OPP Open WiFi is a community driven service with the sole purpose of creating a global, free to access open WiFi hotspot network and rewarding each contributor for being a part of our cause.
There are close to 2.5 billion smartphone users globally, 80% of which are active on social media.
WiFi access has become part of our daily lives. Yet amazingly 76% of us frequently find ourselves in a position where access is not available, or where access is blocked by a demand for payment.
From those 2.5 billion people we aim to recruit 25 million people like you over the next 4 years to join our community of “Hotspot Hosts”. Together we can build a free to access, open and secure global decentralised WiFi hotspot which will have a positive effect on the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people.
Our Hotspot Hosts are people like you who pay for mobile data, pay for WiFi access at their homes or at their place of work. Our research shows that more than 80% of us do not use all the data we pay for. We will put that money back in your pocket. We will pay you every day for making part of that data available to our global network.


In order to become a Hotspot Host you need to register and then download our mobile app or request a home / business router from our website. The first 100,000 routers will be provided completely free of charge.
You decide how much data you wish to donate. Our app will activate the mobile hotspot function on your smart device and “OPP OPEN WIFI” will be seen by guest Users wishing to access the web. The system is totally secure for both the Hotspot Host and the guest user. The system is designed to work with home and business WiFi too.


You only need to make your Hotspot active for 1 hour per day to qualify for payment. We will pay you for each device that you use to contribute to the Global Network. We aim to pay you enough to cover all or part of the costs of your internet supplier and mobile phone supplier.
If you want to make a little more, no problem. We pay you for reading messages from chosen sponsors. You tell us how many messages you are happy to receive each day and we pay for you for each one you read. If you join our referral program we will also pay you for sharing our media messages amongst your followers and friends.
The more you can do to help us spread the word then the more we can do to help you too.


We pay our community members daily using our OPP Token. 1 OPP Token = $0.40.
Payments and billing are managed using blockchain self-fulfilling smart contracts.
Everyday that you share your data, view a sponsored message or share a post, etc, you will see OPP Tokens being added to your account. Please see our White Paper for a detailed explanation.


Once you register with us you will be given an access code to the OPP Dashboard. The Dashboard is where you set out how you would like to work with us, how much data you wish to share, how many devices, how many messages you are happy to read, etc.
All your OPP Tokens will be safely stored on your electronic wallet within the dashboard every day. You can watch your balance grow. You will see incoming payments and a breakdown of how you earned them.
From the Dashboard you can also decide how you wish to spend them, via our Online Retail Mall, credit your bank account, send the funds on to your OPP Credit Card (no bank account required) or trade them on the Crypto markets. From our Dashboard you will be able to use OPP Tokens exactly as you use your day to day cash.


ICO/ITO are a new way for business to raise funds. Our aim will be to raise $40 Million from token sale and ITO (initial token offering). These funds will be used to buy the hardware, develop the technology, support our stakeholders, fund our day to day operations, marketing and staffing so that we can build a network of 1 million Hosted WiFi Hotspots within 12 months of going live and 25 million within 4 years. Please see the White Paper for a detailed explanation.
At the token sale, there will be 142 million tokens for Founders and Investors available at discounts ranging from 50% to 10% depending on how early the token purchase is made.
The sale of OPP tokens will include a bonus structure that incentivizes early participants, starting with pre-sale investors.
The bonus schedule is as follows:
Stage 1 (July 1 – July 22): 40%
Stage 2 (July 23 – July 29): 35%
Stage 3 (July 30 – August 5): 30%
Stage 4 (August 6 – August 12): 25%
Stage 5 (August 13 – August 19): 20%
Stage 6 (August 20 – August 26): 15%
Stage 7 (August 27 – September 2): 10%
Stage 8 (September 3 – September 9): 5%
Stage 9 (September 10 – September 14): 2.5%


May 2018
Launch Website ITO/ICO Registration
Launch marketing
June 2018
Open VIP and Founder token sale
Establish Telegram community
Expand existing social community
Engage PR
Announce Advisor team
Launch GitHub
Publish smart contract address
Share details of prototype
August 2018
Public Sale
Register with exchanges
Beta test Smartphone App
Develop Dashboard functionality
Establish contact with advertisers
September 2018
Conclusion of public sale
Token distribution to investors
Launch Smartphone App
Despatch routers
Beta test affliliate retail links
October 2018
Launch dashboard
Expand team to handle increased traffic from Hotspot Hosts
Finalise deals with affiliate partners
Establish deals with advertisers for push notifications
Start Hotspot referral program
Initiate marketing activity to recruit Hotspot Hosts
Nov – Dec 2018
100.000 Hotspot Hosts
Launch online retail experience
Fully functionality of dashboard
Expand digital marketing


We are an experienced team of professionals with ambitious plans for our project.
Our core expertise is in building tech and marketing systems to serve our clients. Whilst we work with many big names, our most important work over the years has been done supporting small enterprises. Small businesses are the heart of any economy and community. It is where the vast majority of the workforce are employed and pay cheques are generated.
We have built a team of gifted technicians and communicators that understand how to get things done!
Martin Regan/ Entrepreneur & CEO
Phillip Legg/ Head of Technology & Security
Leo Antipov/ B2B Sales Director
Joanna Nemes/ Marketing Coordinator
Violeta Raducanu/ Community Manager
Alex Andrei/ Community Manager
Alexandra Pascariu/ Community Manager
Michael Peach/ Market Analyst
Iulian Gheorghe/ Senior SEO, Web Developer
Susan Lawry/ Head of Accounts
Claire Loe/ Accounts Support
Carina Regan/ Email Marketing Manager


Jared Polites/ Blockchain Marketing Specialist
Jorge Rodriguez/ Project Security
George Han/ Blockchain Advisor
T Aravinda Babu/ Expert Technology Adviser



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