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Crypto-video games and cybersport gaming application is finally here, except that it is not. Over the past few months, an ever-increasing flow of computer games has emerged that somehow used cryptocurrencies, but despite their growing frequency, only a small number of them actually used the Ethereum or Bitcoin mechanics to provide decentralized gaming experience. In fact, most of them could be used as traditional games, so that no one fights for ages, since the use of cryptocurrencies or blockchains, as a rule, is more an addition to the existing dynamics and genres of the game process than as a fundamental reworking of them. Blockchain Game, Alien Run, Miner Simulator, Itadaki Dungeon and Spells Of Genesis are the five most popular cryptographic games available right now on the Google Play Store in terms of user ratings, but all five will work fine without any blockchain or crypto element.

A new revolution in the gaming industry – Orionix.io This industry is rapidly developing due to its luxurious innovations, in which virtual reality (VR) is only part of it. Since this progression occurred, little has changed regarding the liberalization of items, skins and accounts. There is a huge potential in the world of games, and it is almost never used. We all heard about Steam, a gaming platform developed by Valve Corp., where users make quick payments to get the games they want into their inventory. This is where Orionix.io enters. A new trading platform in the era of Blockchain technology, specifically designed for the gaming industry to ensure transparency and security. In other words, you can buy, exchange games or decentralized inventory with ORX tokens. The principle underlying the Orionix project is to merge two faces of a single coin. Firstly, the creation of the ORX token according to the ERC-20 standards to ensure the controlled cost of the token, specially created for the purchase and sale of goods and services related to video games. Secondly, a web platform designed with ease of use. ORX can be awarded by counting the time spent on the game and submitting error reports, or simply by transferring game items to the trading platform. And we believe that “the new revolution in the gaming industry – Orionix.io” can strengthen it with the help of a correct and reliable foundation.

Orionix Gaming Pioneers

Real Virtual Value
Expand beyond imagination the reach of your virtual worlds. A new trading solution for gamers and traders.
Project Scalability
First-class cooperation with major video-game companies. Constant evolution in availability of decentralized items. More items for unlimited gain potential.
Versatile Gaming Applications
Buy, sell and trade your well spent time. Online game accounts and services are yours for a legitimate profit. ORX will make it a reality.
Exchanges Integration
Immediately trade ORX tokens on popular exchanges. Benefit from your investment with our regular partnership growth and major updates in our technology.
Secure Environment
Your safety is our utmost concern. 100% guaranteed transactions. wallet for enhanced security.
Cost Effective Solution
A completely free platform. Minting tokens for operational cost and novel marketing strategies.
Benefits that come with this innovation:
1. Ease of Exchange: Immediately trade ORX tokens on popular exchanges.
2. Cost-effective solution: Unlike other cryptocurrencies, ORX is a COMMISSION-FREE system which allows users to buy/sell without paying any fee that is being charged by most of the traders or platforms that offers such trading.
It’s paramount for the company to ensure security and stay updated all the time. Albeit, it’s not surprising that people from the gaming industry drive Orionix.io team but also lovers of Blockchain technology, programmers, and financial advisors.
The Orionix team is taking care of every other user; so why not let’s grow together!

How to participate in ORX token crowdsale?

Token: ORX
Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC
Crowdsale: August 1st, 2019 UTC 00:00 — November 1st, 2019 UTC 00:00 or until maximum cap is reached The base rate is 1 ETH = 2941 tokens
Initial Value: 1 ORX = 0.1$
Token Transaction Amount: 
ORX transaction without maximum limitation of amount
ORX transaction with minimum amount: 0.1 ETH.

Total Supply 600M ORX

600,000,000 ORX tokens limit. No additional tokens will be created. 
Total crowdsale supply = 70% of tokens 
420 Million ORX will be distributed among the crowdsale contributors

Exchange Listing

ORX tokens will be gradually listed on an increasing number of cryptocurrency exchange platforms where they will be available for stock trading. We are currently in communication to release ORX on multiple exchanges at token launch.
The analytical marketing research we ran provides us with a strong indication that the Orionix’s platform will attract large numbers of users desiring to buy and sell virtual products which will result in a calculated ORX value boost.



An interesting project from the point of view of the block chain of gaming technologies with its luxurious innovations, where virtual reality (VR) is only part of it. There is tremendous potential in the game world, and it is almost never used. Very well thought out and promising! Please read the project documentation. After that you will join the project, as I do. Analytical reports only confirm the enormous benefit of this idea! ICO TOKEN SALE starts August 1, 2019. Have a nice day.

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