ORGANICCO – Investing in the Future of our Beautiful Planet for our Children

Agriculture, even though it contributes a modest amount to the world economy, is a very important industry because people can not get machinery or gold for food. Agricultural farming from the early years of the civilization era, to the breeding period, domestication, or most recently, the application of technological advances to agriculture, has helped us to generate Giant products allow greater control over food. The Green Revolution in India or the Israeli desert fruit is a great encouragement, but there are still agonizing problems in agriculture:

  • Chemical abuse in agriculture leads to damage to the soil and organisms;
  • Soil erosion is at an alarming level, if it continues, then mankind will lose all fertile soil fertility;
  • Organic waste that is not utilized, harmful to the environment;
  • Agricultural solutions are not yet thorough and thorough;
  • Traditional payment methods in agricultural markets are slow, expensive and risky.

Organicco project developed by OTL Group will research, develop and provide advanced technologies for partners in need, and arrange products to close the trade. Organicco also builds an internal trading platform that makes it easy for ecosystem members to interact and exchange value with each other in a transparent and secure manner.

Organicco is a project to develop green technology solutions that utilize organic waste to produce auxiliary products for agriculture, and establish an internal trading platform dedicated to the market for the product. in this field.

In order to truly revolutionize the communications industry, Organic presents the most feasible solutions that OTL has been using and doing business for 10 years in this market:

  • Continuing research and upgrading of exclusive solutions: ecoHERO – organic fertilizer production, ecoDRYER – animal feed production & ecoREDUCER – renewable energy and renewable energy production desire.
  • Production of the equipment belonging to the aforementioned systems, transportation support, installation and maintenance at the partner companies, and the purchase and settlement of outputs for the finished product;
  • Expand links to businesses, companies and even governments around the world to introduce Organicco technologies and solutions;
  • Provide financial support to a number of companies so that they have the opportunity to access Organicco services, in return for which Organicco will be entitled to share profits except for their revenues;
  • Issuing an ORC token in the form of a share, allowing the owner to share the profit from the organic interest of Organicco;
  • Build easiPayer, an internal payment platform for the global agricultural market at a low cost, transparent operation using blockchain technology.

The main target of Organicco is to produce these natural capitals using the patented technologies to generate a continuous cash flow which in turn will be used to repay the capital investment with interest.

The ultimate goal of Organicco is to play a major role in the worldwide production of food using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods and in the production of renewable energy and renewable fuel.

Organicoo aims to raise funds through an initial coin offering (ICO) of Organicco tokens which will be used in the development of several projects in the green and agri-tech industries in the United Kingdom (UK), Canada and South East Asia.

These funds would be lent to the associated companies to develop these projects by using the green technology solutions called ecoHERO and ecoDRYER, which produce organic fertiliser and animal feed from unwanted commercial organic materials. The team would also be producing renewable energy and renewable fuels, from unwanted organic materials.

The funds will also be used to create a low cost and fast international payment platform based on blockchain technology, called easiPayer.

Organicco Vision

As Organicco we aim to be on the right side of current and future regulations. Our goal is to provide a good return for our investors while managing the risks to the best possible standards. We continue to strive to provide the best products and solutions with good value to our clients.

Organicco Goal

Our goal is to make lush farms more environmentally friendly, and support the production of natural foods with better results. We want to help reverse the heavy use of chemical fertilizers that cause soil erosion and groundwater contamination.


A Low cost international payment platform designed to replace letter of credits and invoice factoring that is fast, safe and easy to use.

The EasiPAYER platform is an international trading platform that the team (Organicco) would create for making cross boundary commercial payments more faster and easier.

The EasiPayer platform is designed to address the limitations of current international commercial payment options. EasiPayer can be used for other types of trades, whether local or international. It will generate revenue by charging a small fee for every transfer activity and converting the organicco tokens to fiat currency.

By developing green tech projects, the team would be creating a closed loop economy from natural capitals. These natural capitals will return the investment typically in a few years time, whilst each project will continue to produce revenue for more than 20 years!

The plan is to use Organicco to generate profit and evolve the easiPayer system into a viable and leading alternative to conventional modes of financial transactions establishing Organicco as a forerunner in the world of electronic or digital currencies.

Organicco intends to make profits to generate significant returns for all the investors and to enable the team to invest in developing technologies built around notions of sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and minimalism.

Just imagine a future where Organicco, through its affiliates becomes a leading pioneer in converting unwanted organics into useful products. The Organicco platform intends to develop costeffective solutions to reduce costs to our clients, but more importantly, to create a sustainable supply of fertiliser to prevent soil erosion and to contribute to a continual production of natural food products and natural capitals.


  • Token name: Organicco Token
  • Ticker: ORC
  • Type: ERC-223(Ethereum Blockchain)
  • Total supply: 120 000 000 ORC
  • Softcap: £3 500 000 GBP
  • Hardcap: £35 000 000 GBP
  • Token Sale: 10.04 – oo
  • Accepted purchase: GBP, BTC, ETH
  • Price:1 ORC – £0.40 – 0.50 GBP

Token ORC is a share of profits and will be listed on the exchange. The easiPayer token is only circulated on the floor with the value backed by the real asset, initially £ 10 million GBP from Organicco’s equity, after which it will depend on the user’s property, similar to USDT of Tether but more transparent because audited publicly.


  • Partner Sale 16%.
  • Crowd-sale 60%.
  • Referral program 4%.
  • Founding team 20%


  • Green-tech project development 42.2%.
  • Manufacturing improvements 7%.
  • Marketing / PR 0.8%.
  • Capital guarantee 10.9%.
  • R&D fuel, new product launch 7%.
  • easiPayer assets backing 28.2%.
  • Salaries, expenses, insurance, legal 3.8%


An Organicco token is a security token providing investors and holders a stake in the profit made from future activities of the Company. Unlike other security tokens, Organicco provides full legal backing across carious Countries making it amongst the safest tokenised ventures to invest in.


Jan 2017: OTL was formed after 10 years of R&D.Pilot Project order from MRC Vaudreuil-Solanges, Montreal, Canada..

Feb 2017: Recruitment..

Mar 2017: Order received for 6,000TPA ecoDRYER from Boxford Farm..

Apr 2017: Certificate acceptance signed for mini ecoDRYER installation in Kent, UK..

May 2017: Moved to fabrication workshop near Heathrow airport for making our own products..

Jul 2017: Client started a technical due diligence for setting up 100tonnes per day fertiliser plant in UK from chicken muck..

Aug 2017: OLT website launched..

Sep 2017: Vaudreuil-Solanges, Montreal, Canada pilot project was installed. Client technical due diligent design freeze..

Dec 2017: 6,000tpa ecoDRYER unit delivered to Boxford Farm. Looking to raise funds and exploring ICO..

Feb 2018: Organicco Ltd was set up for managing funds raised from ICO..

Mar 2018: ERC223 Smart contract was created and tokens allocated as per information on white paper. 6,000tpa ecoDRYER was installed and application made for renewable heat incentives(government pays for every kW thermal energy we use)..

Apr 2018: Pre-ICO launch..

May 2018: Pilot project for chicken muck to fertiliser installation. ecoHERO pilot project delivery..

Jun 2018: PRE-ICO ends, ICO phase 1 begins.ecoHERO pilot project installation..

Jul 2018: Recruitment for adding more skills to the team. ecoHERO plant contract signing for Kent. ICO Phase 1 ends and ICO Phase 2 starts and will run until all tokens are sold..

Sep 2018: Signing of 100t/day fertiliser plant from chicken muck.Methanol plant feasibility study starts.Form easiPayer team..

Dec 2018: Delivery of major components for 100t/day fertiliser.

Q2 2019: Launching easiPayer for selected suppliers and clients for testing the platform and resolving initial problems..

Q3 2019: Producing small quantity biomass fuels from the mixed waste material using ecoREDUCER..

Q4 2019: Launching an integrated anaerobic-aerobic digester (IAAD) solutions to produce both electrical energy and low-grade fertiliser from unwanted organic materials..

Q1 2020: Launching a methanol (road fuel) and ethanol (aviation fuel) plants, focusing in emerging market such as Africa, India and South America..

Q2 2020: Launching easiPayer for wider usage..

2021: Increasing the production of fertiliser, biomass, methanol and ethanol fuels by delivering more projects.. 

2022:Setting up systems for farmers worldwide to collaborate on producing food primarily using our organic fertiliser and helping to recover lands that are destroyed due to soil erosion..

2023: Setting up a cooperative food chain distribution network of farmers worldwide, finally creating a loop economy that will close the food production life cycle and enrich many farmers around the world for sustainable food production.


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