OTPPAY is a universal solution for crypt-exchange trading and virtual money transactions

OTPPAY is an “Omni Token Platform For Payments”. the blockchain powered Wallet (Buy | Sell | Exchange & Pay). OTPPAY will be the worlds largest platform in which all major crypto assets can be bought,traded and even make payments to the merchants at low fees instantly or escrow based.The pain point of crypto to fiat conversion by merchant is bridged.OTPPAY is a unique payment platform,which paves way to use their favorite cryptocurrency in order to pay the vendors/merchants http://instantly.It provides vendors with the safety and convenience of receiving funds in fiat currency.


  • Buy & sell: In this platform users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly with a minimalist approach. Every time customer place a request for the above mentioned services, the AI-powered engine will instantly match that particular request with all another request in our platform and just cross direct them so that raised service will be fulfilled without any physical transition of assets.

  • EXCHANGE:OTPPAY offers flexible crypto/fiat exchange option in the mobile wallets, where one can switch the primary mode of payments or exchange from crypto-crypto,crypto –fiat, fiat –crypto and fiat – fiat instantly, one can enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency market upsurge or be under shield mode when asset value falls down. OTPPAY architecture is robust and built with a mix of traditional security standards (PCI-DSS) and crypto securities.


  • SEND & RECEIVE: Through the mobile application, one can do an effortless transfer of coins from one wallet address to other instantaneously. This platform is working on the “SIMPLY SWAP” model by which it has planned to charge low transactional fees among the major crypto players in the market. The chatbots will give you instant updates or notifications on each and every transaction instantly.
  • OTPPAY DEBIT CARD: The main aim of OTPPAY is to replace or bridge existing traditional banking system by using OTPPAY Crypto Bank with Blockchain powered payments, transfers, currency exchange and lending options. The AI &ML powered smart engines will automatically process the covert/exchange request just in time.
  • QR BASED MERCHANT PAYMENT: OTPPAY provides all the merchants with a unique identification code embedded with the QR code, so that the users can instantly transfer the payments just by scanning the QR.
  • NFC TAP TO PAY: This offers contactless payment system. The OTPPAY NFC Stickers will be launched in near future by which TOLL, Smart Supermarkets & Theme parks payment can be done using cryptocurrency on the go. All the NFC based devices are always linked to users OTPPAY secure mobile apps so that they have the control of the devices to block/deactivate/activate from any part of the world thus by giving extending security to the OTPPAY users.
  • CRYPTO CREDIT RATING(CCR):OTPPAY will be launching Crypto Credit Rating service by which the merchants and users will be profited and frequently updated CCR score will be announced. The CCR score will be used as primary valuation key for “OTPPAY Lend” Services.
  • OTPPAY LEND: Through the OTPPAY Lend option, merchants can lend 2X to 5X amount of monthly sales as short time credit. The lending limit will be calculated by the merchant sales performance and the CCR Score & Repayment Schematics. The OTPPAY wallet users can also use our OTPPAY Lend services for buying products and services with merchants registered in OTPPAY platform.


  • Its main focus is to bridge the gap between the crypto to fiat payments. It provides sustainable solutions to crypto community by providing a platform for consumers to pay in crypto and settle the merchants are settled with fiat currency.
  • By structuring an AI based crypto to fiat, crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto &fiat to fiat platform. OTPPAY does not only serve the existing crypto community but also expand the crypto adaptivity to millions of new users by building TRUST on Crypto Asset Liquidation.
  • OTPPAY is focused on ease of transactions. Its main goal is to create its own crypto-fiat payment infrastructure based on blockchain technology that will significantly reduce the cost of transactions for merchants.

Pre ICO companies will start March 5 and April 3 Pre ICO will end.
1 goal to collect 3750 ETH
1 token OTP = 0.0000625 ETH
1 ETH = 16000
Bonus OO Pre ICO 20%

ICO Phase 1 will start on April 4 and May 3 will end.
Target 37500 ETH
1 Token OTP = 0.000125 ETH
1 ETH = 8000

ICO The second phase will start on May 4 and end on June 2nd.
Target 30000 ETH
1 OTP = 0.000125 ETH
1 ETH = 8000 OTP
ICO bonus 10%

Budget allocation

otppay 20

To know more about this project you can visit:

Website: https://otppay.io

Telegram: https://t.me/otppaychat

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxsEB7olWuJzEzf5Vy_GJCA

Twitter: https: // twitter .com / otppayFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Otppay/

Media: https://medium.com/@atotppay

My Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1518440


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