ORACOL XOR – Cryptocurrency for the World Distributed locally

There’s a lot of unfounded speculation in cryptocurrency markets, no doubt. Many of my close friends think cryptocurrencies are entirely a bubble. This kind of scepticism is a healthy perspective in a frothy market, but I’d say this is too broad a claim.

The other possibility is that crypto’s underlying value is in something other than the user experience. But this seems to belie everything we know about how technological value creation takes place.
… There will be no “executioner application” for blockchain innovation. The explanation behind this is basic: the convention of low-hanging natural product. In the event that there existed some specific application for which blockchain innovation is hugely better than everything else … then individuals would be noisily discussing it as of now. … And up until this point, there has been no single application that anybody has thought of that has truly emerged to rule everything else seemingly within easy reach…

Oracol Xor platform is aiming to breach the technological gap and go to the grass root level in a simple format that can be adopted with little or no computer knowledge. Oracol Xor platform has an all-encompassing infrastructure capable of Global reach and is geared towards encouraging mass adoption of crypto currencies.


How can you benefit from investing in Oracol Xor Platform

Strong Community

Oracol Xor is an Open-Source-Platform, that gives you the possibility to interact on a social and financial level within a secure, protected and strong community of investors and like-minded people.

Financial Freedom

Diversify your options. Add to your portfolio Oracol Xor funds and reap the benefits by investing early in a fast growing company that already demonstrated its commitment to become a major player


The Oracol XOR uses Proof of Work (POW). All transactions are executed between the users directly and not through a centralised organisation. Say “Good Bye” to the middle man and exorbitant transaction fees.

Social Media Platform “Oracol World”

Connect with our community and discover like minded people. Read about the platform development and progress. Make new friends and discuss tutorials or help the others to catch up.Make your own group and share the knowledge.

The Beginning Of An Ambitious Crypto Platform.

In Addition to the goals described in the Withe Paper initially Oracol Xor crypto will monetize our own Social Media platform – ” Oracol World” and the Global News Platform “NEWZ.APP”.This is another incentive to promote and grow both platforms and esdtablish a long term mutual beneficial relation. One thing you can be sure of is that we deliver on our promises to expand and the results are tangible not just words to impress the reader. Unlike other projects you can explore and evaluate what we have built .

Oracol Xor Coin Statistics And Info

– Coin Algorithm Scrypt (PoW)
– Coin Abbreviation : XOR
– Maximum Coin Supply : 184 millions
– Coins Mined so far : 60+ millions and counting
– Coin base maturity : 100 confirmations
– POW block reward : 25 XOR (current)
– Block Spacing : 30 seconds



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