OUTOFTHECLOUD – Revolutionizing FILE and DATA SHARING Through Blockchain Technology.

Greetings to readers of my blog! Today we will begin our acquaintance with the OUTOFTHECLOUD project, He drew my attention to the fact that unlike those block-projects that have been announced recently, he does not try to embrace all the spheres of application, but concentrates on a certain task with a clear applied value.

What is OutoftheCloud?

OUToftheCLOUD.com is the next generation in file sharing solutions that offer dynamic presentations and instant delivery platforms for its users. With a simple 2-step process, users can upload and send all video, audio, document and image files they want. Thus, the presentation of the webpage that is displayed professionally displays all the selected files created.

How Outcloud Works
1. Add Your Files 
Just add most of the popular file format files, including videos, to your new folder!
2. Previewing Your Presentation 
After processing your files, Outcloud allows you to change your presentation files or dashboards quickly before sending your files or data!
3. Copy Presentation Links 
Copy and paste your link, and this is not an ordinary boring link! This link is open to new ways to view your files!
4. Glamorized File 
boring boring files now make a bigger impression with outcloud!

OUToftheCLOUD.com offers its users many benefits of cloud computing with no risk involved with the cloud. Rather than needing access to all your computer files as found in OUToftheCLOUD.com’s cloud-based computing solution allows you, the user, to access all your files on all your devices from anywhere in the world by means of ownership (me) -to-me) features micro network.

Me-to-Me micro networking works in a manner similar to the Peer-to-Peer network with one major difference, you are only a network in the security of devices that are under your total and exclusive control. The reason is to allow you, the user, to access the files you need from various devices remotely and from anywhere in the world. To send these files in the presentation of secure web pages instantly to a number of recipients, OUToftheCLOUD.com is also a delivery vehicle that makes it not only possible but simple and easy to do.

Where We Stand

OUToftheCLOUD.com will provide a number of FREE premium accounts. Don’t wait to visit us on prelaunch.OUToftheCLOUD.com and preregister to order your place in line to order your FREE account today!

Initial Coins Offer Details

This issuance will be divided into two parts – pre-ICO and ICO. The distribution of coins into two phases ensures that the funds are allocated appropriately and appropriate results are being achieved for the same thing. This will ensure controlled fund mobilization because various projects and product features are introduced to the public.

The focus on planning is very important, rather than just concentrating on collecting capital. There will be a total of 1 Billion tokens that cannot be mined that are available in the ecosystem.

General information
Coins Name -> OutCloud Coin 
Platform -> Ethereum 
Symbol -> OUT 
Total Coin Supply -> 
Pre-ICO Supply -> 300,000,000 
ICO Supply -> 400,000,000 
Kontribusi yang Diterima -> 
Protokol ETH -> ERC20 
Minimum Contibution Amount -> 10 USD ( Amt in ETH.)

Coin distribution

Number of Coins Available: 300 Million Years 
: August 1, 2018 
End: August 31 2018 
1 OUT: 0.10 USD
Number of Coins Available: 400 million 
Early: September 1, 2018 
End: September 30, 2018 
1 OUT: 0.15 USD
Week 1: 30% 
Week 2: 20% 
Week 3: 10% 
Week 4: 5%

Buyer Benefits

Outcloud is best suited for the ICO model because the project is so broad that it will be implemented in stages and in accordance with milestones, which can be achieved through ICO project funding. By contributing to the project, you allow this innovative product to be released to the public faster. So, what’s the advantage for the initial investor?

  • Initial coin appreciation for Pre-ICO & ICO participants
  • Potential to get appreciation for coins even before the coin list.
  • Guaranteed investment soon becomes the Largest File and Data Distribution Brand in the World.
  • The ability to utilize the potential of the project from the first day.
  • The opportunity to be part of OutCloud, the future of a Secure, Decentralized File and Data Sharing System.




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