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Beautiful and healthy skin is everyone’s dream. But the desire to have beautiful skin there are also obstacles. Poor environmental factors can damage skin health, of course in addition to the natural factors of age.The skin is the largest organ of the human body with its outermost layer called the epidermis. The epidermis is an important part of protecting the skin from destructive factors outside the body. Behind the epidermis there is a layer of dermis also called the middle layer of skin.

Factor Causes Skin Damage

In addition to age, environmental factors have an effect on skin changes, especially its impact on the natural process of skin aging. Health experts say that sunlight is the main cause of skin damage due to the presence of ultraviolet light and free radicals. Exposure to excessive UV rays from the sun is essentially destructive as the effect can damage collagen and elastin. Elastin is a protein in skin tissue that makes it feel soft and looks supple.

UV light also affects the process of skin pigmentation. In this case, the negative effects of UV rays can trigger the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots, even the risk of skin cancer. Not to mention, the high free radicals contribute to the growth of skin cancer. On the other hand, smoking and air pollution can reduce collagen and lead to premature skin aging process, as does the effects of UV sun rays

Skin care is a global industry worth billions of dollars. Everyone’s skin is different, but few consumers get the information from a professional dermatologist; and vice versa depending on suggestions from social media, friends, shop assistants, and product marketers, With OPU Labs the right choice for you, why do the following:

Introducing Opu. as your Mobile Skin Care Advisor

The mission of Opu Labs is to improve how the global skin care industry exchanges data, information, and rewards in ways that benefit patients, dermatologists, care centers, brand specialists, and product manufacturers. To accomplish this, we are building a set of blockchain-based technology platforms – starting with mobile skincare applications – and token-based ecosystems that will reward users.

There are several core services that drive Opu Technology, as below:

  • AI Opu Machine
    learning technology that analyzes, compares, and recommends maintenance solutions.
  • Opu Search
    The search platform provides care information from skincare providers and consumer eCommerce partners.
  • Coin Opu Coin
    Ethereum crypto for use in our market is supported by a joint product search that offers the most complete catalog of skincare solutions available in any market.
  • Opu Connect
    Get advice from other users in the community to doctors and specialists.
  • Opu CRM
    Free CRM (customer retention management)For doctors and service providers with patient records, annotations, and mobile history.

Get your free face analysis- Opu tells you about your skin’s health using our exclusive AI

  • Free
    The full application comes free for all users with the option to conduct sessions with skin advisors and participate in challenges for a set price.
  • Leather diary
    Through common tracking, future previews, charting, user goals, and challenges, you have all the tools you need to succeed.
  • Skin and clinical class analysis
    View your skin results by actually seeing the problems highlighted on your profile picture.
  • Counselor and doctor
    Need a second look? Our skin advisor is available for individual sessions that include product reviews, chats, and recommendations.
  • Mobile, Tablet, Desktop
    Let the skin care application turn your skin into the healthiest ever. With our app like having a personal dermatologist with you always.
  • Store
    Our store, and product recommendations, are specifically tailored through localized data mining to where you live.

How OPU works
OPU advises and intelligently connects consumers, brands, and professionals based on objectivity and trust.

Target Market
From a consumer perspective, we see our primary market as:

#. 80% female and 20% male
#. Aged 18-35
#. Having internet access via a smartphone or tablet
#. Interested in skincare and personal care solutions
#. New mothers, pregnant women, office workers, and college students
#. Highly educated
#. Spending an average of $75 per month on skincare products and services

Understanding Consumer Demand
Gone are the days of superficial beauty. Modern consumers are looking for skincare solutions that reflect a healthy lifestyle, and incorporate more ethical and sustainable practices – including organic ingredients, transparent supply chains, and unbiased peer reviews. Ultimately, they want to ensure products are ‘good’ in every sense of the term.

However, we live in an increasingly connected world, meaning that consumers of all ages – from teenagers to the elderly – are searching online for solutions to their skincare needs.



For more information, Please contact us below :

Website: http://ico.opu.ai/
White Paper: http://ico.opu.ai/whitepaper
Telegram Group: https://t.me/opulabs
Twitter: https://twitter.com/opulabs
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OpuLabs/
Reddit; https://www.reddit.com/r/opulabs/
Medium: https://medium.com/opu-labs

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