Organicco ” The Future of a Beautiful Planet for our Children”

The global industrial waste management market is valued at about $1.442 Billion and the Organic? Food Waste industry in the United Kingdom is worth approximately 500 Million Pounds. However, only 18 percent of this figure is received by the few waste management operators in the country.
This has led to waste problems that need to be solved. Extensive farming methods, which include the use of chemicals and pesticides has caused a level of soil degradation that, if not addressed, could lead to the loss of the world’s top soil in 60 years.

In an attempt to solve these issues, a team conducted over ten years of research and development into green-tech products. And after over two million pounds of investment, they came up with Organicco Limited.
Aside from the problems described above, this platform was also created to address payment concerns in the export market. But before we delve any deeper, there is one important question here;

According to the whitepaper, Organicco was created to manage the funds that’ll be raised during the Initial Coin Offering events. The platform will also have the responsibility of increasing the value of Organicco tokens.
Now, you are wondering why they are raising funds in the first place. The reason is pretty easy to figure out; a greener environment. Organnico’s primary focus is on green technology related products.
Consequently, the funds raised during the Initial Coin Offering is expected to be used to develop projects that’ll make it possible to create natural capitals. These include; organic fertilizer, animal feed, biomass fuel, renewable fuels and renewable energy.

The goal is use the patented technologies of Organicco to produce these natural capitals. This will lead to a continuous cash flow, which will then be used to repay the capital investment, including interest.
By doing thus, Organicco would be playing a major role in using sustainable and environmental friendly methods to make food available across the planet. Also, in the production of renewable fuel and renewable energy.
To answer the question directly, the fund raised during the ICO will be used to develop these projects and others in the green and agro-tech industries in the United Kingdom, Canada and South East Asia.

EasiPayer was created to address payment concern in the export market. It is low-cost international payment platform that is supposed to replace letter of credits and invoice. EasiPayer is expected to be fast, safe and easy to use. Here is how it works;

Let’s use an illustration to make it easier to understand, shall we? Let’s assume a client intends to buy a specified volume of fertilizers at an agreed price, a proof of fund, in the form of letter of credit would be required. Another option would be to make an upfront payment.
In other to use this system, such a client would need to purchase come EasiPayer tokens on the web or mobile app using fiat currency or Organicco tokens.

These EasiPayer tokens are expected to be valued with real assets by a third party, which fixes the value at the time of purchase. So, when the client allocates the tokens for the purchase of fertilizers, he or she cannot withdraw the authorization. The only conditions for refusing the products are;
• Poor Quality
• Insufficient Volume
The Organicco receives the fund only after the client gets the fertilizers and is satisfied with it. Please note that there is a transaction fee of 0.5 percent and a fiat exchange fee of 1.5 percent.

The Initial Coin Offering will be based on the fixed amount of Organicco tokens that will be sold. Buying Organicco tokens is like buying shares in an Initial Public Offering (IPO), this is because they are security tokens (also known as equity or Asset tokens).

As such, users will be able to trade them on cryptocurrency exchanges at the first quarter of 2019. Another option is to exchange them for EasiPayer, which are utility tokens.
Users will be required to register on the official website to participate in the Organicco ICO crowd-sale. Furthermore, they have complete the “Know Your Client” verification process to be whitelisted.
There are three essential phases of the Organicco Initial Coin Offering. These include;

The Partner Sale
The Pre-ICO
ICO Crowd-sale
The total number of Organicco token supply is 120,000,000. It is fixed and will be issued using the recent ERC223 Ethereum smart contracts.
Only 12 million Organicco tokens will be sold during the pre-ICO and at the rate of 0.40 GBP per token. However, the tokens will be sold for 0.50GBP per token during the crowd-sale.
The Crowd-sale cap is 35 Million GBP and participants that hold the token from the pre-ICO will be rewarded during the ICO crowd-sale with a 20 percent discount.

According to the whitepaper, the token allocation will begin with 60 percent of the total token supply being used to raise fund during the crowd-sale. After that, the founding team is expected to receive a 20 percent of the token supply.
Sixteen percent of the total token supply is expected to be used for partner sale, and the remaining 4 percent will be used for referral program.
Please note that partner sale only applies to partners that are officially invited. These are individuals that have contributed to the development of the platform either before or during the crowd-sale.

Follow the steps outlined below to participate in the events.
• Step 1: Register on the website and provide a proof of identity
• Step 2: Buy Ethereum on Conbase, Blockchain, CEX or any other exchange and fund your MyEtherWallet or MetaMask
• Step 3: Your identity is verified and you can participate in the Initial Coin Offerings
• Step 4: Purchase the Organicco tokens by transferring from your wallet.
Please note that some exchanges do not work well with smart contracts. So, it is not advisable to send the Ether directly from any exchange.

To find out more about Organicco, read the whitepaper.
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