and buyers can find manufacturers, also creating a platform for both parties to interact. Open Packaging Network platform is a place where services are provided depending on the agreement between the buyer and the seller. The platform will be creating a wide range of choice for buyers to pick up since they are having access to a wide range and variety of goods at better prices. The platform is built on the worlds fastest and transparent technology, the Blockchain technology. With this, aside from having access to a wide variety of goods at a very good price, tokenizing the platform also gives it a unique benefit as both buyer, seller and stakeholders.

Having observed many market and customer segments in the packaging space, we realized that the problems spread across the spectrum and it is imperative to bring together all these packaging verticals to a single place to reduce the friction of transaction . Hence, we came up with the idea to design a marketplace for sellers to find their buyer counterparts and vice versa.

The platform will be of benefit to a lot of people ranging from the sellers, buyers, delivery agents and validators:


  • Post Delivery orders
  • Place Bids for Purchase Orders from Buyers
  • Deliver goods to the buyer through Delivery Agents
  • Reward buyers for providing feedbacks and promoting his brand
  • Vote for changes to the platform
  • Digitally sign the following documents before delivery to the buyer:
  • Insurance Policy, Quality Document, Packaging List, Invoice, and
  • Delivery Note.


  • Post Purchase orders.
  • Place bets for Delivery orders from Sellers
  • Reward sellers for promoting their brand and giving feedbacks
  • Receive the ordered goods from Delivery Agents
  • Vote for changes to the platform
  • Verify and digitally sign the following documents after successful
  • delivery: Quality Document, Packaging List, Invoice, and Delivery
  • Note and CMR.

Delivery Agents:

  • Deliver the goods from sellers to buyers
  • Vote for changes to the platform
  • Verify and digitally sign the following documents after successful
  • delivery: Quality Document, Packaging List, Invoice, and Delivery
  • Note and CMR before the delivery of goods to the buyer.


  • Prepare a list of best bids based on pre-set rules.
  • Prepare a list of best bets based on pre-set rules.
  • Validate the list of best bids prepared by a validator.
  • Validate the list of best bets prepared by a validator.
  • Vote for changes to the platform

Token Sale constitution

Token compare: OPK
Token Sale dimension: 01/10/2018-28/10/2018
KYC/AML: precise

Token usual: ERC-20
authorized Currencies: BTC,ETH,USD,EUR,CHF
Token to be purchased: 30 000 000 OPK

tender Cap: $6 million
hard Cap: $30 million

Unsold o.Enough.Tokens: to order Fund
complete Token give(max): 50 000 000 OPK

Token buy expense: 1 USD = 1 OPK
Min buy: 50 OPK
Max buy: one hundred** 100.000 OPK**

Token allocation: computerized



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For more infomation ,Official Pages:

Website: http://www.opnplatform.com/
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4550928.0


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