OUToftheCLOUD.com is the next generation in file sharing solutions that offers a dynamic presentation and instant delivery platform for its users. With a simple 2 step process the user can upload and present all of their desired video, audio, document and image files. In doing as such a professionally displayed secured web page presentation showcasing all of the files selected is created.


Files and Data At Risk

Leading file sharing services utilize centralized storage with high vulnerability signatures to store your important files and in addition, require their users to give total access to their desktop and files. Not exclusively do they require this from the sender of large files however the receiver as well. This practice puts your data at great hazard which often leads to compromising the user computer’s security and also has the potential danger of infection contamination as many computer viruses infect a computer amid the downloading process. There are plenty of repulsiveness stories.

Zero on Presentation

Most of the file sharing services offer nothing when it comes to the presentation of the files shared utilizing their systems. Simply exhausting connections for the recipient to download files from. File presentation has been totally neglected relative to file storage and delivery. There is huge segment of the market that doesn’t exactly want to send exhausting connects to someone, however yet doesn’t want to have to be a web designer to convey the same content of the files on a time consuming web site. This segment has been recognized by some and attempt to make it as easy as possible to make a web page like Wix™ yet there are those who want and need even more quicker and versatile option for example a real estate agent sending her proposal to a client and can have all the spec files, PDF structures, pictures and videos shown at once.

Large Storage Space Required

Large storage space (as in gigabytes) required of sender by file sharing services as well as the receiver as well! Downloading and installing their invasive program before files can even be viewed. This takes unnecessary storage space, time and effort on the part of the receiver. Would this work with say, a sales presentation wh

Sharing Redundancy

Our competitors that allow for sharing of large files cannot make changes once a file has been sent. In the event that someone accidentally sends the wrong file there is nothing that can be done about it. This can become a very exorbitant mistake in cases where sensitive information was sent to the wrong individual.


Safe and Secure

Your files and data will be stored in exceptionally secure and locked down folders, encrypted, parsed and placed all over the square chain-based network. Decentralized storage has impeccable security. In fact, we will be able to ensure files are never stored where you don’t want them to be, like on a centralized cloud network.

File Sauce!

The receiver of your files sees all the files at a glance, without downloading them or an intrusive program to see the files. Our system is designed to allow our users to fabricate a customizable secured web page presentation or dashboard that can also be branded to resemble a part of the sender’s company or personal website. Place a banner at the top of the presentation, watermark your business logo directly on your videos and even place a connection in video on the fly. You can also drag and drop exactly where you want your files to appear in your presentation. There is a lot more!

Nothing to Install

All that is needed by your client is Internet access, a pc/mobile, and a web browser to see your files the way you want them to be seen! Not any more invasive downloads of outsider programs.

The First File WYSIWYG!

Many business professionals, lawyers, government agencies and financial institutions make decisions everyday based on information presented to them via attached files if not exhausting connections. The sender of said files has no quicker way to present files in a cohesive, impressive format than making a web site and the receiver doesn’t want to download and deal with each file and open them in separate windows, etc. There is a market for creating at-a-glance web presentations or dashboards of files and live data (IOT) rapidly and impressively. We are the first to meet this demand which will increase exponentially in the next three years.

How It Works?

Add Your File

Essentially add most file popular file formats, including video, to your new folders!

Preview Your Presentation

After processing your files, Outcloud allows you to change your file presentation on or dashboard on the fly before sending your files or data!

Duplicate Presentation Link

Reorder your connection, and this is no ordinary exhausting connection! This connection opens up to a whole new way your files are looked at!

Glamourized Files

Those exhausting drab files presently make a bigger impression with outcloud.

OUToftheCLOUD.com offers its users many of the benefits of distributed computing with none of the dangers involved with the cloud. Instead of requiring access to all of your computer files as is found in distributed computing based solutions OUToftheCLOUD.com allows you, the user, to access all of your files on all of your devices from anywhere on the planet by way of a proprietary (me-to-me) miniaturized scale networking feature.

Me-to-Me miniaturized scale networking works in a similar fashion to Peer-to-Peer networking with one major difference, you are only networking within the safety of the devices that are under your total and exclusive control. The reason for this is to allow you, the user, to remotely access the files you need from multiple devices and from anywhere on the planet. To send these files in an instant secured web page presentation to any number of recipients OUToftheCLOUD.com is also the delivery vehicle that makes that possible as well as simple and easy to do.

Initial Coin Offering

In order to fund the development and continued growth of the OutCloud blockchain platform and network, an initial coin offering is been held. This offering shall be a flex offering and uncapped.

The issuance will be broadly classified into two sections – PRE-ICO and ICO. The distribution of coins into two phases ensures that the funds are being allocated appropriately and the corresponding results are being achieved for the same. This will ensure a controlled deployment of funds as various projects and product features are introduced to the community.

An attention on planning is critical, rather than concentrating purely on capital collection. There will be a total of 1.2 Billion non-mineable coins available in the ecosystem.
Name of coin: OutCloud Coin
Platform: Ethereum
Symbol: OUT
Total Coin Supply: 1,200,000,000
Pre-ICO Supply: 300,000,000
ICO Supply: 400,000,000
Accepted Contributions: ETH
Protocol: ERC20
Minimum Contribution Amount: 10 USD(Amt in ETH.)

Road Map

March 2012

Program development began

December 2012

A working prototype of the program was completed

January 2013

First series of new features were added based on customer feedback

March 2013

Second series of system upgrades and new features were introduced

May 2013

Product went live / Test Market within the Private Detective Industry

December 2013

Additional new features were added

April 2014

Work began to alter the program from the specific needs of the private detective industry to fill a broader global market

December 2015

The program was fully developed for the global market

May 2017

Mobile Pre-Launch apps developed and added to Apple and Google Play Store

June 2017

Small marketing budget of $500.00 USD resulted in 8,000 new users signing up to be on our waiting list for product release

June 2018

$45,000.00 USD was raised and used to develop an ICO

August 10, 2018

Pre-ICO marketing campaign begins

September 1, 2018

ICO phase launch beginning September 1, 2018

October 2018

Exchange listing

December 2018

Service will be released to the general public

January 2019

Phase II Starts – development of IOT data integration into

presentations and dashboards

Marketing team expanded

March 2019

Development of various utilities of Outcloud smart contract

July 2019

Phase II Deploy of IOT integration,IOT

Data Vendor search engine and dashboard templates

December 2019

1 million daily users reached

December 2020

25 million daily users reached

January 2021

New Marketing team established to bring in targeted add sponsors to pay for add space on FREE and Basic user accounts

December 2021

50 million daily users reached

January 2022

Additional Marketing team members added

January 2023

100 million daily users reached

January 2025

500 million daily users reached

Visit the links below for more information:
Website: https://www.outofthecloud.io/
Whitepaper: https://www.outofthecloud.io/OutCloud_Systems_White_Paper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/GGVHiA9p9YUJS2mfi4a58A
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OutCloudSystemsInc/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OutCloudSystems


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