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Most people have a very hard time profting currency in terms of differing currency values.This type of currency exchange is highly complicated due to extreme volatility and abundant manipulation. Newcomers with alot of willand very few skills stand for lose much value partaking in such exchanging as opposed to just using one Cryptocurrency that focuses on price appreciation as a goal over time. 
Many constantly chase the mob and follow the latests fads and trends of the hottest Cryptocurrency of the day or week when price spikes, this causes one to exchange into a cryptocurrency after the fact, as opposed to the golden rule of buying low. As an algorithmically traded cryptocurrency, adopters of Optitoken gain the benefit of utilizing a medium of payment that is exploited by traders in a portfolio of established and manually selected cryptocurrencies. Essentially, the algorithm takes advantage of price swings between a select group of tokens, known as “The Basket,” made up of a variable number of coins (s) deemed statistically or categorically undervalued. They will also be established and based on several factors based on past trends of growth and / or market averages. It will also take into account token supply and market capitalization
The project OptiToken aims to create the market (s) of OptiToken itself to provide constant sporadic upward price pressure. The tokens purchased are then destroyed by sending them to the supply and disallow the tokens from re-entering the ecosystem as ‘sell pressure.’ The remaining OptiTokens will gain value each time this cycle occurs.
Transparent trading mechanism
What distinguishes Optitoken from the rest of the platforms is a clear and transparent mechanism. Traders know exactly how tokens are generated, how they are evaluated for their value and how to maintain their upward momentum on different exchanges.
A credible and proven platform
The second best thing about optitoken is the algo-based platform which is used by Meta Trader, Ninja Trader and IQ options. It can also be trusted because of its automated programming code that triggers the execution of trades and generates small orders, called child orders. When traders know that no outside influences are manipulating prices, it inspires more confidence.
Benefits of algo trading
Besides having more credibility, its functionality is also very efficient. This platform offers minimized order execution costs, minimizes market impact and lower risk for execution. All of these factors not only make it reliable trading option but also provide an efficient trading platform that executes trades faster.
Own buying pressure
When a trader against a particular entity has developed momentum of purchase, the so-called temporary buying pressure would otherwise be called selling pressure. To maintain the momentum of the increase in value, buying pressure is created by buying optitokens from some of the profits gained through it. This gives traders more peace of mind with their investments.
For beginners
We do not urge you to jump into this trade without using your own brain. Its transparent and algo-based system is credible and trustworthy and is being used by many of my famous trading platforms. We do not want to make new traders blind to anything, in fact we do not have such a bad thing to keep you blind or hide it. But right away, we will advise you to monitor Opti Token’s development, behavior and growth and make decisions based on actual findings collected on their own.
The level of emissions or production rations
Using Ethereal Blockchain technology with a maximum supply of 280,000,000 Optitokens, among which 196 million OPTs are currently available for purchase. The hard hat for this is 24.000.000 Euro while the soft cap is 225.000 Euro. As for the production of new tokens;there will be no more token mining after ICO.The remaining unsold tokens will be destroyed by applying the strategic scarcity. So for this reason, optitoken will observe negative emission levels.
Pre-sale of Optitoken
We understand that early birds are taking bold decisions to make investments based on their vision in a new opportunity. To reward them, we have ordered 8 million Token Opti at a price of 0.09 Euros each with a 25% discount. The offer then rewards the first 25 buyers with no purchase limit. The minimum purchase limit after this offer expires will be 2,5000 Euros.
Token Details
Sales Period: Q2 2018
Token Type: ERC20,
Blocklet Etereum Maximuim Supply: 280.000.000 OPTI
Available for Purchase: 196.000.000 OPTI
Hard Cap: 24,000,000 Euro
Soft Cap: 225,000 EuroNo new coins will be created or mined after ICO is complete, All remaining unsold tokens will be destroyed.
Distribution Tokens
Public sales: 70%
Team: 14%
Future Developments and Talents: 4%
Investors: 2.5%
Bounty and Airdrop: 5%
Advisor: 2.5%
Law: 1%
Security: 1%
Sean Donato
Founder and CEO
professional trader since 2013. Founder of Bitcoin Trading Lab
John DeGiacomi
Business Manager & Asset Pricing
Sebastian Richard
Senior Software Engineer
Full-Stack Developer
Himank Varshney
Marketing and Analytics
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