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Do you understand that an eminent expanded time frame back heaps of Bitcoin early darlings experienced issues with their auspicious circumstances, at any rate they held their emotions and their coins, in this way sapient they are feeling like no one’s business now,- the experts in Crypto Industry verbally express, – in any case we require Bitcoin and Ethereum to handle a more prominent scale, so affiliations need to decentralize information and accreditation their security concerns. A fore long they oppose another test: considering the monstrous measure of mazuma contributed, it stays to be visually perceived what number of old-tickers and newcomers will stay staunch to the business and will endeavour to transmute the world with the assistance of types of progress that have beginning at now transformed them. These days, Block chain progression is encountering an epic effect. Incipient Block chain outlines are made well inductively authorized, including the best categorical affiliations.

Statistics demonstrates that Skincare is a multibillion dollar by and large industry. Everybody’s skin is amazing, yet couple of purchasers get their data from skilled dermatologists; and rather rely upon heading from electronic life, mates, shop partners, and thing supports. From a dermatologist’s point of view there’s a veritable need to offer their lord specialist to a mass audience.1 Over 500 million Facebook clients are included with skincare. In any case there’s no fiery confided in strategy that engages skincare pros to meet the individual needs of these general clients.

Opu Labs’ focal objective is to improve how the ecumenical skincare industry exchanges data, information, and rewards in a way that points of interest patients, dermatologists, treatment centers, check experts, and thing engenderers. To get that peregrinated, we’re creating a suite of blockchain-predicated development stages – starting with a diverse skincare application – and a token-predicated natural framework that will compensate its customers.

Opu core technology review
Opu Currency (OPU) – Cryptographic fiscal structures are the going with as a cash for our sound skin exhibit and for Opu’s devotion programs
Opu Connect – another help of test things.
Opu AI – customized learning development that dismembers, examines, and recommends meds.
Opu Search – is a request organize that gives information about the pharmaceuticals of skin treatment pro centers and online business associates. This is offered through the web without visiting any inside.
Opu is making a suite of trust-predicated online stages; all proposed to improve the quality, profitability, and usage of dermatological data for individuals and specialists homogeneous:
Opu AI – machine learning advancement that dismembers, breaks down, and recommends treatment courses of action.

Opu Search – a chase organize that gives treatment information from customer skincare pro communities and eCommerce assistants.

Opu Coin (OPU) – our neighborhood crypto coins (kenned as ERC-20 tokens) that exhibit as a mazuma for our skincare business focus and Opu faithfulness programs.

Opu Connect – a winnow in advantage for thing testing.

Opu CRM – a customer support instrument. Joins picture markup and patient

following devices. Adventitiously has an advancing and commercial stack. Through these stages, we make it more straightforward for individuals to analyze skin conditions, set change destinations, screen their progress, and achieve comes to fruition with ace bearing from specialists and Opu’s nearby awareness.

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Opu Labs Token Sale
Pre-ICO: Stage m1
40M OPUs 43% Bonus thru July 31
$0.025900 per OPU
Pre-ICO: Stage m2
Up to 70M OPUs 25% Bonus thru August 7
$0.029600 per OPU
Pre-ICO: Stage m3
Up to 90M OPUs 11% Bonus thru August 21
$0.033300 per OPU
to hard cap volume bonus only thru September 30
$0.037000 per OPU

CORE Teams


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