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I welcome you my dear subscribers and readers. Today we will talk about a very technological and interesting project, Otcrit, that is all set to give its users access to in-depth expert analyses and reports about various blockchain projects and digital asset tokens.

Lately, a steadily increasing number of ICOs are being launched, and consequently, there is an increase in problems that plague these kinds of investments, such is the mistrust that potential investors have in the Crypto-Asset industry, because it’s somehow hard to differentiate between a legitimate and illegitimate ICO project. As a result, even high quality and legitimate startups or existing companies struggle to have a successful ICO.

This calls for many stages of verification and due diligence to ensure that an investment is sound, well-organized and have general quality assurance. As a Crypto-Assets writer and enthusiast, it’s a must to carry out research/due diligence in validating the legitimacy of an ICO project before writing on or recommending it. I have a number of questions I ask and things I look out for in an ICO project before I could give such a project a yes-yes. One of the things I look out for is “the Goals, the Team and the Partners” of the project. And in this particular ICO project, Otcrit, I’m writing about, it’s a yes-yes. Trust me, Otcrit is a great project.
In my research on Otcrit ICO, I found something that intrigued me, and that’s what I want to share with you.



The Otcrit platform provides traders and investors with a unique combination of an advanced cryptocurrency exchange and an informational marketplace. The project merges traditional and over-the-counter trading while giving its users access to in-depth expert analyses and reports about various blockchain projects.

Users can grow their reputation as they publish “community reports” and translate existing content. The most highly rated members will have the opportunity to be hired by other users on the platform for technical analyses or project evaluations. Once the Token sale is over, the OTC token holders can enjoy 10% share of the fees the company collects from trading, subscriptions and other services like advertisement.

Otcrit aims to make everything easier, faster and more professional for serious investors. It customers will have access to the platform’s evaluations, as well as thousands of community expert reports and technical analyses. Independent publishers will have the chance to be rewarded for their thorough work and profit from the advertisement on the platform.

Otcrit is setting the new standards in the crypto-economy, offering the most complete database about the projects on the market, making investment decisions easier.

I personally have done a lot of digging on Otcrit Network and I am yet to find any major red flag that would make me give up on investing in their ICO. Knowing how much the core members of the team have sacrificed to build everything from the ground up gives me more hope about the company as a whole.

Otcrit’s reputation speaks for itself and is strongly supported by various facts and by real business model that works every day. By investing in the project you can be 100% sure of the reliability of your investment, as you invest into business with real assets and real people.

Otcrit group, completely, every one of its representatives work for the advantage of the project/organization and are constantly prepared to help in any matter. If there are any doubts or questions, you can always contact support — technical support is ready to help at any time. They are dependably in touch and don’t dismiss any issue. For sure, at the present moment when we are discussing ICO ventures this reality is very crucial.

All models made by the Otcrit advancement group are freely accessible, at the present time you can acclimate yourself with this platform. Otcrit takes an interest in each conceivable crypto, blocking gatherings, and finish up genuine contracts.

A blockchain is a special type of data structure (ie a database), in which the data is set out and built up in successive blocks. Each of the blocks of data includes a small piece of data that verifies the content of the previous block. As a result, if an attempt is made to modify an earlier block in the chain, all of the later blocks cease to match up. Imagine that the database looks like a tower of Lego pieces which follow a particular sequence red-green-green-blue-yellow-red. If a change is made to the second block, the rest of the sequence upwards from the second block will change and become, say, red-black-brown-orange-purple-pink. The system that maintains the blockchain will be able to detect and reject the attempted modification, and this is what makes the blockchain tamper-proof, in other word, secured.
Blockchain technology is widely used in Otcrit business processes which makes it impossible to substitute or lose any data. Using Smart contracts makes Otcrit a reliable and impartial guarantor of fulfilling obligations to the investors/users of the project/platform.

The Otcritex exchange will list projects which have been investigated by it experts and by the most established community analysts to make sure only genuine assets are being offered. It will constantly track all the projects’ development and update it reports in order to provide everyone with the latest information and trends. Launching an OTC marketplace on it exchange will allow investors to trade the most promising cryptocurrencies in greater quantities, without influencing their prices.

ICO and Cryptocurrency:
ICO is crowdfunding via use of cryptocurrency, which can be a source of capital for startup or existing companies. In an ICO a percentage of the newly issued cryptocurrency is sold to investors in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Why you should invest on Early Stage:
Early stage and existing companies might worth extremely low and have huge potential to fast-growing. Smart startup companies today can scale up hundreds of time faster than they could just a few years back. There’s never been better time to invest. This opportunity now available not only for venture capital or institutional investors, but for retail investors and for you too.

OTC tokens
OTC tokens is a valuable digital asset, Otcrit’s token, which will be used/tradeable at/on the biggest crypto currency markets. With the help of ICO Otcrit plans to attract the investment resources at a wide range. As suppose, the token sale will be interesting for the owners of digital assets, who would like to transfer them into the more secured investment tool and not to tremble anytime they hear the news about the possible Bitcoin rate falling.

In other to participate in the ICO, follow these steps below:
• Purchase the tokens: Otcrit will issue a number of tokens during the ICO.
• Receive dividend payments: As a token holder, you have the right to receive payments equivalent to shareholder dividends.
• Convert your tokens into shares: As a token holder, you also have the right to convert your tokens into Ordinary Shares

For more info:
Website: https://www.otcrit.org/
Whitepaper: https://www.otcrit.org/Otcrit_whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/OtcritPlatform
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OtcritPlatform
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OtcritPlatform
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/11327796/
Blog: https://medium.com/@OtcritPlatform

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/OtcritPlatform/

Author: Cryptocraz
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