Organicco ecological project

The project and its purpose

The goal of Organicco project is creation of natural capitals from wastes of organic origin. Organicco was created by a team who developed various green technologies for more than 10 years. Developed by the team, green technologies are used to create natural fertilizers from unwanted organic substances. This company not only supplies its technology, but also buys by-products. At this stage of project development, creators decided to open their production and deliver products to customers directly, because working with subcontractors did not have a tangible effect.

Working Modules of Organicco

  • ecoDRYER – generates renewable thermal energy and produces organic fertilizers.

  • ecoHero – uses the energy of natural decomposition process and turns organic waste into fertilizers on average 3-5 days.

  • At the moment, company is developing ecoREDUCER and soon will begin developing ecoTHERM for the generation of renewable energy.

About ICO

At once I will tell you that at present ICO is regulated only in several countries, therefore you should understand and consider all possible risks. You need to know what is happening in the market to invest money. Organicco tokens can always be bought, but it will be more expensive than price of ICO. Output of tokens on exchange is possible from the end of Q1 / 2019. Tokens can be exchanged for easiPayer tokens (utility tokens).

About Organicco token

At first, Organicco tokens will be sold through the company’s website. (ICO) will depend on number of coins sold through the site. Tokens by nature are similar to equities. Tokens, that you own in a blockchain project, are the same equities that you own, for example, in some medium or large business. Organicco tokens exchange will be available from the end of the first quarter of 2019.The Organicco tokens, you might say, are security tokens. At the moment company is working on registration of FINTA (Switzerland).


Organicco team

The project brought together real professionals. Each member of the team has vast experience in various fields: management, business, ecology, engineering, manufacturing.

easiPayer for Organicco products payment

EasiPayer is an international payment system with low transaction costs, safe, fast and easy to use.

Imagine the situation… If a customer from another country wants to buy fertilizer at an agreed price and volume, he(she) must confirm the availability of funds for purchase or make a preliminary payment. With easiPayer, the customer buys easiPayer tokens using fiat currency, via an online application or mobile phone application. The transaction fee is 0.50%, the exchange fee is 1.5%.


For the last 50-60 years, mankind has polluted the environment more than for all its existence. Unfortunately, even now barbaric deforestation continues, a huge rate of plastic production, oil and gas production is increasing every day. The abundant emission of exhaust gases eliminates ozone layer of the planet. But someone has to stop it! Do not even stop, then at least to facilitate life of the planet. One of these saviors is Organicco. Many people around the world began to think about state of our planet, they will be customers and investors of the company. Future is non-waste environmentally friendly production, future is Organicco!


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