As everyone knows, the world is experiencing steady growth and development in the gaming industry. Experts estimate that the gaming industry will reach $ 300 billion a year by 2025. This applies to all games that affect different platforms. This is a PC game, console, mobile game. Although in the world there are games where users can make fast payments and receive the desired goods and inventory. For example, this is Steam Valve. However, this system is centered on people with disabilities and only applies to a few games. The company is developing a new trading platform based on blockchain technology, specifically designed for the gaming industry to ensure transparency and security. It must be said Orionix is ​​not a platform game,

What is Orionix?


Orionix is ​​a platform for sharing games and goods without commissions. In addition, the team created a unique ORX token that would cover operating costs as a means of user interaction. First of all, the project aims to promote communication, exchange and security between players. Now every gamer from all over the world can use the Orionix platform and exchange their new and used games as well as items, skins and TOKENS ORX.

This is, for example, what are the main benefits of ORX tokens :
1. Easy Exchange and ORX token trading in popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
2. This is a cost-effective solution. This platform offers zero commission which allows users to buy, sell without paying scof. As you know, most traders and platforms charge fees for these services.

So let’s outline the six main points that differentiate the Orionix platform in a profitable way:

1. This is basically a new trading solution for gamers and traders.
2. Project scalability. The possibility of full collaboration with video games. Constant evolution and availability of decentralized objects.
3. Universal game application. Buy, sell and trade at a time that is convenient for you. Your game account is fully designed to make a profit.
4. Exchange integration. There is an opportunity to immediately trade tokens on popular exchanges.
5. Complete security and privacy. The safety of its users is a company priority. All transactions and wallets will meet today’s encryption and security requirements.
6. Cost effective solution. a completely free platform with own tokens and zero commissions.

Orionix has an innovative, modern new idea, which is still at the beginning of its development, but has clear value. The company has not only had several tasks to date and has extensive plans for the coming years. The company sees that there is a demand for such ideas but there is still no adequate supply. Therefore, he decided to fix this problem and make the most of his innovative plans.
The team has spent years assessing the game industry and its needs. The Orionix team’s priority in the future is to make the platform available on various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as on iOS and Android mobile devices. In addition, the platform’s goal is to find key partners in the gaming industry to provide official interactions in accordance with agreements with these partners.

There is much more that can be told about innovative projects like Orionix. But as you know, time is unlimited and not to tighten it, I leave all the necessary and important links at the bottom in the description. There you will find competent answers to all the questions you have while studying the project. In general, we can say that a project with such an idea will bring benefits to its users and investors in the near future.

Orionx Token Details:

Name: Orionix

Symbol: ORX

Total supply: 600,000,000 tokens

Initial Value: 1 ORX = 0.1 $

Thе total number оf tokens tо bе distributed is: 420,000,000 tokens

Soft caps аrе set to: 3,000,000 tokens

1 ETH: 2941 ORX tokens

Token Sales start оn August 1, 2019

Bonus: Thе contract іѕ designed tо work wіth 7 phases іn total:

1 st: 52,500,000 at: 35% bonus

2: 52,500,000 in: 35% bonus

3: 52,500,000 at: 30% bonus

4: 52,500,000 at: 20% bonus

5: 52,500,000 in: 10% bonus

6 years: 52,500,000 at: 5% bonus

7: 31,500,000 at: 0% bonus

Total Supply: 600M ORX

90M ORX: Marketing

60M ORX (10%): Team (Now & Future)

18M ORX: Advisor

12M ORX: Community

420M ORX (70%): Sales Tokens.


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