Currently, one of the biggest issues facing the cryptographic market is crypto for fiat or crypto transfer fiat. Using fiat for crypto exchange causes the additional cost that the buyer pays. Another problem is the fact that traders can not accept cryptococcal payments without disclosing the risk of losing a certain amount in USD.
This is where OTPPAY wants to make changes. Their mission is to create a world-class crypto-dome exchange where you can easily transfer fiat to cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency to fiat and even fiat for fiat.
OTPPAY thrives to bridge the distance between Crypto and Fiat. Their main focus is to bring the crypto to the layman from day to day. In addition, their protocol will discuss Transactions Per Second (TPS) & Cost Per Second (CPS) through value-sharing techniques and intelligent swapping procedures.
OTPPAY is a “token token for payment platform”, a blockchain-powered purse (Buy | Sell | Exchange & pay). OTPPAY will be the largest platform in the world where all major crypto assets can be bought, traded and even made payments to merchants at low cost directly or escrow based. Crypto cry for fiat conversion by merchant bridged.
We will be acting as the catalyst to enable the just in time cross-border e-commerce and business transactions which reduce the dependency of forex mediums. Our solution will disrupt the Forex/cross-border financial market instantly. Our API’s will interact with the global eKYC interfaces and hyper ledger to avoid the anti-social transactions. Our omnipresence data mining infrastructure will help us to build the proprietary negative database of suspicious transactions and block them in future thus by saving crypto-miners time & money.
In the near future, our AL-powered smart engines will be used to frame Crypto Credit Rating (CCR) system, by which merchants & users will be benefited from the OTPPAY lend features.


OTPPAY can be brought into market through the implant of our experts with the following methods of mobile tech, digital payments, finance , crypto markets, UX and business worlds. Together we’ll induced experience in other ventures to make the project supersonic. Here are some fund allocation and processes.

here are the distributed chat diagram for OTTPAY

OTTPAY roadmap and progress

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