Blockchain Technology has created many opportunities ever since its inception.The Global financial market will in future benefits from the opportunity created by Blockchain .People general assumption is that Blockchain application is limited to Finance sector which is
quite unrealistic. The technology can be applied in any sector of life, be it Agriculture, Education,finance , Medical and many more. How does it functions ? Blockchain technology is applicable in so many areas of life .It functions Primarily as a Decentralized mechanism which prevents human or third party manipulation and ensuring effectiveness and transparency in whatever field is being applied.Government , industries and organizations who realized the potential of this technology has been integrating it into their various system . Today, am going to focus my topic of discussion on an Inspiring Blockchain Project named BCNEX. What is BCNEX ? It is a New Generation Cryptocurrency Exchange which proffer Solutions to the basic Problems in some exsiting cryptocurrency exchanges.It is the Cryptocurency Exchange of all Exchanges.BCNEX has built an upgraded Cryptocurrency Exchnge. They have visionary Team members and their team of developers have studies the loopholes in Cryptocurrency Exchange
operation and have come up with a new version and modern Cryptocurrency Exchange that will make the trading activities smooth , easier , convenient and profitable for their various users.

Crytocurrency Exchanges has been faced with diverse problems in almost a decade ago and these problems has preventing so many investors from investing in Blockchain Project. Security has been one of the major problem faced by Cryptocurrency Exchanges.So many cases of Crypto currency Exchanges Hack has been reported in which millions dollars worth of Digital Asset are being stolen by Hackers . Another major problem in Cryptocurrency Exchanges is High transaction cost. Most people i know whose day job is trading on cryptocurrency on large scale quit the business due to excessive transaction charges imposed on them by Cryptocurrency
Exchanges.Most traders complaint this abnormal charges left them with little or no gain after conducting their trading activities.
In other to create audience and allowing more people to adopt cryptocurrency. The operations and use of these Digital currencies Platform must be simplified to enable average people who are not tech genius operate on them .
Lastly, another major problem is the problem of Liquidity. Most exchanges are lacking liquidity in their Platform.Instead of them remaining organic , they manipulate their volume in other to convince people .


The team of BCNEX developers has been on long course of research to Combat the common problem of Security breach in Cryptocurrency exchangers and has come up with a sustainable solution by developing an Hack Proof, multi-asset and regulatory compliant Cryptocurrency
Exchange which will service the masses.They have assured users 100% security and safety of their assets by integrating some advance security layer in their Platform . 2factors Authentication , Device detectors and more security measures are being implemented on
BCNEX Platform .Users in BCNEX Platform will enjoy low transaction charges in their various trading activities .0.15% will be charges as trading fees. In Comparison with some existing exchanges , Bcnex is the best in terms of Speed, accuracy trading platform with high level of
scalability that is capable of handling close to 2 million orders in just a second. Another interesting solution of BCNEX Platform is their simplified and attractive user interface . Any class of users can operate and transact conveniently with the available IOS , Android and Web Version of BCNEX Platform . They have designed their Platform in a simplify manner that will make the operation and usability easy for various class of users. Lastly , BCNEX has combat the problem of Liquidity . To ensure their Exchange is always an high liquidity Platform which will enable traders to trade with no hassle of liquidity shortage, they have allied with some high
ranked exchanges and some reputable exchanges to supply liquidity in their platform and making trading operations very easier and successful.


BCNEX Official Resources
Whitepaper :https://www.bcnex.net/docs/BCNEX_WP_ENG.pdf
One pager : https://www.bcnex.net/docs/Onepage.pdf
Bitcointalk Threadhttps://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5111223.0
Telegram : https://t.me/Bcnex_Official
Twitter : https://twitter.com/bcnex_net
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bcnex.net
Reddit :https://www.reddit.com/user/Bcnex_Official

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