ORIONIX – The Future Of Gaming Is Here !!

This Project ORIONIX According to whitepaper clearly reveal that ORX project aims to facilitate communication, exchange and security between players. Gamers from around the world can use the ORX platform and trade their new or used games, but also items, skins and accounts for ORX tokens.

As yo know that crypto currency has shown multi dimensional possibilities in various aspect and field where several years were thought impossible. Crypto-video games and cybersport gaming application is finally here, except that it is not. Over the past few months, an ever-increasing flow of computer games has emerged the gaming market with tremendious potential trend line that somehow used cryptocurrencies, but despite their growing frequency, only a small number of them actually used the Ethereum or Bitcoin mechanics to provide decentralized gaming experience. In fact, most of them could be used as traditional games, so that no one fights for ages, since the use of cryptocurrencies or blockchains, as a rule, is more an addition to the existing dynamics and genres of the game process than as a fundamental reworking of them. Blockchain Game, Alien Run, Miner Simulator, Itadaki Dungeon and Spells Of Genesis among several lots in the gaming rack, are the top five most popular cryptographic games available right now on the Google Play Store in terms of user ratings and reviews trending the blockchain network, but all five will work fine without any blockchain or crypto element.


ORIONIX is rather called a new revolution gaming platform for all gaming developers and enthusiast. This aspect of the industry is rapidly developing due to its luxurious innovations, in which virtual reality (VR) is only part of it. Since this progression occurred, little has changed regarding the liberalization of items, skins and accounts. There is a huge potential in the world of games, and it is almost never used. We all heard about STEAM, a gaming platform developed by Valve Corp., where users make quick payments to get the games they want into their inventory. This is where Orionix.io enters. A new trading platform in the era of Blockchain technology, specifically designed for the gaming industry to ensure transparency and security. In other words, you can buy, exchange games or decentralized inventory with ORX tokens. The principle underlying the Orionix project is to merge two faces of a single coin. Firstly, the creation of the ORX token according to the ERC-20 standards to ensure the controlled cost of the token, specially created for the purchase and sale of goods and services related to video games. Secondly, a web platform designed with ease of use. ORX can be awarded by counting the time spent on the game and submitting error reports, or simply by transferring game items to the trading platform. I believe that “the new revolution in the gaming industry – Orionix.io” can strengthen it with the help of a correct and reliable foundation.


ORX is a custom built token built with Ethereum smart contracts which adheres to the ERC20 standard interface. The smart contracts were developed using the latest security updates by Solidity and written in version 0.5.8 of the Solidity programming language.

The functionalities which the ORX token supports include: a transfer function which allows users to transfer tokens to others given that each user has enough funds in their accounts. The token also has an approve function which allows token holders to approve others to spend up to a certain amount of tokens on their behalf. To make use of approvals, the token has a transfer from function implemented which allows those who have been approved to spend tokens on behalf of other token holders to move tokens from their accounts (so long as they do not exceed the allowance which was granted by the token owners).

The above mentioned functions are part of the standard ERC20 interface. However, there also exists a burn function which allows only the owner of the token contract to burn tokens from the token supply, directly from his own personal balance. Therefore, it is not possible for the owner to burn tokens from the accounts of others.

NOTE: Here are the wallets which support the ORX token.

To store the ORX token, any Ethereum wallet is compatible as long as you possess the private key of the wallet. For this reason you should not attempt to store any tokens in a a cryptocurrency exchange wallet unless the ORX token is listed there. If you do send tokens to an exchange wallet and you do not have the private key, you may permanently lose access to those tokens. For this reason, it is also strongly advised that you do not send ETH to the ICO contract address from an exchange because the tokens will automatically be sent to the address from which the ETH originated.

For  More Information:

Website: https://orionix.io/
White Paper: https://orionix.io/Orionix_ENG_Whitepaper.pdf
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/OrionixToken?_rdc=1&_rdr
Twitter: https://twitter.com/orionixtoken
Medium: https://medium.com/Orionix
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkkwaCntAOGJWqiDoXczRfQ
Telegram: https://t.me/OrionixOfficial


BTT Profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2348827
ETH Address: 0xf86f8257A163643Bb238bA3bc2a95D25ecB874Cd


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