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You must know how to open WIFI and VISION

I will explain a bit about Open WiFi from what I know. OPP Open WiFi is a community based service that aims to create global access, open a WiFihotspot network for free, and reward part of the goal for each contributor for free. Approximately 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, 80% active users on social media. WiFi access is part of our daily life. However, 76% of us may find places where access is not available, even if there is blocked access by payment request.

Of the 2.5 billion people, the goal of open wifi is to recruit 25 million people like you in the next 4 years to participate in the open Wifi community “HotspotHost”. In cooperation with us, we can make free access and secure and make global distributed wifi hotspots that will have positive effects on the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people. Hotspot hosts are the same as those used for paying mobile data, WiFi access at home, or paying at work. As a result of the survey, it is shown that 80% or more of all the data paid are not used. An open wireless LAN will put that money back in your pocket. Open Wi – Fi will pay you some of the data available on the global network daily.

You also need to know how to open WIFI work

After that, in order to become a hotspot host from what I read, it is necessary to register the mobile application and then download it or request the home / business router from the website. This is not ignored, as the first 100,000 routers are totally rendered free of charge. What are you waiting for?

You can specify the amount of data you want to contribute. This application enables the mobile hotspot function on your smart device and “OPP OPENWIFI” will be displayed to other users who want to access the web. This system is completely secure for hotspot hosts and other users, so you do not have to worry. Also, this system is designed to work on WiFi at home and business, but it is very interesting.

After logging in, the guest can see “OPP OPEN WIFI” entered from the “splash” page. Welcome screen with available input options.

WIFI gathers consensus when entering OPEN:

  1. name
  2. mail address
  3. Following social media
  4. gender
  5. Marketing “opt-in”

You do not have to worry. This system is safe, you can not access unnecessary illegal sites. Besides that, the blacklist site is constantly being updated by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).

You must know how to make money on an open wireless LAN

In the conclusion I read, it is only necessary to activate hotspots one hour a day in order to be eligible for payment processing. OPEN WIFI will pay for all devices you use to contribute to the global network. The goal is to pay the internet supplier’s cost and enough to cover all or part of the mobile phone supplier. This is easy. So there is no problem if your wish is a little more. OPENWIFI allows you to read messages from selected sponsors. Tell me the number of messages you receive everyday and the OPEN WIFI you pay to you for everything you read. When you join the introduction program, OPEN WIFI will also pay for media messages between the followers and your friends.

What are you waiting for?

The more you can do to help spread the word, the more you can help you.

Payment procedure

If you pay, you can ask how payment processing is done.OPEN WIFI will pay members every day using OPP token. 1 token OPP = $ 0.40. Payment processing and billing are managed using block chain self-actualization block chains. You can also check that OPP tokens have been added to your account every day you share data, display sponsored messages, and share postings. Once registered, you will be given access code to OPP Dashboard. The dashboard function is a place to manage OPP usage, the amount of data to share, the number of devices brought in, the number of messages you want to read.

All OPP tokens are safely stored in the dashboard electronic wallet every day. You can see the growth of your balance. You can verify your deposit and specify how you have it.

You can also credit your bank account through an online shopping retailer, send money to an OPP credit card (no bank account required), or redeem it at the Crypto market. From the dashboard, you can use OPP tokens with daily cash.

About ICO

ICO / ITO is a new way for companies to raise funds. The goal is to collect $ 40 million from token sales and ITO (initial token offer). These funds are used for hardware purchase, technology development, stakeholder support, daily operations, marketing, recruitment and can build 1 million hosted WiFihotspot networks within 12 months from live broadcast 25 million people joined immediately in 4 years. In case of token sale, depending on how to purchase the first token, there are 142 million tokens in the founder and the investor, with a 50% to 10% discount. The OPP token sales process includes a bonus structure that starts with investors before sale and provides incentives to the original participants.

Below is the bonus schedule:

  • Stage 1 (July 1 – July 22): 40%
  • Stage 2 (July 23 – July 29): 35%
  • Stage 3 (July 30 – August 5): 30%
  • Stage 4 (August 6 – August 12): 25%
  • Stage 5 (August 13 – August 19): 20%
  • Stage 6 (August 20 – August 26): 15%
  • Stage 7 (August 27 – September 2): 10%
  • Stage 8 (September 3 – September 9): 5%
  • Stage 9 (September 10 – September 14): 2.5%
For other information, please see the link below.

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