Orichalcos ICO The incentivized blockchain.

Today, we would like to share Orichalcos view towards current gaming environment.

Developers and publisher’s excessive profit oriented business strategy on the game has ruined intrinsic value of game such as depth of the story, entertainment and etc.

For instance, gaming company with huge capital focuses on the game which can extract profit in short time with shallow and fast-consumable gaming content without depth.

Therefore, few big gaming company with massive capital such as successful IP from the past can dominate and lock gamers up in the frame that is suitable for profit-gaining. This trend is a vicious cycle for gamers and progression of the gaming field as a whole.

‘Is there any way to make ecosystem that both developers and gamers can coexist?’

The Orichalcos platform is an ethereum blockchain technology project based on gaming and as well as Compensation and history storing and trading in the games.The Orichalcos project will basically benefit the game players as well as game developers,in this platform the players can save the history of their past games and can possible sell it to developers at any time;here the medium of exchange is the Orichalcos platform and the currency of exchange will will be the reward to the seller is the ORIC cryptocurrency.

The game ecosystem is evolving and recently there’s been some number of gaming company picking up the blockchain technology,the gaming system majorly has been centralized which gives the users no rights or whatsoever over the game data he/she has on the gaming platform this leaves the developers of the game the only right to the game play data.This right is open to any kind of decision by the developer but this is not so on the Orichalcos platform as every user(gamer) will have full ownership and rights over their play data and the user can easily sell back the play data to the developer for a certain amount in crypto (ORIC).The ORIC Token earned can be exchanged for any other crypto-asset in an external exchange. The Token is exchanged with the Stone on the Orichalcos platform and can be used in various ways.

Identifying the rights of the platform users on crypto-asset distribution as well as history of games, ORIC is the reward which circulates within the Orichalcos platform in exchange for the effort and time of the users spent on the creation of new game data.An Oracle is defined as a person or thing regarded as an infallible authority or guide on something. In the context of decentralized networks, Oracle source and validate data from the outside world. Smart contracts then utilize Oracle-validated data to function. In general, smart contracts require specific data input from outside sources of decentralized network.Some other platforms tend to give endless promises as regards this game concept but end up in shambles and the worst of it all is that they charge ridiculous fees from users,there is no bit of transparency. Orichalcos has incorporated its concept into the blockchain technology which i can tell now is the leading technology out there.The Orichalcos system will exhibit the complete feature of blockchain and cryptography,Cheating is prevented through the use of a trusted execution environment,identity verification and blacklisting based on asymmetric key cryptography.

The Orichalcos platform will be the biggest of all and the platform will earn trust from both developers and gamer as the platform will ensure accurate and correct gaming data for everyone.When a project like the Orichalcos hits the mainstream of the tech industry it has already imbibe the interest of both the game developers and gamer in its project so this will not alone end there but will help boost the token value and price for ORIC,Its circulation will project out organically because the acceptance will bring about high demand for the ORIC;Only a good project will have organic growth,this kind of growth will bring about various kind of opportunities to the project as a whole like partnership etc. This also will push the project to the outside and make it earn much more acceptance globally.

The Orichalcos will launch its own app which can be used to send,receive and hold crypto-assets,there will be so many features available in this app so as to make it easier to purchase,process and send crypto-assets around the place with ease.I can categorically tell that this app is secured,safe and reliable.As a crypto-asset wallet, it can store the ORIC Token, Stone and ERC20 Token. It can be used for crypto-asset remittance.The Orichalcos platform’s authentication server, consensus node and DLT layer must be directly built and operated until it is run as a public blockchain therefore the Orichalcos platform will work in a private blockchain.

The funds made from the sales of Orichalcos tokens will be taken care of by the team behind the project as they hold full responsibility to the justice done to the said funds,mostly such funds are used in the development of the project,stuff like exchange listing,promotional fee and any other related expenses in the course of the project.I though expect 100% transparency from the team as this project is not one of those fraudulent project. The remaining tokens after distribution will be stored in Central Treasury by smart contract.Procured token distribution costs will be used for development, marketing, cooperation with developers and public relations companies, system operation and management and legal review.

To answer this question, we started Orichalcos project.

Orichalcos is a blockchain based gaming platform aims to create various profit source of developer so can focus on developing games with higher quality. For gamers, player will be credited for every in-game contribution with cryptocurrency and enjoy various high quality games.

Orichalcos aims to overcome shortcoming from previous blockchain games such as high transaction fee and insufficient processing speed when implementing a master node or changing a consensus algorithm for in-game data processing and transaction approval.

Orichalcos is looking forward to engage and communicate with updated post with feeds-reader.

Stay tuned, Orichalcos!

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