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Organicco began in the UK, which was created by a massive development in which 10 years were made due to the research and development of green technology products, which initiated nearly two million pounds of investment. Organicco serves and is raised by initial coin offers and to increase Organicco token value. Organicco is literally found and delivered as an organic source where they are used as fertilizer on a large scale and most clients benefit from this successful project if they are involved with it.

As the project continues, all who might survive from the project are profitable to use and then come to the use of organic fertilizer where the focus of the project is, for the masses to be used, Organicco is one of the “green technologies” prepositions with the right return on investment programs where developing markets for full potential, both investors and small clients.

Finally, Organicco with Organic Technology decided to open a manufacturing division to produce and deliver high quality products and maintain long-term relationships with their clients, believing that there is no waste in nature, so their aim is to eradicate organic ‘waste’, and convert it into products which is useful without or few side products in the most environmentally friendly way.
The project is run by Organicco Limited, a green industry company with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, specializing in the development of technology and production of environmentally friendly products, and investing in several projects. Green agriculture in the world. The problem that Organicco wants to deal with is the confusion of the agricultural market, from nurseries, fertilizers, harvests, preservation, supply …

Organicco wants to enter the crypto market to utilize this platform, and create global convenience channels for members of the agricultural market to interact and interact with each other. 
Some suggestions that Organicco will provide for the project:

  • Use capital to research, develop or invest in potential agricultural projects for profit;
  • Generate tokens that share the profit function as an ORC token;
  • Have a policy to ensure a 25% -100% investment capital for initial investors; 
    Prepare an internal trading platform called easiPayer to trade on services, publish separate coins for payments, and share real benefits. Unlike ORC tokens, this is an intermediate object that makes the platform truly functional; 
    Revenue comes from the sale of products produced by the company, profits from projects invested by the company, and transaction costs on the EasiPayer platform, which estimates $ 6 million per year.

This project does not open easiPayer coins, but only sells ORC tokens to the community to mobilize the same investment and development. 


We aim to raise funds through initial coin offerings of Organicco tokens. The funds will be lent to our subsidiary companies and used to develop opportunities in the green industry and agri-technology in the UK, Europe, Canada and Southeast Asia. These companies will use our green technology solutions called ecoHERO and ecoDRYER, to produce organic fertilizer and animal feed from unwanted commercial organic matter.

Small amounts of biomass fuel will also be produced from mixed waste materials using our other technology solution, ecoREDUCER.

In addition, this system will produce renewable energy and fuel if needed.

As stated above the aim is to create natural capital from unwanted organic matter.

We intend to continue to grow the business along this line for the future, because we strive to introduce innovative technology solutions to the increasing problems found in the agri-tech industry.

The extent to which this problem was highlighted at a forum held in Rome in 2014 when a senior UN official from the Food and Agriculture Organization provided a dire prediction that if the current level of land degradation continues, all the world’s top land could be lost in 60 years. This is due to extensive farming methods including the use of chemicals and pesticides.

It is also intended to use our initial coin offerings to create a low-cost, fast-paced international payment platform based on blockchain technology, which is called easiPayer. Although there are several other crypto currencies on the market, we consider ourselves unique because we will not register trusted tokens on crypto exchanges. Conversely, the negotiayer token will be supported by liquid assets, and the value of the currency will be determined by an independent and reputable auditor. This will ensure that, because the currency is supported by the actual asset, the price of the token siaPayer will not suffer from the main instability that affects the cryptocurrency that is not supported by assets, such as Bitcoin.


In order to truly revolutionize the communications industry, Organic presents the most viable solutions that OTL has used and conducted business for 10 years in this market: 
• Continuing research and enhancement of exclusive solutions: ecoHERO – organic fertilizer production, ecoDRYER – animal feed production & ecoREDUCER – renewable energy and the desire for renewable energy production. 
• Production of equipment belonging to the previously mentioned system, transportation support, installation and maintenance in partner companies, as well as purchasing and completing outputs for finished products; 
• Expand links to businesses, companies and even governments around the world to introduce Organicco technology and solutions;
• Providing financial support to a number of companies so that they have the opportunity to access Organicco services, in return that Organicco will have the right to share profits except for their income; 
• Issue ORC tokens in the form of parts, allowing owners to share profits from Organicco’s organic interests; 
• Build easiPayer, an internal payment platform for global agricultural markets with low costs, transparent operations using blockchain technology.


Orgnicco has a very detailed and clear road map, the most important are finished products and finished markets, the last is raising capital to grow faster and bring the market to blockchain: 
01.2017: OTL is established after 10 years of research and development. 
Message for a pilot project from MRC Vaudreuil-Solanges, Montreal, Canada. 
02.2017: Recruitment. 
03.2017: Receive orders for a 6,000TPA ecoTYER from Boxford Farm. 
04.2017: Certificate signed for installation of a mini ecoDRYER in Kent, England. 
05.2017: Switch to manufacturing facilities near Heathrow to produce their own products. 
07.2017: Customers start a technical assessment to build a 100-ton per day fertilizer plant in the UK from chicken manure.
08.2017: OLT Site Launched. 
09.2017: Vaudreuil-Solanges, Montreal, Canada pilot project has been installed. 
Customer freezing technical design. 
12.2017: The 6,000 ecoDRYER unit is sent to Boxford Farm. 
Find out how to raise funds and explore the ICO. 
02.2018: Organicco Ltd was established to manage funds collected from ICOs. 
03.2018: ERC223 smart contracts are made and tokens are allocated according to the information in the WhitePaper. 
6,000tpa ecoDRYER has been installed and applied for renewable heat incentives 
(the Government pays for every kW thermal energy that we use). 
04.2018: Pre-ICO launch. 
05.2018: Pilot project for chicken manure to install fertilizer production equipment.
Delivery for ecoHERO pilot project. 
06.2018: End of Pre-ICO, ICO phase 1 begins. 
Installation of ecoHERO pilot project. 
07.2018: Hire more personnel for the team. 
The EcoHERO plant contract was signed for Kent. 
ICO Phase 1 ends and ICO Phase 2 starts and will run until all tokens are sold. 
09.2018: Fertilizer contracts are signed 100 t / day from chicken manure. 
The feasibility study of the Methanol plant began. 
Form the easiPayer team. 
12.2018: Distribution of the main components for 100t / day fertilizer projects. 
Q2 2019: Launch easiPayer for selected vendors and customers to test the platform and solve initial problems.
Q3 2019: Production of small biomass fuels from composite materials by ecoREDUCER. 
Q4 2019: Launch of anaerobic anaerobic (IAAD) integrated solution to produce both low-power organic fertilizer and low levels of unwanted organic matter. 
Q1 2020: Methanol (ethanol) and ethanol (avtur) are launched, focusing on well-known markets such as Africa, India and South America. 
Q2 2020: Released easiPayer for wider use. 
2021: Increase production of fertilizers, biofuels, methanol and ethanol by providing more projects. 
2022: Prepare a system for farmers around the world to collaborate on the production of primary foods using organic fertilizers and help restore soil eroded by erosion.
2023: Establishment of a collaborative farmer feeder network throughout the world, finally creating an economic circle that closes the cycle of food production and has more farmers around the world. sustainable food production.


Token allocation mechanism: 
16% – Sales partners 
60% – Crowd-Sale 
4% – Marketing 
20% – Development Team 
Investment capital allocation: 
42.2% – Green technology project development 
7% – Production increase 
0.8% – Marketing / PR 
10.9% –
7% capital insurance for investors  – Fuel research and development,
28.2% new product launch  – Property supported by easiPayer 
3.8% – Law

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