The Organic Technology Ltd was set up in January 2017, by the team who for over 10 years, developed a number of green technologies for transforming unwanted organic materials into useful saleable products. In addition to creating demands for these technologies, they also generated markets for these natural capitals.


Organicco is a project to develop green technology solutions that utilize organic waste to produce auxiliary products for agriculture, and establish an internal trading platform dedicated to the market for the product. in this field.

WHY IS ORGANICCO CHANGE?Agriculture, even though it contributes a modest amount to the world economy, is a very important industry because people can not get machinery or gold for food. Agricultural farming from the early years of the civilization era, to the breeding period, domestication, or most recently, the application of technological advances to agriculture, has helped us to generate Giant products allow greater control over food. The Green Revolution in India or the Israeli desert fruit is a great encouragement, but there are still agonizing problems in agriculture:

   • Chemical abuse in agriculture leads to damage to the soil and organisms;
• Soil erosion is at an alarming level, if it continues, then mankind will lose all fertile soil fertility;
• organic waste that is not utilized, harmful to the environment;
• Agricultural solutions are not yet thorough and thorough;
Traditional payment methods in agricultural markets are slow, expensive and risky.
Organicco project developed by OTL Group will research, develop and provide advanced technologies for partners in need, and arrange products to close the trade. Organicco also builds an internal trading platform that makes it easy for ecosystem members to interact and exchange value with each other in a transparent and secure manner.


The global industrial waste management market is worth around $1,442 Billion. The UK Organic/ Food Waste industry is valued at approximately £500 million of which only 18% is realised by the few waste management operators existing in the UK. Consequently, there are wasted opportunities and these need to be tackled. If current rates of soil degradation continues all of the world’s top soil could be gone within 60 years. This is caused by extensive farming methods including the use of chemicals and pesticides. This is a problem that urgently needs addressing and converting unwanted organic materials into organic fertiliser helps prevent this effect and create a naturally closed loop cycle.

Payment in the export market: Letter of credit and insurance costs are very high and takes time to setup. Additionally, payment is made when goods are delivered, which can be a problem if there is no Letter of Credit. This creates a high risk of none payment. Moreover, conventional banking and even FX trading takes time, and comes with a cost and additional risks. We aim to eradicate such problems through our easiPayer Technology, the full details of which will be explored later.


By developing green tech projects, we will be creating a closed loop economy from natural capitals. These natural capitals will return the investment typically in less than four years, whilst each project will continue to produce revenue for more than 20 years.

easiPayer – A Low cost international payment platform designed to replace letter of credits and invoice factoring that is fast, safe and easy to use.


Focused primarily on green technology related products, the funds raised will be used to develop projects via our subsidiary companies to create natural capitals such as organic fertilisers for food production, animal feed, biomass fuel, renewable energy and renewable fuels:

• produce these natural capitals using our patented technologies to generate a continuous cash-flow which in turn will be used to repay the capital investment with interest. Our ultimate goal is to play a major role in the worldwide production of food using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods and in the production of renewable energy and renewable fuel.

• develop several projects in the green and agri-tech industries in the UK, Canada and South East Asia.

• loan our associated companies to develop these projects using green technology solutions called ecoHERO and ecoDRYER, which produce organic fertiliser and animal feed from unwanted commercial organic materials.

• produce small quantity biomass fuels from mixed waste materials using yet another of our technology solutions, ecoREDUCER. Finally, we will be producing renewable energy and renewable fuels, from unwanted organic materials.

• create a low cost and fast international payment platform based on blockchain technology, called easiPayer:

+ The easiPayer token is valued with real assets by independent auditors, which fixes the value at the time of purchase. The client allocates these tokens towards the purchase of the fertiliser and this authori-sation cannot be withdrawn. This provides us with the comfort that the client has sufficient funds to trade and he can only refuse the product based on poor quality or insufficient volume.

+ If there should be a dispute it will be referred to an independent ombudsman and will aim to have a resolution within 28 days.

+ Through this platform other terms of payment can be agreed, for example stage payments.

+ Provision of fiat currencies: We will ensure that easiPayer tokens can easily be traded for fiat currency. This will be done through conventional banking systems.

+ Transaction fees: We will be charging a very small transaction fee of 0.50% + mining fee. We will also charge 1.5% for trading easiPayer tokens for fiat currency.

+ Potential revenue: Assuming 74% of £10 million is traded at 0.50% this will return £13.4 million revenue per year. 50% exchanged at 1.5% will return £27.3 million per year. Therefore, the potential total revenue from easiPayer transactions is around c.£41 million per year. This revenue can only can grow by creating more asset backed coins that are independently audited.



  1. First, register on our website. Then upload your proof of identity so we can verify there is real person behind the name, it is typically called know your customer (KYC). We take data protection seriously and we comply with UK data protection law and will be registered with the Information Commission Office (ICO – please do not mix this acronym with above).
  2. Then either buy Ethereum on any major exchanges such as Coinbase, Blockchain, CEX and, send them to your MyEtherWallet or Metamask.
  3. Once your identity is verified, you can participate once the Initial Coin Offering begins. You can transfer the Ether through your wallets.
  4. Please DO NOT send Ether token from any exchanges, because some do not work well with smart contracts, and you may end up losing your tokens. It may be better to test by sending a small amount first
  5. If you need help, please get in touch, and we will guide you through the process.
  6. Please register early so you don’t leave the token purchase to the last minute as providing help may then be a problem.


Potential Market
The global industrial waste management market alone is worth around $1,442 Billion. The UK Organic/ Food Waste industry is worth around £500 million and only around 18% of its value is realised by the few waste management operators existing in UK.

ROADMAPOrgnicco has extremely detailed and clear roadmaps, most importantly the finished product and the finished market, the last is to raise capital to grow faster and bring the market to blockchain:

01.2017:  OTL was established after 10 years of research and development.
Order for a pilot project from MRC Vaudreuil-Solanges, Montreal, Canada.
02.2017:  Recruitment.
03.2017:  Receive orders for 6.000TPA ecoDRYER from Boxford Farm.
04.2017:  Signed certificate for the installation of mini ecoDRYER in Kent, United Kingdom.
05.2017:  Switch to a manufacturing facility near Heathrow to produce its own product.
07.2017:  The customer begins a technical appraisal to establish a 100 tonne per day fertilizer plant in the UK from chicken manure.
08.2017: OLT Website Launched  .
09.2017:  Pilot project Vaudreuil-Solanges, Montreal, Canada has been installed.
Technical design of customer freeze.
12.2017:  Unit 6,000tpa ecoDRYER was delivered to Boxford Farm.
Find out how to raise funds and explore ICOs.
02.2018:  Organicco Ltd was established to manage funds raised from the ICO.
03.2018:  The ERC223 smart contract is created and the token is allocated according to the information on the WhitePaper.
6,000tpa ecoDRYER has been installed and applied for renewable heat incentives
(Government pays for every kW thermal energy we use).
04.2018:  Launch Pre-ICO.
05.2018:  Pilot project for chicken manure to install fertilizer production equipment.
Delivery for ecoHERO pilot project.
06.2018:  End of Pre-ICO, ICO phase 1 started.
Installation of ecoHERO pilot project.
07.2018:  Recruit more personnel for the team.
EcoHERO plant contract signed for Kent.
ICO Stage 1 ends and ICO Phase 2 starts and will run until all tokens are sold.
09.2018:  Fertilizer contract signed 100t / day from chicken manure.
Feasibility study of Methanol plant was commenced.
Formed the easiPayer team.
12.2018:  Distribution of the main components for the fertilizer project 100t / day.
Q2 2019:  Launches easiPayer for selected vendors and customers to test the platform and solve the initial problems.
Q3 2019:  Production of small biomass fuels from composite materials by ecoREDUCER.
Q4 2019:  Launch of an anaerobic anaerobic (IAAD) integrated solution to produce both low power and low level organic fertilizers from unwanted organic materials.
Q1 2020:  Methanol (ethanol) and ethanol (aviation fuel) plants are launched, focusing on well-known markets such as Africa, India and South America.
Q2 2020:  Released easiPayer for wider use.
2021:  Increase the production of fertilizers, biofuels, methanol and ethanol by providing more projects.
2022:  Set up a system for farmers worldwide to collaborate on major food production using our organic fertilizer and help restore soil eroded by erosion.
2023:  Establishment of a collaborative farmer feeder network around the world, eventually creating a loop economy that closes the food production cycle and has more farmers around the world. sustainable food production.
16% – partner-Sale 
60% – Crowd-Sale 
4% – Marketing 
20% – Development team

Allocation of investment capital:
42.2% – Green technology project development 
7% – Production improvement 
0.8% – Marketing / PR 
10.9% – Capital insurance for investors 
7% – Fuel research and development, new product launches 
28.2% – Property backed by easiPayer 
3.8% – Legal
Vipul Patel  :  Chief Financial Officer 
Paul Herrbach  :  Canadian partner 
Gopal Jeyasundra  :  Technical Director 
Parwana Ahamadi  :  Financial Assistant 
Bing Hu  :  Senior Blockchain developer 
Pirasath Indrakumar  : Information  Technology Engineer 
Jesson Escat  :  Manufacturing Engineer 
Rasheed Bello  :  ICO / Blockchain Advisor

ORC TOKEN INFORMATIONTên Token:  Organicco Token
Code:  ORC
Standard:  ERC-20 (blockchain Ethereum)
Line:  Stock
Total supply:  120 000 000 ORC
Softcap:  £ 3 500 000 GBP
Hardcap:  £ 35 000 000 GBP
Token Sale:  10.04 – sold 72 million tokens
Pre-ICO:  10.04 – 05.06
Number of tokens: 12 million tokens  
Price: 1 ORC = £ 0.40 GBP 
Insurance coverage: 100% for the original 5 million tokens, 25% for the next 7 million tokens
ICO:  06.06 – sold 60 million tokens
Number of tokens: 60 million tokens  
Price: 1 ORC = £ 0.50 GBP

Token ORC is a share of profits and will be listed on the exchange. The easiPayer token is only circulated on the floor with the value backed by the real asset, initially £ 10 million GBP from Organicco’s equity, after which it will depend on the user’s property, similar to USDT of Tether but more transparent because audited publicly.

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