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Cryptocurrency has a large and broad community, this makes crypto more famous, many types of new currencies created will certainly encourage the adoption of crypto even greater for that exchange services are needed to compensate for all this, and in this discussion, I will provide information about new exchanges, this exchange is called “BITZINEX”, see, the full discussion below this


BITZINEX is a new exchange with services that are easy to trade, send and receive crypto, BITZINEX offers the best solution for traders, easy-to-use features and low trading costs, BITZINEX equipped with decentralized wallet, which supports thousands of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain is a technology that has many benefits but, at present it is only accessible to some people in the world, therefore, many new types of services and crypto are created to reach larger users, BITZINEX through BNEX tokens try to reach users through crypto exchange services that are easy and low commissions, BITZINEX is made by a collection of experienced professional crypto traders, they are very understanding of the current state of exchange this, the trading situation, and competition between novice and professional traders, BITZINEX provides easy to use trading , with low cost, modern security and active customer service

BITZINEX has a team and staff that are aware of what traders need. Generally traders like a platform that is simplified and equipped with a modern security system that can protect them from negative things like what has happened in some exchanges nowadays, BITZINEX is technically made with very good work skills good, BITZINEX’S main focus is systems and services for its users, starting with the features of trading, security, and customer relations, the team understands the main needs in the current exchange, fast feedback, easy trading features, plus technology that BITZINEX will reach users and encourage the adoption of bNEX tokens become larger and wider.


BITZINEX is built on a highly-efficient memory matching technology, capable

of sustaining an order-making value of about 1.8 million/second. This

guarantees a NO delay on your transactions. With our 24/7 support that actively

operates to attend to all dispatched queries provides her users an advanced

services of digital asset transactions and exchange. Its state of the art crypto

platform offers a high security, convenient, and user-friendly experience.

Bitzinex team members are professionals who have been in the finance industry

over a long period of time, trading on both traditional and crypto exchange. The

team has worked and operated on a number of exchanges, coming together to

put up the platform, having acquired a network of partners in the industry who

are a major contributors to the trajectory of the exchange. The project is fully

funded, and never a fund –raising document, with strategized keynotes and



Bitzinex, tends to follow chronologically its operations, to help offer the best

services to their users.

Private sales/public sales

Virtual trading

Real time trading


Future Decentralized ecosystem

And many more…


As earlier stated, Bitzinex offers a well user-friendly trading platform,

narrowing to its awesome service;


Bitzinex offers a very flexible but effective user dashboard, where you could

track all your recent and old transactions with ease.

News Flash

On the user dashboard, a spontaneous uploads of the platforms promotions, upcoming events, listings, and most importantly crypto news and information.

Keeping you updated at just a glance on your screen.

Online Customer-Care

BITZINEX is always a step ahead of other exchange platform, offering a quick

access to a care agent who responds to your impending challenges and offering

a positive feedback to your inquires.

Know Your Customer (Kyc)

Proven beyond every reasonable doubt, kyc has since its adoption reduced

drastically the high rate and rise in online fraud’s and theft. In 2018 alone the

number of scams hovering around the crypto community, caused a lot of

individuals, firms and some private sectors loosing quite a huge amount of

money. BITZINEX puts its customers first, ensuring a high security for your

wealth and investments. We incorporated in our system the KYC verification

process, allowing us to ensure that any posing user/investor are genuine owner

of the account.

Blockchain Bloat

Resolving the blockchain bloat. This is being achieved through a powerful

compression and good number of flash storage, storing up to about 20 tbs. and

in essence issuing fast transactions.

Work Flow Background

In regards to long successful cryptocurrency trading experience the founders of

BITZINEX Exchange analyzed major challenges with the user experience on

existing exchanges. With these as a breast-plate, the exchange has been designed

from the ground up to offer a renowed user experience for both inexperienced

and experienced traders.

Two modes of use are available:

Lite Mode

Expert Mode (pending development)

Bitzinex will from the start support a couple of coins and pairings for trading purposes:




BNEX (Bitzinex coin)

Bitzinex Coin (Binex)

The Bitzinex coin (binex) is a natively runned on Etheruem blockchain ERC20,

with a non-reissuable 400million coins.

This would be issued as follows:

Private sales:

Bitzinex offers private sales to the investors who are interested in earning realtime and getting amazing bonus, as they will be considered as early participants and action takers. The private sale requires a $100 minimum purchase of the Binex coin, as it grants you a leverage to all bonus experiences on the exchange.

Virtual trading:

The virtual trading offer is proposed to showcase transparency of the Bitzinex

platform, and help build the community of income traders. The virtual trading

would be made available for all investors who participated in the private sale

Real time trading:

Enhanced trading would be opened to the general public, as all who by any

promotional/purchase means have access to the Binex coin would be able to

trade and exchange the token to any preferred coin of choice.

Public Sales (ICO):

This would take place in BTC and ETH, on the exchange platform. And it’s

open to interested participants all over the world.


Bitzinex will also offer bonuses to it users in the following ways;

Binex-coin Holders

Referrer bonus.

Future innovations.

Revenue / Expenses Model

The exchange generates its income through trading and withdrawal fees by users

of the platform.

Trading fees:

An Initial fixed fee of 0.3% per trade will be charged. This tiny amount will be

subjected to the maker and taker on the cause of the trading.

Withdrawal fees:

Withdrawal of all cryptocurrencies will be charged a tiny sum of money, to enable processing of the transactions.

Listing fees:

Any selected coin for listing on the platform will be required to pay some fees

attached to listing.

Other fees:

This may be incurred for any other required services by the investor,as you would be notified first and your consent seeked.


BITZINEX expenses would be mainly for blockchain technology upgrades,

promotions and all form of operation that will bring more secured transaction

of funds. Funds will also be used for recruitment, developmental budgets and



There would be a quarterly burn of the Binex coin. This will enable the stablility

of the token and also boost the market price. All coins realized from transaction

fees will be burned, in total 50% of the Binex coin will be burned.


The 7.5% allocated to the team members are to be locked for a period of three

years, as no team member is allowed to sell or assign their Binex token from

sept. 22nd 2019 to 22nd sept. 2021.

The 62.5% assigned to public are not in any way subjected to lock, as any who

purchased during its period would be allowed to trade freely.

Bitzinex initially coin offering would be taking place in the following scheme;

First Phase: 50%

Second Phase: 35%

Third Phase: 15%











Q1 2018

Concept development

Q2 2018

Team formation

Q3 2018

Business model development

Q4 2018

Drafting of White paper

Q1 2019

Development Bitzinex Exchange

Q2 2019

Starting of marketing campaign

Q3 2019

Smart contract/Partnership

Q4 2019

Token Sale

Q1 2020

Exchange Testing

Q2 2020

Exchange Launch

Q3 2020

Listing/Crypto Exchange

Q4 2020

Mobile App

Q1 2021

Decentralised Exchange


Before erbarking on any investment, it is of best interest to understand the potential risks involved. Cryptocurrency exchanges are all subjected to inherent risks, which could be seen by series of happenings and experiences by traditional exchanges, as well as cryptocurrency. Investor’s stakes high risk every time they trust the exchange with their funds. Same could be said about the exchanges being at risk by simply being exposed to the internet. The best line of defense for this is a well-educated user. Checking the URL in the address bar and the SSL security certificate details is a good start, along with regular malware scans. Managing these risks is an important part of the planning and development of

BITZINEX Exchange.

The Company and its partners intend to operate in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations and obtain the necessary requirements (licences andapprovals). The platform development and features of all the initiatives outlinedin this whitepaper are not guaranteed. Regulatory licences and/or approvals arelikely to be required in a number of relevant jurisdictions in which relevantactivities may take place. It is not possible to guarantee, and no person makes anyassurances, that any such licences or approvals will be obtained within aparticular timeframe or at all. This means that the initiatives described in thiswhitepaper may not be available in certain markets, or at all. This could requirerestructuring of these initiatives and/or its unavailability in all or certain respects.In addition, the development of any initiatives is intended to be implemented instages. If these entities are no longer properly licensed in the relevant jurisdiction,this will impact the ability of the Company to rely on the services of that party.

Main Website: https://bitzinex.com

Exchange domain: https://bitzinex.com/bnex/exchange/?market=LTC_BTC

Whitepaper: https://bitzinex.com/BITZINEX.pdf


Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/u/bitzinex

Medium: https://medium.com/@bitzinex

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitzinex

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bitzinex/

Thank you from me and good luck:

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#BNEX #Social #trading #blockchain #crypto #cryptotrading


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