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OPP Open Wifi is a community-based service that creates free global access to WiFi hotspots and offers awards to every contributor who is part of the destination. Nearly 2.5 billion smart phone users worldwide, 80% active on social media. Wi-Fi access has become a part of our daily lives. However, 76% of us sometimes find locations where access is not available, even though there is access blocked by payment requests.
Of that amount, up to 2.5 billion people, the goal of open wifi is to recruit 25 million people like you for the next 4 years to join the open hotspot community. Working with us, we can build free, open and secure Wi-Fi access to global distribution of global distribution, which will have a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Hotspot hosting such as paying cellular data, paying for WiFi access at home or at work. Research has shown that more than 80% of them do not use all paid data. An open wifi will put the money into your pocket. An open wifi will also pay you every day to retrieve a piece of data available for its global network.
Our Hotspot hosts are people like you pay for cellular data, pay for WiFi access in their homes or at their workplace. Our research shows that more than 80% of us do not use all the data we pay. We will put the money in your pocket. We will pay you every day to make a piece of data available for our global network.
How it works
To become a Hotspot Host, you must register and then download our mobile application or request a home / business router from our website. The first 100,000 routers will be provided free of charge.
You decide how much data you want to donate. Our application will activate mobile hotspot functions on your smart device and “OPP OPEN WIFI” will be visible to customers who need to access the web. This system is completely safe for Hotspot Host and Guest users. This system is also designed to work with Wi-Fi homes and businesses.
You don’t need to worry because this system is completely safe for Hotspot Hosts and other users. and also this system is designed to work with WiFi at home and business, very interesting not.
When you sign in, you can see “OPP OPEN WIFI” that you enter through the “splash” page. Welcome screen with available import options.
How to make money?
You only need to set the Hotspot to work for 1 hour per day to be eligible for payment. We will pay you for each device that you use to contribute to the Global Network. We hope to pay you enough to cover all or part of the cost of your internet provider and cellular telephone provider.
If you want to do a little more, that’s good. We pay you to read messages from the selected sponsor. You tell us how many messages you receive per day and we pay you for each reader. If you participate in our reference program, we will also pay you to share our communication messages between your followers and your friends.
The more you can do to help us spread the word, the more we can do to help you.
How do I get paid? 
We pay members of our community every day using our OPP Tokens. 1 OPP Token = $ 0.40.
Payments and payments are managed using an independent blockchain contract.
Every day you share your data, see sponsored messages or share posts, etc., you will see an OPP Card added to your account. Please see our white paper for a detailed explanation.
Control Panel
When you register with us, you will be given an access code to the OPP Console. The dashboard is where you set the way you work with us, the amount of data you want to share, the number of devices, the number of messages you want to read, etc.
All your OPP cards will be stored securely in your electronic wallet on the control panel every day. You can see your balance growing. You will see payments entered and analyze how you got them.
From the Dashboard, you can also decide how you want to spend, through our online Retail Center, credited to your bank account, deposited on your OPP credit card (no bank account required) or trade in the Crypto market. From our Control Panel you will be able to use the correct OPP Token when you use your daily money.
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