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How to get new opportunities? The solution is simple: Being in the right place, and at the right time. Although, it is easier said than done. The key ingredients of success do contain elements of entering the field at the right time. The brands measure everything they can before launching a product, the whole marketing and research team is put into action to choke out a definite plan for the new products. But, have you ever wondered, do marketers get it right all the time? Well, that is rarely the case in the practical world. No matter how much you collect data, and devise a plan to bring your ads, you can never really guess the reaction. The game is continuously changing and what audience wants today, it may not want tomorrow.

Changing trends and working lifestyles have made companies think about innovative advertising plans to target the right group of people for better results. Many digital advertising companies have cropped up in the market offering best results, but in reality that is rarely true. Users on the other side are fed up with unwanted ads on various platforms, which then becomes discouraging for them. Incessant ads right in the middle of your content annoy users and create a block that makes users stay away from those platforms. There have been many solutions proposed by different players of the industry, but none have come to be permanent for the industry. Do you think that we can create an ecosystem of transparent advertising and effective marketing?

Solution offered

OPTIN Network is working to create solutions for the advertising world. In fact, it has created an ecosystem which is being used by many of the top companies in the world. Bringing blockchain technology to create a transparent and effective advertising network is the sole purpose of the platform. They believe the result appears when the right ads meet the right people. Providing advertisers with unlimited choices and effective tools to target the right kind of audience at the right time has created the right noise for the company.

The network consists of advertisers, users, and publishers who are looking for the new methods and frameworks of advertising. Brands can manage their advertising cost by utilizing the key metrics provided by the platform, such as scrolling, mouse movements and in view heatmaps. The right indicators work best for the brands and publishers. The users, on the other hand, have all the control over their data and can decide whether they wish to share it or not. They can enjoy an ad-free journey on the platform.


430,000,000 OPTIN Tokens are created for the project in which 230,000,000 tokens are reserved for sale. The token pre-sale will begin on the 15th August 2018 and continue until 30th August 2018. The main token sale will begin on the 1st September 2018 and continue until 30th September 2018. The funds will be utilized for the development and marketing of the platform. The team working on the platform is experienced in the fields of advertising and blockchain technology.


The world of advertising has transformed with the introduction of digital tools, and people are now worried about the future of advertising. It is evolving, and we will see many new tools and platforms being launched in the market. Bringing blockchain technology into the advertising market, they have tried to create an innovative model for creators and publishers. Users on the platform will be rewarded for their contribution in the cryptocurrency tokens. Open source and decentralization are the key themes running across the services offered by the platform, and as they believe that in the coming decade more publishers will be integrating the services of the OPTIN network.

There are many competitors in the market offering varied services to the potential buyers, but one of the key aspects which differentiates this platform from others is the constant focus on the community. The growth driver of the platform is its members who refer other users to the platform, and in return earn cryptocurrency tokens. What do you think about the different services offered by the platform? Are the advertisers ready for it?

Website- https://www.optincoin.org/

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