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Since the emergence of blockchain technology in 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced bitcoin,there have been rigorous efforts to apply the blockchain to several aspects of the global business process, Blockchain technology has been described as having the potential to disrupt many industries with low-cost transaction, immutability, and enhanced security. In the years that have followed, many other blockchain implementations have been developed with each one exhibiting unique features tailored to specific use-cases.

Blockchain has made it possible to issue just about any asset via a distributed ledger framework. With the aid of cryptocurrency tokens, these assets can be given economic value in order to initiate and validate several transactional processes. Several on-chain protocols have been developed by a number of startups and established companies alike in order to create blockchain-based solutions.



The Oracol Xor platform aims to breach the technological gap and go to the grass root level in a simple format that can be adopted with little or no computer knowledge. Oracol Xor platform has an all-encompassing infrastructure capable of Global reach and is geared towards encouraging mass adoption of crypto-currencies. All transactions are executed between the users directly and not through a centralised organisation. Say “goodbye” to the middle man and to exorbitant transaction fees.


What is Oracol Xor?

Oracol Xor is an electronic platform which targets at separating the gap between electronic assets and the regional communities globally. It attempts to achieve the masses at the grass roots level in a format that they can know, with no knowledge or minimal. Oracol Xor is accompanied by an all-inclusive infrastructure that’s capable of global reach and aimed towards supporting mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.



The Goals:

Boosting mass adoption

Developing a global distribution system

Launch Oracol Xor social networking

Facilitating cellular payments with Oracol Xor

Oracol Xor is a open minded route that provides users the option to interact with a social and fiscal level inside a secure, secure, and powerful neighborhood of investors and like-minded people.

The platform allows you standing to enhance. As an individual, you are able to increase your portfolio Oracol Xor funds issued through personal sale and ICO. By investing in a growing company It is possible to reap the benefits.

All trades are implemented between users rather than via a centralized company. In the long run, you say farewell to intermediaries and transaction fees that are exorbitant.

You have the chance find men and women and to contact the neighborhood. You may read about advancement and the stage development, make new friends, and talk about tutorials to assist others grab.

One of the prime goals of Oracol Xor would be to ease mass adoption. The platform attempts to attain this via the issuance of all Oracol Xor denominated cards which can be found in local currencies in shops. The business plans to utilize a supply method much like phone cards.

To Connect Places With Low Or No Data Coverage

The world has three billion individuals in the developing world, particularly with telephones but no information link, partially. Individuals use their telephone credits to cover. By way of instance, cell phone alternative s utilizing 2G or 3G networks like Mpesa in Kenya happen to be a success. A good opportunity is in this people and Oracol Xor attempts to enter the marketplace as a disruptive technology that will alter this industry’s landscape.

To Produce A Social Network

No platform can flourish without a social network existence. Examples include YouTube and Facebook, which include a number of subscribers. The daily use of social networking platforms is growing yet not one platform has committed its own operations to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Oracol Xor aim would be to roll out a networking part as part of this system and integrate currency use inside the program for a kind of payment for purchase.


Oracol Xor Coin Statistics & ICO Details

ICO Date: May 10, 2019
Token Price: $0.15 USD
Softcap: 3.3 Million
Hardcap: 7.5 Million
Coin algorithm Scrypt: POW
Coin abbreviation: XOR
Maximum coin supply: 184 million
Circulating supply: 48 million and counting
Coin base maturity: 100 confirmations
POW block reward: 50 XOR (current)
Block spacing: 30 seconds




Website : https://oracolxor.io/

Whitepaper : https://ufile.io/npb3i

Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/HmoJ8hGJL8ePLvrwcCS4PQ



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