The Future Of Gaming


We are living in times of digital transformation. The latest Global Games Market Report predicts that 2.3 billion players in the world will spend nearly $140 billion on games. Each year, there is an average 15% increase in sales.

Currently, the vast majority of players find themselves unable to trade their games, accounts and items in a completely secure way. Reports of scams are rampant on the internet and it can seem challenging to trade what rightfully belongs to every gamer, their invested time and money. The revolution in gaming has only began as the rise of new technologies emerges. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) will provide an ever-growing influx of consumers. We see this as a major challenge for the coming years, as little effort is being placed to offer gamers the possibility of exchanging their virtual acquisitions. You can do more with us. Our project aims to connect your gaming universes together into one Token — one value for your valuables. May it be MOBAs, MMORPGs, FPS, RTS, we will do our utmost to remain on the forefront of trading solutions for your favorite titles.

One of our long-term goals is to offer a safe environment for Real-Money | Trading (RMT). How much money is RMT really worth? Billions. This was a figure provided by the World Bank in 2011. The bank analyzed the virtual world economy and determined that in 2009, over 3 billion dollars was paid for RMT services delivered by countries having lower wages. Billions of dollars were spent by players for character progress in their favorite games. Our hope is to insure fair trades between players which would include the security needed for such transactions. We are aware of the current demand

as well as the lack of adequate offer in this domain. Millions of players are affected by these issues and our project is targeted at resolving the difficulties encountered by the gaming community. We realize the road will be paved with many obstacles and our team is already in touch with major actors in the video-game industry to face and overcome these obstacles. The Orionix team is dedicated to meet the needs of players and fulfill the demand in this unexplored market

Orionix Gaming Pioneers

Real Virtual Value

Expand beyond imagination the reach of your virtual worlds. A new trading solution for gamers and traders.

Project Scalability

First-class cooperation with major video-game companies. Constant evolution in availability of decentralized items. More items for unlimited gain potential.

Versatile Gaming Applications

Buy, sell and trade your well spent time. Online game accounts and services are yours for a legitimate profit. ORX will make it a reality.

Exchanges Integration

Immediately trade ORX tokens on popular exchanges. Benefit from your investment with our regular partnership growth and major updates in our technology.

Secure Environment

Your safety is our utmost concern. 100% guaranteed transactions. wallet for enhanced security.

Cost Effective Solution

A completely free platform. Minting tokens for operational cost and novel marketing strategies.

Token Sale

Token: ORX

Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC

Crowdsale: August 1st, 2019 UTC 00:00 – November 1st, 2019 UTC 00:00 or until maximum cap is reached The base rate is 1 ETH = 2941 tokens

Initial Value: 1 ORX = 0.1$

Token Transaction Amount: ORX transaction without maximum limitation of amount

ORX transaction with minimum amount: 0.1 ETH.

Total Supply: 600M ORX

420M ORX: (70%) Token Sale

90M ORX: Marketing

60M ORX: (10%) Team (Current & Future)

18M ORX: Advisors

12M ORX: ORX Community

600,000,000 ORX tokens limit. No additional tokens will be created.

Total crowdsale supply = 70% of tokens

420 Million ORX will be distributed among the crowdsale contributors


Q4 2018

Project Planning & Market


Tie Up with Technical Experts

Study infrastructure Crypto

Currencies & Blockchain

Q1 2019

Team Formation

Develop Initialisation

E-commerce Planning

Bonus Program Creation

Q2 2019

Airdrop & Bounties

Marketing & Promotion Phase 2

Prospecting for Partners

Orionix Sale

Trust Wallet integration

Exchanges Prospecting

Orionix Distribution

Q3 2019

Prospecting for Partners

Whitepaper V2

Window/Mac/Linux Wallet

Exchanges Listing

Ledger Nano Integration

Trezor Integration

Q4 2019

Southeast Asia Expansion

Developing Orionix Users


Mobile application

Web Beta Platform Launch


Official Platform Launch

Prospecting Partners

Orionix Foundation


Frederico Giovanni (Italy)- CEO

Park Hao (China)- CO-Owner

Chun Whee (Singapore)- Programmer

Alberto Massoni (Italy)- Programmer

Foo Yu Bing (Singapore)- Game Programming

Nelson Sousa (USA)- Programmer

Alexandre Duc (France)- Accountant

Edward Hartman (USA)- Marketing

Pauline Lemieux (France)- Advisor / Lawyer

Meng Chu (Singapore)- Advisor

Nathalie Montreuil (France)- Lawyer

Adriano Gianni (Italy)- Advisor


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