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Alchemy- Global Cryptocurrency Payment Pioneer

Alchemy is a leading cryptocurrency payment solution and technology provider in Asia Pacific that powers online and offline merchants with fast, secure and convenient hybrid crypto-fiat payment systems and solutions.

The vision of Alchemy Global Payment Solutions Limited (Alchemy is the brand name of Alchemy Global Payment Solutions Limited while ACH is the Token issued by the Alchemy, and is used as the abbreviation below.) is to provide open source protocols and rapid product development platforms for the ecosystem partners to help them with fast, secure, convenient, flexible and fast-growing global payment solutions, based on the decentralization, smart contracts and consensus mechanisms from blockchain technology. Through the rich experiences of Alchemy and its eco-partners in mobile payment applications, the team is confident to lead the payment industry’s technology application in the blockchain era and to use the solutions where the traditional payment is popular with merchants.


Alchemy envisions that backed by decentralization, smart contracts and consensus mechanism of blockchain, Alchemy would enable payment industry players to embrace the new era of payment technology by fully utilizing a series of open source protocols and open R&D platform to improve the efficiency of cross-border payments; to provide merchants and customers with a faster, more secure, more convenient, and more flexible global payment solution.


The Goal of Alchemy is to design the payment protocol through community consensus, to build a decentralized, trust powered infrastructure, to expedite the penetration of cryptocurrency into our daily life; and most importantly to return the rights of payment to the merchants, the customer and the market

We’ve applied the following technology and measures to achieve decentralization:

Decentralization of currencies

Decentralization of Technical Infrastructure

Decentralization of Operational Mechanism


The Problems of Existing Electronic Payment The existing electronic payments are controlled b y centralized industry giants, causing numerous problems such as complicated and blurry rules, discretional right, inefficient dispute management and high fees, etc.

The traditional electronic payment ecosystem involves too many intermediate links and there are many problems. e.g:

Cross-border transactions are costly and inefficient

Items of expenses

A large number of transactions cannot be proceeded because there is no trust between the two parties, and the centralized giant does not provide guarantee services and payment channels

Opaque access rules for merchant/consumer

Serious security and privacy issues

Long processing of transaction disputes

Cumbersome process of reconciliation, settlement and clearing

Overall, the existing blockchain payment problems can be roughly classified into following categories:

Lack of basic payment functions for large-scale commercial applications

Lack of operational support systems needed by commercial applications

Infrastructure issues of blockchain technology

The Alchemy payment network solution for the payment scenario of transnational centralized collection is:

To facilitate this need, the transnational company opens Alchemy Hierarchy of accounts. The accounts are then set according to the company’s hierarchical architecture. Account of each level support sub accounts of various types (which are set according to the need of accounting subjects),for example to support the “payment-collection parallel” model (which is commonly used in financial management of a group) then separate accounts for collection and payment can be set up for companies at each level.

Hierarchy of accounts supports hierarchical authorization management models through which managers of the higher-level accounts could then set permissions for managers of lower-level accounts. For example, account permissions are limited to collection instead of payment, or to conducting restricted payments for designated accounts.

When accounts at all levels of Hierarchy of accounts activate proactive collection permissions, accounts of higher level can regularly conduct automatic collections to account for lower levels within valid durations. This explains how automatic concentration of assets are accomplished in a multi-level system.

Comparison of existing blockchain platforms

Payment is one of the popular application areas of the blockchain, and many innovative projects have emerged.

They can be roughly divided into the following categories:

X-border remittance by working with traditional financial institutions: Ripple, Stellar; • Wallet issuers: Circle, Bitpay;

Providers for daily micropayments: Request, Nano;

Cryptocurrency acquiring aggregators: Coingate, Coinpayments, Pundix;

Decentralization ecosystem for crypto currencies: COTI, Graft;

Payment solutions focusing on unique use cases: Pumapay, uTrust

The Technological Advantages

Alchemy payment consensus protocol can be deployed on various public blockchains, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, EOS, Vite, etc., and at the same time, integrate Layer 2 payment solutions including Lightning Network, Raiden Network and State Channel Network.

Alchemy providesoffline cryptocurrecny acceptance solutions over smart POS and mobile devices, online cryptocurrency payment gateway, and fast access to various applications for online API, SDK and mainstream plugins, for example, wordpress, magento, zencart, etc.

Pioneering in PULLPAY protocol in the payment industry: Supporting blockchain to reauthorize two payment methods — PULLPAY and lightning network PULLPAY — to meet the needs of various scenarios in online and offline subscription.

Offering payment and settlement solutions from crypto to fiat and from fiat to crypto.

Providing an integrated solution for State Channel Network.

The table below refers to the comparisons between Alchemy Vs Existing Blockchain Payment Platforms. Alchemy focuses on providing payment protocols and open source development platforms that enable payment companies to adopt it with faster and reasonably priced services.

The Ecosystem

Alchemy has an extensive online and offline ecosystem partner network covering payment companies, industry solution providers, developers, merchants, etc. We work with our ecosystem partners to build and run our business model.

In what way does Alchemy’s payment system represent a tokenized ecosystem?

Based on the Alchemy payment consensus protocol (Alchemy), partners can offer merchants a cryptocurrency bill payment solution, including SDK, Plugin, API and/or Gateway (one-stop rapid access).

The supply and demand strategy based on Alchemy’s quantitative transaction risk model, the real-time dynamic exchange rate, payment, currency conversion and network mobility manages the risk caused by the large fluctuations of the cryptocurrency.

Based on Alchemy, the two-layer network expansion schemes such as Lightning Network and Raiden Network are integrated and optimized to compete with fiat payment, accelerate payment and improve experience, and popularize cryptocurrency.

Based on Alchemy, make an offline solution decentralized for the interaction between fiat and cryptocurrency, and empower partners who possess business networks/resources.

Alchemy can reward its payment ecosystem participants by issuing and distributing tokens, which come from the transaction profit and the token reserve.

The experience of building Alchemy system is divided into three stages:

Stage 1: Technical shock

Stage 2: Unlimited possibilities

Stage 3: Focus and implementation

Business Expansion

Alchemy is collaborating with ecosystem partners to softly launch the application in various scenarios, for example, online entertainment industry, cross-border payment, offline payment acceptance, etc., in order to test the business model of Alchemy and optimize the Alchemy crypto payment solutions.

Alchemy Token


ACH Nodes and Node Benefit

The Use of ACH

ACH Token Allocation

2.5 billion ACH token will be released at the start and 1.8 billion will be locked. 5.1 billion ACH tokens will be distributed to participants through the growing network and transaction mining. 6% of the total no. of tokens are locked in Alchemy payment network as lubrication to ensure flowability.

The actual distribution is found below:

Alchemy Team: 18%

Private placement and IEO: 18%

Ecosystem Incentives: 5%

Consulting Fees: 2%

Network mobility: 6%

Mining (Payment rewards): 51%


6%: Network Mobility

2%: Consulting Fees

5%: Ecosystem Incentives

18%: Alchemy Team

51%: Mining (Payment Rewards)

18%: Private Placement & IEO

Distribution of Funds


Security: 5%

Policy : 10%

Operation: 10%

Marketing: 10%

Alchemy Fund: 25%

Product Roadmap

Q1-Q3 2019

P1: Smart POS integration for accepting payments in cryptocurrency

P2: Payment acceptance on Lightning Network MVP


S1: Offline payment acceptance solutions for cryptocurrency

S2: Merchant POC for offline payment acceptance

Q4 2019

P4: Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Opencart, Zencart, etc. Shopping Cart Payment Plugin


P6: Bitcoin P2P Purchase APP v0.5

S3: Merchant POC for online payment

S4: Online digital entertainment solutions v1.0 is released

Q1 2020

P7: Alchemy Hub v0.5 is released ( support Raiden Network and State Channel)

P8: Alchemy Hub APP V0.5 is released ( support Raiden Network and State Channel)

P9: Bitcoin P2P Purchase APP v1.0


C1: Community working group of Alchemy consensus protocol is establishedC2: Alchemy Consensus Protocol v0.5 is released

Q2 2020

P11: Alchemy Hub v1.0 is released

P12: Alchemy Hub APP v0.5 is released ( support PULLPAY)


S5: Online digital entertainment subscription PULLPAY solution

S6: Merchant POC for online digital entertainment subscription PULLPAY solution

Q3 2020

P14: Alchemy Hub v1.5 is released

P15: Alchemy Hub APP V1.5 is released


S7: Multinational centralized payment acceptance solutions

Q4 2020

P17: Alchemy Hub v2.0 is released

P18: Alchemy Hub APP v2.0 is released


S7: Alchemy Consensus Protocol v1.0 is released

Q1 2021

Cooperate with business development, continue to iterate related products, solutions and Alchemy Consensus Protocol

2019/2020 Strategic Roadmap

The Team

Patrick NGAN: CEO

Bin LIU: Partner / Project Management

Janet KIM: Partner/Strategy

Shawn SHI: Partner/Products

Lance XU: Partner/Operations

Technical Team

Chuan LIANG: Director of Payment Technology

Huarong NIU: Director of Communication Technology

Kai WANG: Director of Blockchain Technology

KT SOH: Head of Singapore Technology Team

Ryan TIPONES: Head of Philippines Technology Team

Kim-Aun GAN: Head of Thailand Technology Team

Business Team

Judy LI: Director of Strategy & Operations

Erica LAM: Director of Business Development

Angie LI: Head of North Asia

Glen LEONG: Head of SE Asia

John TAN: Head of Key Client Servicing

Consultants & Investors

Dr. Justin ZHAN: Scientist of Big Data and Cryptography

Sean MOSS-PULTZ: Scientist of Blockchain Security

Yan MU: Well-known Entrepreneur

Seema Khinda JOHNSON: Scientist of Blockchain Security

Natasha LV: Senior Compliance Expert

Alan TIEN: Product Innovation Expert

Kai Yee GOH: Cross-border Remitttance Expert

Lin LI: Strategic Development Expert

Strategic Partners

WEBSITE: https://www.achpay.org/alchemy_english.html

WHITEPAPER: https://www.achpay.org/static/files/V3.8_WP-E_Alchemy_20190906.pdf

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/alchemy_official

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/AlchemyGPS/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Alchemygps

MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@alchemyGPS

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