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Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) – technology that allows many devices to connect to the Internet, not using cables or cables. This system is based on radio waves that allow you to connect your internet units, computers, printers, cell phones, and gaming machines to broadband connections when used at short distances. Wi-Fi based on IEEE 802.11 standards includes a set of standards used for international radio communications. They increase over time, each offering a different theoretical maximum. Both 54 Mbit / s, for example, 802.11 b protocol supports speeds of 22 Mbit / sec, and 802.11 g rate of 11 Mbit / sec.

Wi-Fi has long been the preferred way to connect to the Internet anywhere in the world. To access this type of connection, the wireless network adapter must be installed on the computer. Wi-Fi provides wireless communication between the 2.4 GHz band and the transmission frequency of the 5 GHz band based on the amount of data in the network. The area where you can connect to Wi-Fi is called «Hotspot» »” Hotspot. To make a wireless connection, the wireless router is connected to an Internet connection and all the necessary settings are important. It is set correctly.

OPP is a community-based project that allows users around the world to access open Wi-Fi hotspots. This project is based on the assumption that there are a large number of smartphone users who have unused data that requires owners and data. In the end, everyone will benefit from the network. OPP is a global peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network and provides secure and secure access points with smart contracts. They are 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, but because of the limited coverage of network providers, or in places and situations they cannot access the Internet due to network problems. OPP presents a solution to this problem by developing a platform that allows owners of unused or redundant data to receive rewards at the expense of the community.

This project is a secure global distribution access point, consisting of 25 million users and participants, and these devices contribute to this global access point network. The aim is to build a free worldwide hotspot network. This network consists of several smartphone users who can use hot spots around the world for free. This system is designed to work with home and business WIFI systems and can be launched by any potential host after registering and downloading the OPP application. In addition, you can request a home or business router on the OPP website. According to the site, the first 100,000 requests from routers will be provided free of charge.

To receive payments, users must ensure that the access point of the device is connected to the network in one hour every day. Costs include the cost of joining a participating device. Each device contribution is valued and participants can produce on all devices.
There are several ways to get gifts online. The referral system can earn more revenue by tracking ads on the network, but users give them the opportunity to get the money they attract. OPP tokens are internal community currencies where participants are paid for donations to global hot spots, advertisements and message display, and other community-based activities.

Currently, data service providers, deviate from network coverage, do not have the ability for customers to be able to access the service. This, even though the customer has paid for the service, may not have access to outside the service area of the provider, some providers that there is no cooperation agreement in order to ensure that global coverage means. In most cases, even if you can’t run out before, customers pay for more data transfer services, resources will be in vain.

OPP provides safe Wi-Fi sources, users can access Wi-Fi from participant pools. Thus, excessive data that might be wasted is used effectively by members who may have an accessible location to the Internet. Registered users are “hot host places” coded to allow access to the panel, the amount of data to donate, the number of devices to be used, access to the ad limit displayed.

Network members, receive prizes on the basis of contributions to the network. Each participant, you can know how much is paid in their personal account. Personal account, which functions as an electronic wallet, you can send money from purchases and funding.

OPP Token
The OPP Token is to ensure our Token distribution is smooth; we use the ERC20 standard token to build an environment of tokens that are compatible with developers for our activities. With this standard, our tokens are generated on the Ethereum blockchain, creating a cohesive environment for our developers, hotspot residents, and data consumers from our hotspot providers.



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